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3 weeks ago

Snack Break

Office work

As Monday midday approaches, you have your desk full with mind numbing work in your office. Part of you is joyful about the new role and part of you hates the additional BS paperwork. As lunch time approaches, I walk in with a lunch basket for an in-offic...

3 months ago

To Dream Among the Stars - Chapter 9B

All is well with Alex, the new center of attention of the ship. What could go wrong?

Day 8We wake up at the sound of the alarm clock, fresh and joyous, kissing tenderly to share our yet unspoken love for each other. As I get closer and closer to her, my erect cock pokes her voluptuous pussy, rubbing my hardness between her sensual lips.La...

5 months ago

Strap In, Hold Tight (It Can't Be Right - Pt1, Ch 9)

The end of Nicola's story about her night with Steph and Alex

All the focus, it seemed, at home and work, was on summer celebrations, with all of the talk and questions from Jake and now the reminder from Nicola about her plans. I did enjoy them, maybe I was a stick in the mud though, because I felt they and the Chr...

5 months ago

A Game Of Three Halves (It Can't Be Right - Pt1, Ch 8)

The 2nd part of Nicola's night with Steph and Alex

After breakfast was cleared away, Liv was the first to leave. A kiss on the cheek for each of us and she was out of the door and on her way to the bus stop. Just before I left Nicola reminded me that Diane and James were holding their summer barbecue at t...

10 months ago

Night Out

Drinks and good vibes, what could the night life bring?

"Ladies hour, you get in for free." The bouncer nodded her in as she flashed her id. It was a spur of the moment that she decided to go to the club alone. As a Saturday night, it was ripe for excitement. Yet, none of her friends were up for it. She talked...

Fucking Tommy's Mom, Chapter 2

James finally wins the woman of his dreams–his best friend's mother!

That following Monday I went over to see Tommy. I knew he'd be home and I wanted to see if he wanted to hang out. I knocked on the door and Annie answered it. "Hi James!" she said happily. "Hi Annie, is Tommy here? He said he'd be done working out of town...

The Mummy Princess, Chapter 2

The Egyptian exhibit was scheduled to move on... would Kevin lose his mummy forever?

The next night, Kevin hurried to work to see his Egyptian princess again. He waited impatiently for the last of the visitors to leave and for the staff to go home as well. When he was finally alone in the museum, he quickly locked the doors and then hurri...

2 years ago

Glorious Gloria, the Client's Daughter

Is it a rebound when the first date with someone never happened?

I did something I never do, I gave someone the room key for my hotel. I know, I know, absolutely dangerous, but if you had seen her, you would have been just as enthralled. You see, I was on a business trip that lasted way longer than it should have. It w...

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2 years ago

My Straight Mom, the Ultimate Lesbian Fantasy

Dad's not cutting it, so I get Mom some help!

My Dad isn’t carrying the mail, so to speak. Which is making my Mom more than a little — I don’t know how to explain this. My name's Laren, and I am 18 and a senior in high school. I’m also an only child and a lesbian, although my parents don’t know yet....

2 years ago

The Incubus and the Virgin

An unsuspecting Virgin is seduced and impregnanted by a Incubus

Before beginning this story, it is necessary to provide some background information so that the reader understands something of the creatures that form the antagonists of this tale. An Incubus (plural Incubi) is a male demonic spirit that drains the sexua...

2 years ago

Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 7

Connie needed help again and Tommy was willing to give her whatever she needed!

It was probably a week or so after the barbeque when Tommy was sitting at home feeling a bit dejected. He had been busy trying to find out what his options were now that he knew he wouldn't be attending MIT that fall. He had half-heartedly looked around f...

3 years ago

The woman on the ferry

Watching each other for hours told them all they both wanted the same thing: asslicking.

I missed the early ferry by half an hour and the next one wasn’t till 1:30, so I settled down for a three hour wait. “Settled down” isn’t really accurate, in fact, because the only vacant seat was in the middle of the room, with no back support, so there...

8 years ago

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

A Mutual Meeting Destination, Here We Come!

It’s been months since I've seen my Scottish playmate. I had the best time with her when I spent two weeks in Scotland. She showed me as much as she could when I was there. It was wonderful. I miss her and I’m ready to see what else we can get into. This...

8 years ago

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

I Needed More Of My Scottish Playmate

I haven’t been able to keep my Scottish playmate out of my mind since I saw her last. It’s been a few months since she came to see me. It was everything I wanted and more. Though we still talk online, and tease each other greatly, it’s not the same. I’m a...

8 years ago

Always Up for a Party

Trevor's idea of a party, with me as entertainment

I got home late. What a night! I had gone to the video booth at the bookstore horny as hell but in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the outcome. Oh sure, I expected sex. I had yet to leave those dark little booths without a mouthful of cum, an...

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