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We Have An Agreement

“Do you always cum like that?”

I made a post on TikTok and some random guy named “Asphalt Cowboy” commented on my post by poking fun at my video. Needless to say, it pissed me off. So, I wrote him back, “Oh, you're some big shit because you can drive a semi?” ‘Who the fuck is this guy anyway?’ He didn't stop, “Everyone knows that women drivers suck,” he wrote back under my video. It became a game at first, to see who...Read On

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Emme's Education

Emme, a nineteen year old girl from England, goes to university in the USA

It was Monday, the first day of my sophomore year at university.  While walking to Bradford Hall to attend my first class of the day, I was thinking about how right my decision had been to move with my parents to Florida and attend university there instead of staying in our native England. Of course, I missed my friends and life in our town, but the past year had been wonderful and I...Read On

We Do Bob & Amy, The Finale

Series: Rebecca & George Swing

The night continues with us taking control of the youngsters.

Rebecca "Actually, I think I'll take you both, if that's okay with you, Amy? It's been a little while since I've ridden two cocks at once. And you can ride George's face while we have some more fun." "Oh, you are such a little devil. Wanting two cocks and me at the same time? I think I'm in love!" Amy responded before jumping on the bed and kissing me hungrily. While we kissed, Bob...Read On


Bimbo Potion: Revenge, Ch. 06

Amy's sister accidentally gets a dose of the potion.

On her way home from bimbofying Sam, pleased with how well it had gone, Amy stopped by the supermarket to grab a few essentials. As she entered the store, she immediately noticed all of the delicious-looking men in sight and unconsciously arched her back to grab their attention with the greedy, bimbofied tits on display in her lowcut tank top. However, rather than indulging in the...Read On


Mistress K To The Rescue

Kiera pulls me out of my depression with a naughty diversion

“I swear,” she said to me sternly. “If you bring him up one more time I’m going to clamp my thighs around your head and make you eat my cunt until your mouth is so sore you can’t form another word!” “I’m sorry,” I apologized for the thirtieth time. “I just feel so bad about it.” “Sweetie,” she intoned. “You’re not the first one to get trapped under his magic. You are the first one, I think,...Read On


The Neighbour's Mother - Part 3

Sally again has to work so Janice and Jason can again play

"Mum, I am so sorry, but I have got to go to work again tomorrow," said Sally Freeman apologetically to her mother, Janice James. "It is alright, love, it can't be helped," replied sixty-three-year-old Janice as her heart leapt and her pussy twitched. The reason for the heart-leaping and pussy-twitching was that the news meant that Janice could again be with the man next...Read On

Comp Entry

At Last

Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. ~Jim Rohn

Had it really been six months since that first innocent black box? Like many on Lush, we were quick to become friends and our conversations seemed to flow effortlessly. Our friendly banter quickly progressed to long phone calls, often talking until I fell asleep. Then, things changed. We changed. Our conversations became laden with sexual tension and a deep longing to be together. We...Read On


Vivian Doubts Her Faith

Series: Vivian and Cathy

A young woman gives into her desires for another girl.

At the start of her junior year in the late summer of 1971, sixteen-year-old Vivian Hannity had been attending Catholic schools for her entire life. Yet she found that her belief in her own religion was waning. It wasn’t exactly that she was becoming an atheist. It was more like the rigid dogmas of the Church simply made no sense to her anymore. She could not resolve the contradictions...Read On

Comp Entry

Hurry, guests are coming!

This for me is a turn on. Definitely.

My husband recently got a new job and one day, talking with his boss, he had the great idea of telling him how great a cook I am. Really? Couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Then, of course, his boss kind of invited himself and his wife to dinner at our house. And apparently, his boss’s wife is incredibly hot. So, last night, not only I had to make a great dinner, not too heavy, not...Read On


Home From University - Part III

Series: Home From University

Time to return to university. How will it end?

In seven days, my sister would return to university and things would never be the same ever again. By returning to university on this next occasion, she would effectively be leaving home for good. This summer would never be repeated and all I could think about was one thing: would I get the opportunity to fuck her? Was she prepared to go that far? I say ‘that far’ when actually, we had...Read On


Unusual Treatment for My Porn Addiction

I'm required to seek help for my obsession with porn and cuckold fantasies, and become a cuckold.

From all outward appearances, my family life in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wife, Megan, is ideal. I have a great job in the city, my beautiful wife keeps herself busy with our two elementary-school-aged kids and volunteer work, and we have a reasonably good sex life. My name is Dave, and Megan and I met in college in our junior year. We were married soon after graduation. I was the...Read On


Austin's Adventures

Continuing Saga of Austin and Cynthia

After finding out that Cynthia was married and her assurance that our sexual encounters were acceptable by her husband, we were meeting almost every Tuesday evening. I never imagined having so much sex, much less with a married lady. And each week or so, it seems that Cynthia had different sexual ideas. It was as though she watched the professionals in the porn industry and wanted to...Read On


Further Down The Rabbit Hole

I learn what disappointing my Owner means.

One of the things I discovered about myself from Bryan was that I had little interest in guys at or near my age. I discovered I was attracted to guys older than myself. Bryan was eighteen years my senior at forty-three. The more time I spent as Bryan’s property, I realized this about myself. I would meet the occasional guy closer to my age and I just found I wasn’t interested. There were...Read On

Comp Entry

Conference Quickie

The door to the Hotel room was pulled open, and then slammed shut again, her body pushed against the hardwood as it rattled slightly in the jamb. The doorhandle pressed into her tailbone, although it wasn’t at all unpleasant, in fact, she rather liked the slight pain, it was growing on her. Urgently, he kissed her, his hands pawing at her tits through her tight blouse. Not wanting to waste...Read On


Doreen and Maureen Spank Me after I was Caught with my Fingers in the Till

I fell into Doreen's trap and my bottom got spanked

I still, even to this day, have no idea why I took those two ten-pound notes from the cash drawer in the room above the grocery store at which I worked part-time. I had no need to take them and was not even that way inclined. I was a good boy. Studious, polite, courteous, considerate and helpful and I had worked in Hannah’s convenience store for over three years. I had started out...Read On



I lowered Nyreen ontop of my lap and hiked her skirt up to reveal her round bottom. She had been a very bad girl and needed a spanking. She whimpered and squirmed as I lightly hit her ass. I noticed that her pussy was swollen with lust and dripping wet. I chuckled and said, "Enjoying the punishment?" She nodded her head and squirmed some more as the lust was getting to her. I pulled apart...Read On

Comp Entry

Beyond Stilettos and Spotlights

Frankie's movin' up from the chorus line to the main attraction.

The girls were all finishing the night in the dressing rooms, taking wigs and eyelashes off, wiping five layers of makeup off, and changing out of the 5” heels. Mainly they were trying to decide where to get breakfast at 4:00 a.m. As everyone was putting street clothes on, I looked around and saw a new YSL bag, a new diamond bracelet, and I had seen clothing tags over the last two weeks...Read On

Comp Entry

Hotel Romp

Will there be success or will there be failure?

I stand at the end of the corridor pretending to look for my room key in my purse. I see you both walking from the elevator to your room. After you open the door, you allow your wife to enter before you. I don't think she noticed me. Before you enter behind her, you place your hand behind your back with your thumb raised in the air. Our signal. I hear the click of the door as it closes...Read On

Comp Entry

Nailed on the Rails

A redhead and a tall, dark, & handsome man get wild on the subway.

I saw him every day on the subway. He was tall, dark, and sexy as fuck. But, while I consider myself reasonably attractive, I doubted very much he even noticed me. A tall man like that doesn’t see a woman who barely tops five feet, even with long red hair. Then one day, he wasn’t in his usual spot. I was disappointed, silly as it was, as I had convinced myself that this would be the day that...Read On


Come Monday -- Part 2 of 2

They share a secret, but she has another secret too

Claire watched him fade into the horizon and already missed him. His handsome face, his loving kisses, his arms around her, his cock inside her, her body reaching places it had never been before. And her orgasms, oh God, the orgasms. They were like earthquakes in her soul. ---- They both spent the following week thinking about each other. Lonnie was there the next Monday and the sex was...Read On

Comp Entry

Hospital Visit

An online acquaintance comes then goes.

I'd never met her and to this day I do not remember her name. My son was in the hospital, and I had volunteered to take the night shift.  My wife and other children were safely ensconced at home, and I had my cell phone and laptop. Back in 1996, the internet was slow dial-up and AOL. There were adult Usenet groups, but AOL was basically adultery online, if you knew how to play it. And I...Read On



Lusting after your best friend's wife.

Ryan’s best friend Brad, and Sarah, his thirty-four-year old wife, had driven from LA for a short visit.  Sarah had become an extremely attractive woman.  She turned heads everywhere.  Not just men, but women frequently did a double-take. She was just smoking hot. Standing five foot seven inches in her bare feet, she had an athletic body, enticingly long shapely legs, a great,...Read On


Caught Out Chapter 5

The date goes fine but not for Rod.

“I sent him on his way, honey.” “Was he being difficult?” “Everything about Rod is difficult. I can’t understand why we got involved with him?” “Unless I’m mistaken, it had something to do with nine inches, didn’t it?” Amy laughed, “I have a very perceptive husband.” “Yes, a perceptive husband but not very big, unfortunately.” “He’s big enough for me. I love him, all five inches of him.”...Read On

Comp Entry

The Baby Sitter

The Baby Sitter being enjoyed secretly by the Wife and Husband

“Hi Mrs Harris,” Elle called as she let herself in. “Hi Elle. Keep an eye on the boys. And call me Jean, for the thousandth time.” Elle had been babysitting for the Harris’ for 6 months on date nights. She had become almost part of the family — on her sixteenth they had even taken her out for a swanky meal. Elle gathered the two boys into the kitchen, kept them busy, and organised their...Read On


Eve's New Era

Time for a change after her husband's betrayal.

Eve shifted uncomfortably in her seat next to me as we sat at her kitchen table and my hand reached the top of her thighs. She was teaching me the ins and outs of Microsoft Office, because I had a job interview coming up that required the sort of computer ability secretaries possess. I had been using Word for years, purely as a word processor, and I could do all I needed for my usual work,...Read On


Farm Helper, Part Two: Lara Has More Work To Do

Series: Farm helper

It had been a few days since Lara and Peter had fucked in the barn. Since then, they had exchanged some lustful looks, but they hadn’t gotten a moment alone to do it again, even though they both clearly wanted to. That day when Peter had fucked her and then made her walk home fully naked, covered in his cum, he had sneaked after her and left her clothes right outside her door for her to...Read On


Rubber Necking

Shade and a surprise, in a public park, on a sunny days.

The weather was just too hot, there was no way you could stay inside, and a fine day in Dublin was so rare, that you had to take advantage of it. It was part of Irish culture; on the one sunny day you got each year, you had to get out and go for a full burn. I’d decided, as always, to walk up to the Phoenix Park. It was going to be packed as fuck there, but if you put the effort in to...Read On


The Adventures of a Cuck Continue - Part 2.

Part two of three...

In part one I alluded to the events of a few weeks ago, and how what follows came about. Having admitted to my wife, Asha that I was interested in repeating the experience of sharing her with another man (only this time being more involved) we started to discuss how this would go. A few days after my confession, once we had put the kids to bed, we opened a bottle of wine and began to talk...Read On


My Mother Had To Make Me Cum

When my mother had to make me cum

My mother had me when she was very young.  My mother was and is a very beautiful and sexy woman. She did some underwear- and swimsuit-modeling. My mother looked like and dressed like (usually more scantily clad) Daisy Duke from the old Dukes of Hazzard TV show. I am not ashamed to say that it was sometimes very pleasurable to notice my mother as a woman.  We lived in a very rural section of...Read On


Changing Room Quickie

A quick fuck in a village clothes shop.

I snuck a glance at her through the mirror on the other side of the store. Yup. She was still staring at me, head resting on her hand. Her face had a bored expression on it, which highlighted the apparent look of longing in her eyes. Of course, this could all just be wishful thinking on my behalf. Her eyes were a greeny-blue mix and she had dyed her shoulder-length hair dirty blonde. She...Read On

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