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Afternoon At The Bar

My wife shows a little flesh again.

My wife has a selection of dresses that she keeps for our holidays that make these occasions quite special — mostly for me. One of her favourites has buttons up the front that she lets me undo the bottom one or two buttons. One button is when she is sans...


I didn't set out to stray

I lay back on my bed - our bed - the warm afterglow still infusing my body and spirit. I am naked, spent, wanting absolutely nothing more in the present moment as I sift through the events of the past few precious, exciting hours. My nipples harden as I c...

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Seducing My Sister's Husband

My sister thinks she's better than me but now her husband's cock belongs to me

In February 2020, I was working as an actress in a successful Portland theater. I landed the lead role two years earlier on my nineteenth birthday and was living out my childhood dreams. Then COVID hit and by April the theater was closed and I was out of...

In the stillness, In the darkness after the midnight hour has struck, When insomnia bites, My mind wanders, of what has been, And then I think of you. My bed half empty, Warm yet cold, Longing for it to be filled by you Bringing warmth like the summer sun...

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A Night In Phoenix

Seduced by a MILF

It was in Phoenix, Arizona that I, as a young man just twenty-four years old, first experienced the delights of an older woman. Two colleagues, Henry and Graham, and I had travelled there to visit a data processing company. We had spent the day at the com...

The Naughty Babysitter

...It wasn't a good idea to hire an eighteen-year-old nymphomaniac to babysit...

When I was eighteen and just about to start college disaster struck. My father became gravely ill and was unable to work. As a result, our family quickly fell into financial hardship. My mother did all she could to keep things afloat and put on a good fac...

What The Fuck?

Cocksucking guy get a big surprise from his girlfriend.

Did I hear right? Did my girlfriend and fiancée just ask me if I would suck cock for her? What next, is she going to ask me to bend over and take it up the ass too? My mind was in a whirl contemplating what I had just heard. Francine could not possibly ha...

Sally's New Life- Chapter 8 - Schoolday Two Is Over But...

On top of any "merited" punishments, now Sally becomes a toy for her aunt and the guest.

Sally climbed into the passenger seat beside Sarah. Both started to talk at the same time as they had a million things to say. Sarah could see that Sally had been crying so she gave in and let her new Little Mistress speak. Sally summarised in a few brief...

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Adventures In Open Marriage - Part 3, Pleasure With A Touch Of Danger

Things get hotter and messier, in the best way possible.

I was still in shock at the text my wife had showed me, even after "taking care of myself". Especially the following day, when I was at work, reflecting on what she had shown me. It was another aspect of this whole arrangement that made me jealous and tur...

Jennifer and the Book Store - Part 2

Jennifer returns to see Max and gets distracted

Jennifer sifted through the outfits she had tossed on the bed, deciding on the short blue denim skirt, the black sleeveless t-shirt and her black two inch heels. After some consideration she removed the black bra, tossed it aside and pulled the shirt on....

The Adventure Of Our Lives Part 7

More of our insane fucking with a little bit of drama.

It being Friday, Brandi and I were going out on a date anyway. Although it was the time of the month when her playground was closed I figured we could go someplace pleasant and quiet and where we could be alone when I told her about going into the Air For...

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My First Orgy

An evening I’ll never forget

A little while ago, my husband, Harry, had two of his work colleagues around for drinks. That wasn’t unusual, he is their boss. They are nice young men, and over the last year or so I have got to know them quite well. We usually have a laugh and they are...

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Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah

Two schoolgirls playing dare in a public park

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers w...

Step in the Wrong Direction

Step-siblings share a room on vacation, what will boredom lead to when a storm knocks out power?

I threw my bag down on the floor and flopped onto the bed. After being in the car with my mom, her new husband Tom, and my step-sister Becca for four hours, it felt good to be in the hotel room in Ocean City. We were there for Becca’s eighteenth birthday....

Exposing Myself

What happened when I went bra-less and panty-less on the London underground

This is a true account of a recent experience of mine that I wanted to share with you all, especially as it was inspired by my experiences here on Lush. Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you...

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