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1 month ago

Through the Sliding Door Part 3: The Pact

I let Lucianna take charge and she pushes me into the best promise of my life.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You're probably used to nicer places than this,” Lucianna fiddled with her keys as we stood outside her apartment.The fraying blue carpet didn't look too great, and I was more than a little concerned by the black mold st...

1 year ago


Adam and Eve Return to Earth to Give Humanity a New Beginning

Eons of eons in the future, or at least what humanity once called the future, earth and all of its inhabitants have long disappeared.  The sun, the beginning, and source of all life exhausted its hydrogen fuel, and, as a result, slowly expanded into a red...

Alone And Pregnant, Chapter 2

Mark was going to make sure he didn't let Kelly slip through his fingers again!

Even though my cock was as stiff as a steel pipe and I was looking forward to thrusting it deep into that pregnant pussy, I also had no problem spending some more time gorging myself on her and at the same time pleasuring her and satisfying that lack of c...

2 years ago

The Sonogram

The best examination I've ever had.

It was my annual Renal sonogram to check for abnormalities in my kidneys.  There was a family history of kidney cancer, so this was a simple and non-invasive way to check.  I had been going to the same office for several years and had the same older Germa...

2 years ago

Taming The Cougar - Part 5 - Freedom And Joy

The final step where Pam, the Cougar, truly discovers her bisexual and submissive side.

"Chris, I am confused. You tell me that I am a submissive and I feel that you are right about that. However, it’s not what I had been expecting." "What were you expecting, darling?" "Out of curiosity, I have been doing some research on the internet and wh...

4 years ago

Terms of Endearment

Jake's Penance

“I caught you again Jake,” Michelle said in a very disappointing tone.Jake sighed and spread his hands in a helpless expression, exposing his softening cock. Both stood there in front of the open laptop, with images of porn flashing across.“Michelle, what...

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8 years ago

10 Items Or Less

A 40 year old divorcee finds herself experiencing a hot juicy Lush story with a sexy young man.

Robyn thought about sex a lot. She craved sex. Robyn wanted to feel a man’s strong masculine hands all over her naked body, to hear him whisper dirty words in her ear and make her pussy sopping wet.She imagined his hands pulling her hair back and his tong...

9 years ago

E is for Eating Out

Pussy is a dish best served hot

The most amorous epicurean pleasure, Up to which none others can measure, Is that rarest meat treat by far. I mean, of course, pussy tartar. It’s a sexual gastronomic treasure. This girly gastronomic delight Is delicious when it’s served right. The meat s...

9 years ago

Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader!

There is nothing like getting 'nekkid' with a sexy cheerleader to cheer you up!

(episode 26) This follows "Two Girl Fuck Competition" I should have been happy and excited because I was officially dating Mary Beth. She was definitely a super hot, sexy girl and nearly every guy I knew would’ve been ecstatic to be with Mary Beth. But I...

9 years ago

The Seduction

The consequences of just one night of passion may last forever.

Tallahassee, FloridaAn athletic young mid-twenties black man was running along a lake edge jogging path on the outskirts of town. He enjoyed running along this path which made about a three-mile circle encompassing a gorgeous serene lake surrounded by liv...

9 years ago

My Senior Year: The First Tailgate Party

The first tailgate party for the 2007 season inaugurates a sexual showdown!

(Episode 24) This follows "Voyage d’Etude en Europe: The Sexy French Girl"I had no idea that I would soon be sucked raw and fucked senseless, by two competing girls.Upon returning from my trip to Europe, I sank into a deep and melancholy mood. I knew that...

9 years ago

Voyage d’Etude en Europe: The Sexy French Girl

A college trip to Europe starts with sexual frustration and ends with sexual elation!

(episode 23) This follows The First Annual “Pool” Party.Earlier that school year during Fall Semester I had applied for a UGA summer trip to Europe. It was a partnered program by the university and private businesses created to enlighten the cultural, bus...

9 years ago

Tuck’s American Roadtrip! The Return.

Tuck is shocked at the surprises he encounters upon his return to Tallahassee.

PART SIXLAX (Los Angeles International Airport)Tuck was standing several feet from the airline ticket counter arguing over who is the best quarterback in the NFL with Chuck, while Reggie Tharpe wearing his embarrassingly tacky bright Hawaiian shirt, negot...

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