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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.


Todd's School Bus

1972: A schoolbus driver takes a special run.

Todd was a Vietnam veteran, recently back from the war. He was going to college on the GI bill. He had taken a part-time job driving a school bus. He had a high school route and a grade school route in the morning, then he had his classes. After class, he had the same routes going home, only the grade school route followed by the high school route. Then he usually would have the opportunity...Read On



Friends on vacation explore unspoken and mutual attraction.

I wake to the bright sunshine sneaking between the curtains in my luxurious hotel suite. I slowly open my eyes and savor my sexy recurring dream. In the dream, she writhes and pants aching for more. Her beautiful face exposes her passion as my tongue flicks over and in her sweet pussy. She cries out, bucking her hips, my fingers curling into her and pushing on her spot. Over and over, I play...Read On


Summer Cockbuster, Part 4: Sticky Situation

Jeff's girlfriend Tammi seduces me. In front of him. Orgasms - and complications - ensue.

As I finished college, I wondered if I could pick up with Jeff where we'd left off.  Last summer we'd gone from old high school buddies to best friends - with blowjobs. Although we spent most of our spare time together, watching TV, or playing tennis or golf, or riding our bikes around, just two best friends hanging out, the cumming-in-each-other's-mouths business had started to change...Read On


By George, She's Going To Get It

Series: It Can't Be Right

Nicola and Dave discuss what happened at the next Christmas party and beyond...

Before the film had finished, Nicola had fallen asleep with her head in my lap and after laughing to myself, I fell asleep stroking her hair. The only thing that was stiff when I woke up was my neck. The following morning over breakfast I told Nicola about the new employee. “Yes, he must be six-four, six-five and not skinny with it,” I told her. Nicola put on a mock swoon and said, “Sigh,...Read On

Comp Entry

Bi Golly - The Night a Southern Baptist Virgin Let the Kinky Submissive Out to Play

I knew better...but my curiosity got the better of me...

I knew better. Martin, a man I work with, had invited me to come over and have drinks with him and his wife, Maya, many times. And every single time until last night, I managed to say no. But I guess my curiosity got the better of me. I suspected drinks meant so much more, and I was right. This morning my body aches like it never has, and all I can think about is going back for more. I was...Read On


The Rules of Golf - Part 2

The rules of golf had suddenly been changed

Having deemed my session as a voyeur as something I wanted to explore more, I decided to accept Mia and Matthew’s offer to hang around since I was, as they said, “a keeper.” We all hung around in the kitchen, having a few drinks while we took it in turns to go take a shower and wash the afternoon’s adventure off our bodies, as Mia phrased it. We made mostly small talk for a while until...Read On


Happy Family

A happy ‘family,’ start their own swingers club…

When Martin’s parents got divorced, he was sixteen. Without hesitation, Martin elected to live with Alf, his father. Alf had always been a fun-loving, gregarious individual, whom Martin adored. In the preceding years before the divorce, everyone knew that Alf fucked around. There were even rumours that Alf was not restricted to ‘normal’ sex and that he exploratorily crossed the gender line,...Read On


Becoming a Cock Sucker and Cum Eater for My Church Friends

I join a mature men's group in my church, and learn the joy of sucking cocks and eating cum.

Gwynn, my wife of almost thirty years, and I have lived in the Atlanta area our whole lives. I’m the director of human resources for a manufacturing company, and we raised our two children here and have belonged to the same, large, evangelical church the whole time. By the time I turned fifty-two years old, and Gwynn was fifty, she noticed how depressed and bored I seemed to be at times...Read On


Nurses Do It Better- Chapter 5

Jocko fucks the fuck out of me.

Chapter 5 We lay in a tangle catching our breath and playing with each other. We all headed to the bathroom to pee and shit and shower. Shower play was part of the morning and as we scrubbed each other’s parts clean we all had dirty thoughts. I know the house had a big water heater, but after so long it did run out, so the cold water finally drove us out after a good time was had by all....Read On


The Fishing Club - Chapter 2

Series: The Fishing Club

My sister introduces me to her girlfriend, Hank's sister.

When I got home on Sunday evening, I greeted my parents and sister.  I took care of my things, putting my dirty clothes in the washing machine and a bag of fillets in the freezer.  I decided to wait before starting the washer until after I showered.  I finished in the bathroom dressed in sweat pants and a tee-shirt, then went downstairs.  Mom called me into the kitchen, telling me dinner...Read On


Becoming A Man, Part 10: Triple Pleasure

Did I just get lucky enough to be with two women in one night? Make it three...

I had just slept with two lovely women: fleshy Indian-American beauty Lena, and her athletically built roommate Val. I had been lying in bed with Lena when Val came home expectedly - and, not knowing I was there, accidentally revealed to me that their friendship had extra benefits. We ended up having fantastic three-way sex, collapsing in a pile on Val's bed. Then, moments later, we heard...Read On


Black Russian

Mary loved rough men and cocktails. One night, she got both…

Mary loved visiting a rough bar close to the docks. The men frequenting the place invariably appealed to her. Mary was average-looking, but had two puppies in her blouse that usually drove the men she preferred wild with lust. Large as her tits were, they were absolutely beautiful. Mary loved well-endowed males but never responded rudely when men were not up to scratch. She always let...Read On

The Post Office Parking Lot, Part Six

After a good night's sleep, the sex stays inside for a while.

After kissing them both, I headed up to the bedroom to tidy up and change the sheets on my king-size bed. While I'd hoped that they would stay, I never really considered that they would. And with so much prep already going into the perfect day, I hadn't taken the time to change my sheets. Within ten minutes, everything looked as good as new. Walking back into the living room, I was about...Read On


Beyond her wildest dreams

Tammy was a good Catholic girl, but it took a nasty nun to realize her wildest dream.

Tammy turned and pulled into the college parking lot in front of her dorm.  She had chosen Blessed Sainthood College for Women .  She was so excited and ready for adventures, football games, and picking a sorority.  Little did she know that the sorority was going to pick her. She was so happy to be away from her parents and on her own.   She was so excited to be there that she had...Read On


To Bi or Not to Bi. Part 2.

It is never too late for remembering, reliving and catching up.

From: To: Subject: Telling all: Who to? My dearest Rene, After your last mail and the follow-up text, letting you into my secrets may read disappointingly dry and barren. So, before I set to it, I want to tell you how much your snatch-shot delighted me. After twenty-one years, you, my ‘shy’(???) Rene, have still the sexiest, delectably kissable,...Read On


To Bi or Not to Bi. Part 1

It is never too late for remembering, reliving and catching up.

From: To: Subject: Have you ever …?   Dear Mari, First, my apologies for my sudden departure yesterday. And, yes, the lying. I had to be nowhere, and I wanted to be nowhere more than with you. I took flight! Again! And after the way our relationship is developing, it was silly taking flight. We are becoming partners in breaking our demure silences...Read On


"Lunch Date"

Man's anus improves neighbor's sex-life.

Braxton leaned over the tub, reaching inside with a crumpled piece of toilet paper. He wiped over the holes of the round silver drain cover, extracting some human hair, along with the remnants of his latest load of jism. Some brown hair and white pearls of semen were on top, but a majority hung intertwined below the drain cover. With one hand, he wrapped most of the scum in the toilet...Read On


Becoming A Man, Part 9: Room Mates

Having only slept with two women in my whole life, now I got two in one night

After turning twenty-one, I started to frequent Jerry's Saloon, a popular dive bar near my college campus.  One night early in the school year, Lena and I both ended up leaving Jerry's at the same time, and headed back to the dorms at the same time.  I had talked to Lena often when I would bump into her on campus, and more recently I was also starting to see her at Jerry's.   I was (and...Read On


Gracie Meets Lucky

Gracie and Lucky meet...and learn they like each other.

I watch her come into the bar on a hot Saturday afternoon.  I cannot help but stare, my eyes following her as she makes her way across the room to the bar.  Her wavy red hair is flowing over her shoulders, almost as far down as her what have to be DD breasts bouncing in her Chicago Cubs crop top.  The bottoms of her breasts are uncovered and her nipples are proudly poking small tents in...Read On



An extraordinary sexual journey awaits Louis when he meets Hughie…

I worked for an assurance/insurance broker. I cannot say that it was the job of my dreams, but it paid the rent and etcetera. I was fortunate to get on rather well with my boss, who took a liking to me very early on. I was hardworking and diligent, a trait my boss liked. In comparison to many other of the lazy members of staff, I supposed that I was a breath of fresh air to Mr. Allen, my boss....Read On


Mic Drop: The First Track (Side A)

Series: Mic Drop

Up and coming lyricist is asked some... penetrating questions.

Cypher was the name on everyone's lips. The lyricist who knew his way around a mic. He went from the underground to the mainstream in under two years. His voice, lyrics, and persona took the world by storm. He stuck to the classic looks of 90’s rappers with oversized hoodies, sweats, baggy jeans, gold chains and whatever new sneakers were popular. Meanwhile, his music ranged from club...Read On

Recommended Read

Émilie's New Job

Both parents like the new au pair

Émilie rang the doorbell and stepped back. She was a couple of minutes early but decided it looked better than being late. She brushed a strand of her shoulder-length brunette hair behind her ear and was just about to ring the bell a second time when the door opened. “Madame Bellingham?” “Hello, yes. You must be Émilie. I’m Audrey, come in.” Émilie looked around the hall as she...Read On


A Visit from My Best Friend Beck

A college classmate's OnlyFans provides inspiration for my friend and I.

Late in the afternoon, there was a knock at the door to my apartment. My roommates, Matt and Simon, were both out of town for the weekend. Lounging in sweats, I headed to the front door unsure of who my surprise visitor could be. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find Becca waiting excitedly outside. Beck, as I called her, was one of my best friends from college. Since our...Read On


Lust In Lockdown - Part Two

The roommates continue their sexual foray

  “A foursome? Like…all of us…having sex…at the same time?” asked Whitney. Roger was wiping off the cum on his face as Simon was pulling up his boxers. Whitney was leaning against a dresser, a puzzled look on her face. Alexis was sitting in the chair at Roger’s desk where his gaming computer was set up. Once the boys were at least in boxers, they sat on Roger’s bed together and...Read On


The Drive Home

The drive home was too long, she pulls off the road for some relief and gets more than she expects

She loves reading the stories he sends her. The stories from him are about what he wants to do to her. They are always erotic and make her wet, imagining what she is reading was happening to her. Unfortunately, given their somewhat unique situation, most of the stories are just their private fantasies. Nothing is ever simple. He is twenty-one years older than her, married with kids...Read On


Lust In Lockdown

Four roommates becoming lovers

It had been almost nine months since their lockdown began, six months longer than they’d thought it was going to be at the beginning. Simon, Alexis, Whitney, and Roger had been finding ways to become comfortable with being around each other constantly. Simon and Whitney were engineers for a data collection firm that shifted them to teleworking after seven people in the company contracted...Read On


A Beautiful, Sensual First Time Bisexual Experience

A boss and employee trip with overnight stay and fantastic first time sex

Although I have been happily married for well over thirty years, I have known for many years that I have feelings for the male sex but have always been very confused over my true sexuality. My wife and I used to have a good sex life but in recent years, this has become almost non-existent as she finds it so very difficult these days. With more or less no sex life now, this set me on a...Read On


Pussy Pounding to Homo Sex

Straight man becomes bisexual when he learns there is more than pussy pounding

Pounding pussy has always been on top of a man’s list of sexual pleasures. For most men the tighter the pussy the better the pussy. A tight pussy creates the kind of friction that generates the greatest pleasure for cocks big and small. Why tell this? You might ask. Hell, everyone knows this. Everyone but those that have not buggered a tight ass or been buggered. Most men have not fucked...Read On



My bisexuality becomes a pleasurable reality when I meet Corky…

From my earliest recollections, I always felt an attraction to both men and women. When I finally became sexually active after I turned sixteen, I also had sex with both genders. I did not have a definite preference and always felt that the homophobic aversions that my buddies exhibited, were extremely narrow-minded. I, of course, kept my bisexuality a secret for obvious reasons, but...Read On


Those Hollywood Nights

I took center stage that night

California summer. Hot days, warm nights, and cool ocean breezes. Bronzed bodies, shirtless guys and girls in bikinis. Summers in the golden state just hit different than anywhere else. It gives off a vibe of relaxed fun and possibilities.  My husband and I had just welcomed our second daughter the year before and I worked tirelessly to get my body back in shape. The joy of our complete...Read On

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