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13 hours ago


The elderly need exercise too.

The ninety-year-old woman lived alone. Her tits sagged beneath her nightgown. I had told her I would fix her fitness tracker. “This shows your activity,” I explained. “Last night at nine P.M., you were doing the most exercise.” “That’s the problem,” she t...

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13 hours ago

Teasing Gone Too Far

She teased him one time too many now it is his turn.

It all started with some online flirting between two old friends. The flirting led to teasing and she took it too far, teasing about looking like she was in a wet t-shirt contest, then actually sending a video of someone pouring a bucket of water over her...

13 hours ago

Night Moves

"This bedside manner wasn't taught in nursing school"

The corridor is quiet at this early hour. Monitors in the surrounding rooms chirp like mechanical crickets. It is another sleepless night as I stare motionless at the ceiling, trapped in a plaster cast from armpits to pubis. Titanium rods are attached to...

15 hours ago

Risky Dare with Painful Results

Tiffany & I like to do dares but this time she finds one that James had not anticipated and he suffers

I’m James, just seventeen and pretty fit as I like working out in the gym. My friend Tiffany is two months older than me and hates the gym but she is very fit due to her cross country running, which I hate. Tiffany is gorgeous, with long, chestnut coloure...

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16 hours ago

Mom and Dad Explore the World of Taboo

Parents with a wild sexual history introduce their college-age kids to incest.

Rob and Lori were in their late forties and even they had to admit they were leading a life of success, leisure, and passion. They had met after college when each was working in Atlanta on their first jobs. Colleagues from their two offices happened to be...

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19 hours ago

Picture This: Throat-Fucking And Finger Fucking

Passionate, intense, rough but also sensual oral sex between a straight couple.

I'm on our bed with my back against the headboard, I'm completely naked, and my cock is giving you a standing ovation. I'm intensely watching you as you remove your robe, revealing a new and matching lingerie set. It's lacey, black, and the panties are cr...

19 hours ago

Mutual Cravings

The first encounter. Just a few hours before, when she had parked her car.

She had exited the car and locked up. And cursed as she had looked at her feet; sneakers. But, she did remember her performance shoes were somewhere in the car. Bending over into the crevices to find them, her tight black pants-clad arse was sticking up a...

19 hours ago

Isabel’s Slave – Part One

I am Isabel’s slave. I would do anything for her. Absolutely anything.

“My name is Melissa and I am Isabel’s slave,” Melissa’s words sounded like an introduction at a Fetish Anonymous group meeting but they were directed towards Amy, Isabel’s friend. It was a fleeting meeting that lasted all of a few minutes and concluded wi...

19 hours ago

Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia's Good, Old-Fashioned Suck and Fuck (Part Nineteen)

Olivia gets more than she bargained for when she takes on an older client.

After relishing the two weeks off she’d earned by participating in a weekend of debauchery, Olivia was eager to get back to work at Hot Wife Hotel. Her first day back was delightful as her entire day’s schedule was booked with many of her favorite custome...

The Queen Of Friends with Benefits Chapter One

Many years of Wonderful Sex with the Queen of Friends with Benefits

Sometime in 1966, a quick trip to the bank resulted in my meeting the true Queen of friends with benefits. The trip was not really necessary, but I had about forty-five minutes to kill before starting my 3 pm to 11 pm patrol shift. I decided to kill the e...

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10 years ago

Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah

Two schoolgirls playing dare in a public park

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers w...

2 months ago

My First Orgy

An evening I’ll never forget

A little while ago, my husband, Harry, had two of his work colleagues around for drinks. That wasn’t unusual, he is their boss. They are nice young men, and over the last year or so I have got to know them quite well. We usually have a laugh and they are...

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2 months ago

Step in the Wrong Direction

Step-siblings share a room on vacation, what will boredom lead to when a storm knocks out power?

I threw my bag down on the floor and flopped onto the bed. After being in the car with my mom, her new husband Tom, and my step-sister Becca for four hours, it felt good to be in the hotel room in Ocean City. We were there for Becca’s eighteenth birthday....

10 years ago

Exposing Myself

What happened when I went bra-less and panty-less on the London underground

This is a true account of a recent experience of mine that I wanted to share with you all, especially as it was inspired by my experiences here on Lush. Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you...

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