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Cuckold (commonly misspelled cuckhold) stories involve plot elements where the male has a wife or girlfriend that is not sexually exclusive with him, and where she retains the sexual power in the relationship. She will proactively take on other men (sometimes called a 'bull') to sexually service her or enthusiastically enjoy with the husband's knowledge and underlying consent. In some cases the male may appear to be initially reluctant about these activities or his natural submissiveness to his female partner may allow him to willingly observe or hear about these activities in a passive or voyeuristic way while feeling aroused at the same time.

In more extreme or fetish elements of the cuckold stories genre, the submissive husband or boyfriend may assist his wife in preparation for a date and/or undergo feminization or humiliation and cock-shaming. It may involve traditional BDSM or femdom elements such as restraints or cock cages. The experience may extend to making him service the bull, being forced to accept anal sex or be involved in cum-play or cleaning of his wife and the bull. At the far end of the spectrum, it may also involve the husband allowing his wife to be impregnated by the bull's seed while he watches.

In the reverse where the male retains the power in the arrangement of infidelity with his wife's consent, it is called 'cuckqueaning'.


The Hub - Cuckquean Confession

Series: The Hub

Where Fantasy Is Better Than Reality

Wriggling her buttocks, legs curled beneath, she pulled the headset over her eyes feeling its firm embrace about her head. Fingers flickering over the familiar set-up options, she quickly arrived at her avatar's appearance. She adjusted her age, not quite her actual years because experience had taught her that age was more than just a number in The Hub. But then, what is a decade here or...Read On


A Little Fishy - Gone Fishing! Ch. 2

A loving wife wants to experience all the sexual adventures she missed saving herself for marriage!

  In The Morning Light Lori woke to bright sunshine on her face as she stretched and realized that she had slept alone last night. She sprung out of bed and found Kyle on the couch, asleep in his boxers, with a half-dozen empty beer cans scattered on the coffee table. Lori glared at her husband as she shoved his leg with her foot to awaken him. He slowly came too and perked up at the...Read On



Series: Bully Bonding

After watching another man fuck his wife silly, Sam takes the big cock in his virgin pussy.

The bed sagged and creaked, Will backing up to give Sam room. His hand reached out to his rival’s limp manhood, but he stopped. There would be time for that later. Now, he needed to get down to business and show Heather he was worth something. Pungent sweat and combined love juices filled Sam’s nostrils with a heavy presence. He leaned down and settled in, hefting Heather’s legs over...Read On


A Misunderstanding

It had started as a joke. A kinky in the moment kind of thing. A promise so she would let me Cum.

I was sweating, my hands were shaking, and my knees weak. I had never been so nervous in my entire life. My heart was beating so fast I worried that I was going to have a heart attack. I had just received a text from my girlfriend that had chilled me to the bone. I couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. I thought it was a joke, a heat of the moment thing in the throes of passion. We...Read On


Chapter 2 Confession


  We both lay on our backs staring at the ceiling, our naked bodies spreadeagled on the bed. I felt a thin skin of sweat on my back and forehead as I breathed heavily. Neither of us said anything for a second, but I could hear Deb blow her dark fringe of hair away from her eyes. She broke the silence. 'Well, wow. That was intense,’ she said, turning her body slightly to face me. ...Read On


Hotel Suprise

Fantasy story written by wife.

You were seated on the hotel room couch, listening intently for any sound that might escape the bedroom. Your attention was at a deliriously heightened state, and the knot in your stomach roiled with nervous anticipation. A feminine giggle, a lustful kiss, and the telling rummaging of clothes and bedsheets. Each sent your mind reeling, and each caused your heart to pound. Your eyes darted...Read On


A Little Fishy - Gone Fishing! ch. 1

A loving wife wants to experience all the sexual adventures she missed saving herself for marriage!

Kyle Richardson came from a very conservative family. The open-minded, free-spirited women he dated in college would have been considered sluts in his parent's eyes. But he didn't care what they thought. Kyle was born with good looks and knew how to charm the ladies. He would much rather have an experienced woman that might teach him a thing or two than a virtuous virgin any day. He'd had...Read On


The Next Stage

Fantasy Realised

In my previous story I explained how the cuckold in me came to the fore after my wife admitted allowing my best friend to grope her tits. My thoughts now turned to wanting to watch my wife go further with another man. I found the thought of this both exciting and humiliating and wondered if, in real life, jealousy would take over if an opportunity arose, Well, I only had a few months to...Read On


The Last Time

Break up sex.

The last time I saw my ex-girlfriend Sharon was when she came to pick up her things after we split. She arrived late one evening (she still had the key) and proceeded to empty the contents of her knicker drawer into an overnight bag. I was all ready for bed with a comforting pair of her panties on under my pajamas. I was propped up on our pillows when she burst in, slightly the worse...Read On


Caught Out Chapter 1

Jim gets caught

Caught but…. Jim sat in front of his computer. He loved Saturday mornings because it gave him the opportunity to think, think about things that were his and his only to think about. During the week it was go, go, go as he hurried to prepare for work each morning rushing around making sure the kids were getting dressed and fed. His wife Amy picked up most of the work of course because he had...Read On


Charity begins at home

By the time I had my forty men, it was almost noon of the next day - I'll chalk it up to the truck stop being so deserted this time of year. I have to tell you though, that was the most fun I've had my entire life! It ended as I thought it would... I was so sore I could barely walk, and so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open, yet I couldn't stop laughing. Travis dropped me off with...Read On


Best Friends Benefit from My Wife's Drunkenness

Best friend fucks my hotwife when he finds her inebriated and exposed, and others follow.

My name is Alex, and now at thirty years old, my wife, Hannah, and I are living with our four-year-old daughter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re still enjoying a cuckold lifestyle that started almost four years ago, and this story describes how it began. I was born and raised in the Tulsa suburbs, and met Hannah at The University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City (OKC) in our senior year. She grew up...Read On


Being A Complete Slut For Hubby - Part 3

Full speed ahead with the gang bangs.

It looked like a busy and thrilling week coming up for me. My regular Monday night fling with Hazel was back on, Emre was coming round on Wednesday with six new friends, and I was off to Ufuk's place on Friday for another gang bang, this time with seven guys plus himself. I wasn't quite sure how Monday night would go as it would be the first time I'd seen Hazel since her partner had beaten...Read On


First time the wife fucked around

First time my wife cheated (I think)

The first time (that I know about) that my wife Janet fucked around was with this hunk of a guy who lived in our apartment complex. I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told a friend about doing her, and the friend later gave me all the details. One Saturday, she said she had to go down to a local convenience store to pick up some wine. I noticed she had a skirt on...Read On


How my cuckolding began

my wifes' confession awoke the cuckold in me

I had read and enjoyed letters written to men’s magazines concerning guys who consented to and watched their wives having sex with other men, and although I found these confessions exciting, I never envisaged myself or my twenty-seven-year-old wife getting involved in such situations, as the thought of her with another man made me feel jealous. However, that was before we attended a party...Read On


Training Amy - Pt. 1

Amy needs to get fit for the big day, but her new personal trainer is her fiancé's old bully.

I felt the guilt welling up inside me as Marcus's thick cock filled me with cum. Oh, God.  I thought.  I never let Harry fuck me bare ...  and there's so much... The sordid feeling of infidelity got stronger with each powerful pulse of Marcus's member. He's so much bigger! Poor little Harry. Always so insecure about his size. I struggled with the guilt, but Marcus's hot, thick cum...Read On


The Videotape of Helen and Tomas

Helen and her husband watch the recording of her with her young lover

‘I hope you're ready Alan,’ I said marching into our bedroom, giving my husband no choice. He was lying in bed, already naked, already with a semi. ‘I will take that a yes then,’ I said and climbed onto the bed next to him. ‘God, Helen, you’re so fucking sexy,’ he said wrapping his arms around me, rubbing them up and down my back. I was naked too. ‘I know,’ I whispered in his ear, pulling...Read On


Cuckolding as a Solution, Part 3

I invite another guy over and learn that my husband is definitely gay

I walked out of the bathroom, naked after a shower, and saw my husband, John, lying on the bed. He, too, was naked and his cock was hard. My eyes widened for a second, then my shoulders slumped. I knew he must be thinking about something else or someone else. We hadn’t had sex in five months. We’d watched each other masturbate, but we didn’t touch, didn’t kiss, didn’t really do a damn...Read On


Act of Charity

Serendipity part II

It was a dark and stormy night as Travis dropped me off at the truck stop. True to his word, he used my entire body. After that he had me change into a black mini skirt that barely covered my bikini area, a white crop top, no panties or bra, black stilettos, and a matching coin purse. My target before he'd pick me up and take me home for a few hours was to earn ten dollars - one quarter at...Read On


A Little Fishy

The downfalls of marrying a virgin.

Kiel Richardson was a handsome young man and he discovered early in his life that the opposite sex found him to be very charismatic. He started young and had his share of conquests. He also had a few longer-term relationships that ended badly when he found them in the arms of other men. Each time it happened, it created a hole in his heart which he felt could never be healed. Kiel decided...Read On


A game of truth or dare turns my girlfriend into a slut

After weeks of sexting games, my girlfriend goes out on a date with her Tinder match

"Do you think I should send him this photo?" Jess turned her phone towards me and I saw a cropped selfie of her, trying to cover her naked perky tits with her palms while her nipples were showing, and she was holding her tongue out. She even wrote a caption for Simon, her new Tinder match that she's been sexting. The caption said: Would you cum on my tits or my tongue? My petite...Read On



Stacy's mom has got it going on...

It all started when my husband came home in a blue dress.  My name is Kim. I'm a forty-something housewife living in suburban America; Sunday church, bible study. I have a daughter named Stacy... I think you've met her, everyone has. I'm easy to spot at PTA meetings as I'm the short red head with long skirts, peter pan collars and low heeled shoes. My husband Ron is a cowboy wanna be - he...Read On

Recommended Read

The Middle Sister, Part 2: Sibling Rivalry.

Series: The Middle Sister

Izzy checks her face in the dresser mirror before leaving, the idling diesel of the taxi in the street below the bedroom urging her to hurry. I imagine the twitching curtains of neighbours, the scandal of our late hours. My mind is racing, desperate, a succession of useless thoughts that could never forestall the inevitable.  But then an idea arrives. Only half-formed, it might yet be fit...Read On


First Fat Cock

Husband picks a man for me, turns out to be a lot of fun.

For awhile now, my hubby has been hinting that he wants to go to our local swinger’s club for some extra fun. Well, tonight’s the night. I am nervous as we are driving, unsure of what’s going to happen and what exactly he wants to try this time. It was crowded when we got there; usually there is a good amount of people who show up on Saturday nights but tonight it's packed. There was hardly...Read On


Cuckold Life

My nympho wife gets a pimp

I love sharing my gorgeous wife, Tina, with friends and strangers as much as she loves sex with the men she fucks every day and night. Tina's lush body is a man magnet and she always dresses to reveal, never to conceal. She often allows me the privilege of selecting her outfits for her dates. I and some of her lovers have purchased a huge collection of slutty clothes and clubwear for her....Read On


Wife's recent visit from Ray

Happened 6 months ago and just told me last week while I was on a road trip.

Honey, I want you to pull down your pants while you are reading this and pull out your tiny little cock. It is tiny, after all. I know I had told you before that you were average-sized, but I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. But the fact is, your lack of length and width never really did it for me.   Sure, there were times that I came while we made love, but if I am being honest, I...Read On


Magic Potion Makes My Cuckold Dreams a Reality

Horny husband uses a magic potion to share his dreams, encouraging his wife to cuckold him.

My name is David, and the main events in this story began when I was thirty-five years old, and my beautiful wife, Kate, was thirty-four. We are still living in a middle-class suburb of Hartford, Connecticut, where our daughter is in the fifth grade. Kate and I met in college, when I was a senior and she was a junior, and we got married when she graduated. I was thirty years old before we...Read On


Don't Be Jealous

Janice has a plan to help me deal with my jealousy issues. She will fuck a stranger while I watch.

In my early twenties, I was involved with a woman called Janice. She was shorter than I am, just over five and a half feet tall, five years older than I at twenty-eight, with long dark hair, blue eyes, and worked as a personal trainer at a local gym. I was a Bottom in those days or one who has things done to them. This was one of the last relationships I was in before I changed to being a Top....Read On



Series: Bully Bonding

Sam takes a front row seat to watch his wife get fucked by a another man.

The bedsprings creaked. Will spun around and positioned himself beside Heather and in front of Sam. Anticipation swelled within Sam. He drew himself up close to the edge of the bed and Will inched his feet further apart. His mighty rod stood tall dead center. “It seems like I don’t have to tell you to watch closely,” Heather said as she crawled toward Will’s lap. “I’m kind of disappointed...Read On


The Education and corruption of Joseph Potter: Chapter ten

Joseph’s past discretion’s come back to haunt him

“How much did David Hamilton know of your affair with his wife?” I heard the question as soon as the last word of the statement had been completed.  It pierced the silence like a gunshot. The female reporter sat on the end of a row about halfway up in this crowded press room. Her question proved to be a catalyst, setting off a frenzy of barely comprehensible noise from her colleagues.  Of...Read On

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