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Lush Story Competitions

Welcome to our competitions page. The list below shows our current and past competitions, click through to see the results.

Competition Closed Result
Proud and Kinky Open Competition is currently open
Foolish 06 May 2021
Winner: The Foolish Freshman by PhilU
Second place: Locke, Cock & Two Smoking Jetboots by WannabeWordsmith
Third place: Mindfuck: Love and Payback by Jaymal
Valentine Poetry 27 Feb 2021
Winner: Just Three Syllables by tams_back_yay
Second place: Loosed Arrows by elliotlacey31
Third place: Love Is by Liz
Debauched 30 Dec 2020
Winner: Arabella And The Author by tams_back_yay
Third place: When The Cat's Away by Saucymh
Myths and Legends 12 Nov 2020
Winner: Teenage Banshee by deviantsusie
Second place: Tick Tock by sprite
Third place: The Legend Of Adam's Yew by naughtyannie
Time Travel 12 Sep 2020
Second place: The One That Got Away by Saucymh
Third place: Beyond the Past by tams_back_yay
Rainbows 09 Jul 2020
Winner: Stone Butch by tams_back_yay
Second place: Smoke Signals by sprite
Microfiction 30 May 2020
Winner: Addiction by Saucymh
Second place: Summer Lust by Liz
Third place: The Best Planned Lay by Stormdog
Masturbation Sex 02 May 2020
Winner: Promises by browncoffee
Second place: Red Wine Kisses by Saucymh
Third place: Daddy's Girl by LucaByDesign
Back to Nature 06 Mar 2020
Winner: Sex and Bird Watching by tams_back_yay
Second place: Twisted by vanessa26
Winter Wonderland 04 Jan 2020
Winner: Zoo by
Second place: The Last Move by Katherine
Third place: Winter Heat by Liz
Horrorween 31 Oct 2019
Winner: Out Of The Shadows by Saucymh
Second place: Last Rites by WannabeWordsmith
Third place: Bad Martha’s Basement by DarkSide
Kinky Fetishes 05 Sep 2019
Winner: His Pleasure by Saucymh
Second place: Naked in New York by Dark_Apollo
Third place: Behind Closed Doors by Milik_the_Red
Pride 06 Jul 2019
Second place: Lost and Found by jaded_buddha
Third place: Hustle by
Notorious 29 Apr 2019
Winner: Going Higher by browncoffee
Second place: -
Third place: -
The Moment You Knew 27 Feb 2019
Winner: End of the Masquerade by curvygalore
Second place: Capable by TangerineSky
Third place: Royal Crush by WannabeWordsmith
Winter Adventure 30 Dec 2018
Winner: All That Glitters by Saucymh
Second place: Beating the Skin by
Third place: The Silverest Lining by browncoffee
Back to School 11 Oct 2018
Second place: Far From Academic by WannabeWordsmith
Third place: Promises by TheSensualLady
Sizzling Summer Sex 30 Jul 2018
Winner: The Space Between by jaded_buddha
Second place: Midsummer Nights by browncoffee
Third place: The Petite Girl from the Big City by TheTravellingMan
Masked 30 May 2018
Second place: The Edge of Control by WannabeWordsmith
Third place: Welcome to Reality by PhilU
Erotic Poetry 20 Mar 2018
Winner: Dark Rain by Liz
Second place: I Can Always Read Your Skin by elliotlacey31
Third place: Freefalling by browncoffee
Change 30 Jan 2018
Winner: Beneath by Verbal
Second place: No Mercy by Katherine
Third place: Black and White by browncoffee
Boobies 19 Jan 2018
Winner: Life Enhancing by browncoffee
Second place: Earthly Bounties by curvygalore
Third place: Shoot by Just_A_Guy_You_Know
Bookish Stories 05 Oct 2017
Winner: Gutenberg by Burquette
Second place: A Labour of Lust by Lupus
Third place: Spoiler Alert by
Pure Filth 15 Jul 2017
Winner: Lost Enough by browncoffee
Second place: Second Saturday by Evie
Third place: Baby Blue by MadMartigan
Passion 27 Apr 2017
Winner: When Passion Calls by avrgblkgrl
Second place: First Light by Liz
Third place: Let me be your Juliet by sprite
On the Road 27 Feb 2017
Second place: Worth The Risk by WannabeWordsmith
Third place: Alien to Pleasure by SummerLeigh
Holiday Hijinks 30 Dec 2016
Second place: It's Behind You! by naughtyannie
Third place: Fifteen Shopping Days 'Till Christmas by Burquette
Fetish Sex Stories 03 Nov 2016
Winner: Dirty Martini by
Second place: Getting into Character by
Third place: How Would You Like Me? by Saucymh
Sporty Sex Stories 30 Aug 2016
Winner: Thin Ice by Burquette
Second place: The Batgirl by Buz
Third place: Touch by Gil_Renard
Gothic Erotic Stories 16 Jun 2016
Second place: Night Music by Burquette
Third place: Road To Nowhere by Saucymh
New Experiences 07 Apr 2016
Winner: -
Second place: Limits by papergirl
Third place: Serpent’s Kiss by
Magical Sex Stories 09 Jan 2016
Winner: The Miracle of Christmas by ChuckEPoo
Second place: Forlorn Love by Milik_the_Red
LGBT Sex Stories 29 Nov 2015
Winner: Between Two Worlds by
Second place: Red Tails In The Sunset by Stormdog
Third place: For Your Viewing Pleasure by Poppet
Historical Erotica 17 Sep 2015
Winner: Legion by Lupus
Second place: Scarlet by Saucymh
Third place: Naziri by Milik_the_Red
Money Talks 11 Jul 2015
Winner: Miami Heat by Liz
Second place: Belgard by Magical_felix
Third place: One Thousand Dollar Revenge by Buz
This is Hardcore 21 Apr 2015
Winner: Little Perversions by Dancing_Doll
Second place: Neon Nights by papergirl
Third place: Laney Scoops the City by Jaymal
Valentine's Day Poetry 20 Feb 2015
Winner: I Hate You by avrgblkgrl
Second place: Exempt by AltaBrwnSgr
Third place: Aftermath by shrpsf
Some Like it Hot 22 Jan 2015
Winner: Molten Core by Evie
Second place: Saving Felicity by Jayne33
Third place: Kinbaku: Fire and Ice by Gil_Renard
The Morning After the Night Before 09 Nov 2014
Winner: Want by avrgblkgrl
Second place: Not A Word To Grace by Lupus
Toy With Me 30 Aug 2014
Winner: Lies, Larceny and Lust by papergirl
Second place: Send in the Clone by RejectReality
Third place: She Just Wants To Be by clum
Supernatural Sex Stories 19 Jun 2014
Second place: The Inheritance by billy
Third place: London's Burning by Lupus
Oral Sex 09 Apr 2014
Winner: Coffee and Cream by Saga
Second place: My Father's Day Gift by Milik_the_Red
Third place: Brown by AltaBrwnSgr
Seduction Stories 20 Feb 2014
Winner: Parisian Nights by Liz
Second place: Quartet by sprite
Third place: -
Quickie Sex 04 Jan 2014
Winner: Girls Like That by Dancing_Doll
Second place: Bad Girl by Liz
Third place: Fifteen Minutes With Jared by Jaymal
Put a Spin on it 30 Nov 2013
Winner: Job Well Done by Noreasonneeded
Second place: Ferris Wheel by Tashtego
Third place: Putting a Spin On It by naughtyannie
Autumn Equinox 21 Sep 2013
Winner: Orange Moon by Tashtego
Second place: The Great Rite by Kim
Third place: The Offering by naughtyannie
Sexy Cam Fun 29 Jun 2013
Winner: Exposure by Liz
Second place: The Society for the Suppression of Vice by AbigailThornton
Third place: Mignonette by Magical_felix
Humor Month 12 Apr 2013
Winner: Pyramus and Thisbe by naughtyannie
Second place: Roger by Tashtego
Third place: Confessions of a Phone Sex Operator by CurlyGirly
Valentine's Day 2013 27 Feb 2013
Winner: The Prince of Valentinium by TheScarletSiren
Second place: Love Machine by AbigailThornton
Third place: Stanley Gets A Heart On by Mazza
The 2012 Phenomenon 12 Jan 2013
Winner: Witch Way to the Apocalypse? by AbigailThornton
Second place: Kingdom Come by Magical_felix
Third place: Playing By The Rules by clum
Spice It Up! 21 Nov 2012
Winner: An Unexpected Desire by Coco
Second place: -
Third place: I'm a Bit Tied Up this Afternoon by naughtyannie
VIP 27 Jul 2012
Winner: Let Her Eat Cake by Magical_felix
Second place: The Blue Room by Dancing_Doll
Third place: Billion Dollar Booty Call by TXGirl
Winter Break 21 Dec 2011
Winner: Jennifer's Eggnog by Jaymal
Second place: An Erotic Christmas Carol by TXGirl
Third place: Third Wheel Blues by Mistress_of_words
Summer Loving 20 Jun 2011
Winner: Paris in Flames by sprite
Second place: The Midnight Walk by LadyX
Third place: Nettie by Rotsen
The Joy of Giving 21 Dec 2010
Winner: Father Moss by harbour
Second place: Yuletide Mindfuck by Jaymal
Third place: Kathy’s Dilemma by mercianknight
Halloween 25 Oct 2010
Winner: The Ghost on Forest Lane by tommie
Second place: Stonehaven by standingbear
Third place: The Masquerade Set-up by MrNudiePants
Earth Day 15 Apr 2010
Winner: Pam Sandwich by Jaymal
Second place: -
Third place: Love Birds by Milik_the_Red
Festive 10 Dec 2009
Winner: FROM: Becky -- FOR: Matt -- With Love by RumpleForeskin
Second place: The best Christmas present by smiler77
Third place: Merry Christmas, Baby by DirtyMartini
First Time 31 Jul 2009
Winner: -
Second place: My Sweet Rayne by Reeb
Third place: Fire and Ice by Amber_Sweetheart

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