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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.


The Sexual Education of Madison Parker

While her boyfriend’s away, Maddi learns how to play!

Madison Parker stood in front of her full-length mirror, admiring herself in a new pink bikini. She had just had her seventeenth birthday, and, in September, she would begin her senior year of high school. She was dating the star of the school’s baseball team, who was away attending a camp for young men with the potential for playing professional baseball. Madison turned back and...Read On


First Time a Cross Dresser Gets Laid - Pt 1

A guy becomes a cross dresser and eventually gets laid.

Mark was a shy guy who had always found it difficult chatting up girls. There was always some reason. He didn’t like their hair, or their body, or their look, or their personality, or his family would not approve. His upbringing was very conservative, old fashioned and his stoically minded, overbearing, controlling parents, forced their ideology on him. This had left its mark on him and he was...Read On


Still One Of The boys - Part 2

A gay activist will break into a conflict about his mission and his desires.

  "I'm not ready, guys." The very long days (and some nights, as well) of planning, studying and strategizing, were a preparation for the real thing, as just a few steps were separating Rita from her first court date. Michael could feel her tension rubbing off on himself, as well, as if he wasn't pretty nervous already. Oh well, at least she hadn't noticed the journalists approaching...Read On


Mutual Benefits Chapter Seven

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

Whatever it was that Milo had to tell me, he clearly felt as awkward as I did discussing it in the middle of a hallway, even though the halls were mostly empty by this point. Class was about to start, and I wasn’t one for skipping, but curiosity won over me. Before long, we were back in our little elevator hallway, with him looking from wall to wall, thinking about where he’d begin with this. ...Read On


My Secret Gay Life, First Contact, (True Story)

Series: My Secret Gay Life

After years of fantasy, I finally do it.

True story of my first gay encounter in 1999.  I lived on a Caribbean island in my early thirties and had been chatting with a guy from NY for a while on the old free chat platforms. We talked about hooking up but as I am married it was next to impossible. Then the stars aligned, my wife went to visit her parents in the states, so I told him, and he said he worked for an airline and could...Read On


In Hamilton Heights

Series: My Summer With Nora

Nora's boyfriend starts as her customer.

The story of how I landed my first ever girlfriend is pretty unconventional.  At first glance, one would think we were totally unsuited for each other. Yet, although we irked each other at times, for a while we clicked. Before her, my expectation was that I would meet a “nice” girl, however that was defined. I was looking for something long-term, not merely causal sex. What I did wind up...Read On


How it All Began. Part 3.

Are love and sex an ill-matched pair?

III   I had been in Australia for eight months and been living in St. Kilda for six. Being unattached and on the lookout for female company, one Saturday night I met Elizabeth. She arrived at the Austrian Ski Club at the Upper Esplanade in the company of a younger woman that I had seen before. As in all these continental clubs, tables could not be booked. The staff took later arrivals...Read On



Heidi and Aini are best friends. They like pink things.

  “ Alamak! So sexy what !” grins Aini, eyes squinting against the tropical afternoon light as she looks up from the pool. Her bathing costume is a modest maroon one-piece affair, melding into the rich dark skin of her short round body, carefully conserving her full breasts from view. Her friend Heidi grins in reply, pulling off her towel and giving her tight buttocks a brief twerk, as if...Read On


How It All Began: Parts 1 & 2

Are love and sex an ill-matched pair?

I In my last year with our group of young Socialists, we organised dancing lessons in my hometown in Austria. Most of us were in our late teens. I had attended dancing instructions a year earlier and felt confident that I could show beginners the steps of the then fashionable Tango, Foxtrot, English Waltz, and Rumba. For the traditional Austrian dances, a man and a woman, both...Read On


Naked War

A games of cards becomes a game of seduction

“Ace,” Denise said as she tossed out a card. “Ten,” I countered. I was playing War, the card game, with my friend Denise Wright on a warm summer afternoon. We had graduated high school a couple weeks before and had the summer free until university started. Denise’s parents were away so we had her house to ourselves. “Mine. Five.” “Three.” “Mine. Seven.” “Seven.” War is one of those...Read On


Worth The Wait

Under-developed young man gets more than his reward...

My name is Jamie Laker, and you may know of my four crime novels. I am twenty-seven years old now, but this story is mainly about Simon Curton from the time we were nineteen, entering the second year at Argoyne Academy of Creative Arts. You will soon see how crucial that timing was. Many of the incidents will be hearsay, adapted from what Simon told me later. Argoyne Academy provided...Read On


Taylor gets Caught by the Farmer’s Daughter

"I'm not a lesbian," until a whole new world is opened for the farmer's daughter

Studying for a degree in Farm Management meant taking a summer internship on a ranch far away from home. I’d anticipated it being extra fun because the ranch provided a small stipend for meals and such, but also a hotel room in a long-term stay for the eight weeks.  I mean, the experience of learning how to manage such a complex organization was invaluable, but to stay in a large hotel room...Read On


Why Motorcycles are In-Freaking-Credible!

I was out for a nice long ride!

I am not a biker chick! First off, my breasts do not sag! Okay, bad joke. I know, but it’s been my go-to line when some idiot makes a crack about me and my Harlie! Yes, I spell it with an ‘ie’, get over it. This time of year, I love riding my Sportster XLH833. No, it’s not freaking pink! Sure, I gave it a girlie name, but I am not riding a pink Sportster! The hills, the sun, the wind, and...Read On


Maid To Be Submissive (Part 5)

Continuing the sissification process...

I couldn't believe Fiona had left me alone with this random guy! She never even said where she was going, let alone what time she would be back. I sat on the bed nervously, deliberating what to say. After what seemed like a long time, Dylan finally broke the awkward silence. "Do you mind if I sit down?" "No, of course not," I replied, trying my best to be polite. As he sat down on the...Read On


Twin pleasure

A girl made a bet with her twin sister and ended up being seduced by the power of lust

Rose was packing to go to church camp when her sister Ruby came into her room. They were twins and were very close until they were sixteen. They went in two different directions making choices that the other one wouldn’t do. The only thing that was the same about them was how they looked. They were both attractive redheads with green eyes and had well-developed bodies. Rose spent her time...Read On


Love In The Afternoon

His dick is small, but maybe that's better for a first time?

The usual room we occupy in the same love hotel. While we both slowly undress I can’t help but think that his dick is too small. Sure, it has sort of a cute shape and when it gets hard it awkwardly aims to the sky, but... he really is small. At times I can hold it between three fingers. And he gets aroused for every little thing. At times it’s unnerving. Now that he stands naked in front...Read On


The Summer of 76

A young man's seduction by an older woman.

In the summer of 1976, I was a painfully shy eighteen-year-old boy who had never kissed a girl. I couldn't even start a conversation with a girl without stuttering a bit from nervousness. I was a virgin with no prospects and even less hope. I thought about sex constantly, masturbating several times a day, but there seemed to be no chance that my fantasies might come to life. And what was...Read On


Demi and Isabella

First time lesbian meets her match.

Demi lay between her friend’s legs. Her face was wet with pussy juice and she was smiling so much her cheeks hurt. Finally. At last. Unbelievably. She had her first taste of pussy, and it was all she had ever dreamed of and more. She couldn’t believe she was doing it with the cutest, most perfect little lipstick lesbian ever! Isabella was her girl-friend from work, here on a work visa as an...Read On


The Shepherd's Daughter Pt. 2

In the countryside, a traveler continues his encounter with a new friend.

I could see she was scared. With a deep breath, she moved her hand to her sides exposing her breasts to my view. She was stunning, standing there shy, dappled in sunlight. The shadows moved across her body as the leaves above us swayed in the breeze. She stood there awkwardly as I became keenly aware that I was the first person to whom she had shared herself like this. Her skin underneath...Read On


My First Sexual Experience

My first sexual experience, and a really good one.

Let me introduce myself first before I start my story. I am William, sometimes called Will or Bill. I am twenty-eight years, and working as a building engineer in a large office. Most people working there are men, just a few girls, but actually, they are almost all married and way above my age. I moved into my apartment about a year ago. It is just over 100 miles from the small town I grew...Read On


The Shepherd's Daughter Pt. 1

In the countryside, a traveler makes a new friend.

I had to get out of town quickly. I mean, it wasn’t my fault the sheriff of Terrydale thought I “deflowered” his “precious angel.” It was a late night, and she happened to have a room in the tavern I was a patron at. We had been chatting at the bar for most of the night. When she invited me up, who was I to say no? It was pretty clear to me that, despite what her father may think,...Read On


When the Ball Was Over

Series: It Can't Be Right

Young love finally fulfilled

“And this is our Head of Operations, David DeCosta,” my boss said as he introduced me to the new employee. “Dave, this is Jake, he’ll be starting with us at the start of next month as regional director for the south.” “Pleased to meet you, Jake," I said, offering my hand. “The pleasure is mine Mr DeCosta, I’m looking forward to the challenges this new job is offering.” “Dave, please....Read On


That Afternoon

Series: That Afternoon

A fantasy based on real teenage experiences

That afternoon I couldn’t wait for school to end. The last class was RE which always bored me to death. I sat through the forty-five minutes fantasizing about my favourite cousin and seeing her undress. In my imagination, it started as a game of ‘Show me yours and I’ll show you mine but somehow it developed into us being caught by the cleaning lady. Instead of yelling at us and throwing me...Read On


Girls night out

My first time with another man, leading to swinging

This is a true story of how our lives changed. David and I had been married eight months, we were both virgins when we married.  David was working out of town for two weeks and I was feeling left out.  Our neighbor, Carla asked me if I wanted to go out with her and Susan for a Friday girls night out.  I was open to it after being alone and at home for two weeks so I agreed. She told me...Read On


How It All Started

I look back at my life and miss the sexcapdes that I used to get up to, and they always say you remember your first time. Now when I was a bit younger before I joined the military I lived in a mining village where everyone knew everyone. Now I wasn't a complete novice I partook in some joint groping with girls my age whilst the fair that went from town to town came by. This all changed when...Read On


Out of the Blue

Out of the blue, Matt had set himself up for a more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  It all started when I met her through a contact site. You know that moment when you see someone across a crowded room and you know. In this case, it was a picture in a crowded monitor of thumbnails and I was instantly in lust. Several things drew me to her, the dark hair made her stand out a little from all the blonde women, the dark brown eyes engaged with you but it was her smile that...Read On


Under The Old Oak Tree

Sally gets Billy to Talk

Sally Jackson was lost in the beauty of the morning as the sun chased dawn away once again, producing a gorgeous pink and sunrise.  She took in the picture in front of her, taking a deep breath. I love this country , she thought to herself as the morning sun broke over the horizon and turned the field of hay bales into a Norman Rockwell picture.  Her daddy’s old faded green and yellow...Read On


Missing The Signals

As a young woman lusts for someone, that someone points her in the missed direction.

I licked my lips and calmly closed the gap between me and the door. I didn't say a word, but breathed as heavily as I could. As I got to the door, I heard some slight moaning. "Oh, yes," she moaned. I giggled and had to let my hand into my shorts immediately. "Yes, Leslie, are you having some private time? Do you mind if your horny step-sister watches?" I whispered, cracking the door open...Read On


Teenage Masturbation...Pt 6

Tricia was waiting for me at the pond

My mind was racing, my cock was throbbing, and I did the only thing that I thought was natural. I placed my hands on Tricia’s ass and pulled her up to me as we kissed as if the world was about to end. When we came up for air, she winked at me and told me that she knew about the movie…damn it, Bren! She then told me about each event of the summer. I was lost for words; here I thought all...Read On


Snow Angels

A friend invited me over for some fun

When Shelly suggested baking gingerbread cookies and making snow angels, it sounded so wholesome. I'd bring the weed -- because I always brought the weed -- and we knew we'd laugh our asses off, having a good time in the fresh snow. I hung up with her and gathered my things, excited to spend a day playing in the snow on top of studying for tomorrow's exam. I was grateful Shelly and I were...Read On

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