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Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


Cocklust Ch. 18

Series: Cocklust

Scott and Chad figure out their next steps.

We ended up spending the night at the twins’ place.  Their bed wasn’t meant for four people— at least not for actual sleeping— but we made it work.  We basically got really friendly: whenever one of us moved, the rest of us would feel it. When I woke up the next morning, I found our blanket had fallen to the floor, and a bunch of our limbs were draped over the others.  I was basically lying...Read On


Zak and Lanny The Intern Part 1

Zak offers Lanny mentorship off the job.

I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang. I recognized the number as my boss. I picked up. "Hello Zak, I need to see you in my office." "Okay. I will be there in a few minutes." "Zak, as you know, the paper is expanding into a new market to focus more on the younger readers. We have decided to hire an intern. I decided you could be a mentor to teach the person." "I don't know, boss, if...Read On


Washington Park

Timothy becomes addicted to toilet sex at the age of sixteen...

When Timothy’s family moved to an older suburb, he had no idea of the delights that lay ahead for him. When Timothy commenced scouting his new environs, these pleasures began to reveal themselves. About a mile from the house that his parents bought, ideally suited to his mother’s burgeoning pottery captivation, there was a large park, which would transform Timothy’s life. His...Read On

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Cocklust Ch. 16

Series: Cocklust

Scott faces a moment of truth.

I stood motionless in the doorway.  Mrs. Collins stared back at me.  Her eyelashes seemed to flutter, and she made a point of tossing her hair. I tried to gauge how much she’d had to drink.   This can’t be happening , I thought.   She’s Chad’s mom.  She can’t seriously be coming on to me.  Can she? “You work out, don’t you?” she asked. I cinched up my bathrobe.  I had to force myself not...Read On


The Social Club - 2

Bob introduces me to Tony and I get a job at the Social Club.

Bob came to my house on Monday afternoon.  I invited him in, and we sat on the couch in the living room. “I called Tony this morning.  He said he wouldn’t be able to see you until tomorrow afternoon.  As I said, the club isn’t open on Sunday and Monday.  However, Tony said he was looking forward to meeting you,” Bob said. “Thanks for setting this up for me.  If I get a job at the Social...Read On


The Pornographer

Covid inspires me to become a pornographer…

My early retirement could not have happened at a more opportune time in my life. Having bought a home in a remote village, I was delighted that my life would give me the absolute solitude I had always desired. I had never been comfortable in the company of people, and from childhood, had always found my own company preferable. Much as my phlegmatic aloofness perplexed my parents,...Read On


The Soldier and The Cleaner Ch 3

Does he know? How would he know?

The image of Thomas leaning back against his car that Thursday evening as I walked out of the training facility and over to his car took my breath away. This soft, gentle giant of a man leaning back with his arms crossed and feet crossed at the ankles. My God, he’s gorgeous. Why does he have this effect on me? I thought to myself. “When you told me you were a soccer player, you didn’t tell...Read On

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Cocklust Ch. 15

Series: Cocklust

Scott meets Chad’s dysfunctional family.

When finals week rolled around, everything around us ground to a halt.  There were no parties on the Row, no meetings for any student groups, and of course, no regular classes.  But at that point, finals were the least of my concerns.  All I could think of was the winter break to come. I kept pulling up my e-mail, where Chad had sent our flight confirmation.  It felt so official to see our...Read On


The Laundromat

George learns about Alex’s compulsion and his feminine side.

The cop blocked George from entering the laundromat while Alex sucked on her partner’s dick. George had rushed there when he got Alex’s late-night call, but it appeared that Alex had already found a solution. Alex glanced over at George and shrugged as he finished off the overweight donut-muncher-in-denial. George, frustrated that he couldn’t put a stop to this, knew he could take either cop...Read On


The Soldier and The Cleaner Ch 2

It had only been four days since Thomas took my virginity. Now I may have fucked it all up.

Since the beginning of the season, we'd been struggling to get our game down. The majority of our team was made up of freshmen and sophomores. Then there was me and three other juniors with only one senior, the goalie. Tonight's match was tight, and it was still scoreless with time running out. The last thing we wanted was to go into extra time or have to decide the game with goal kicks....Read On

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A horny theater geek does things he never expected.

I guess I was pretty clueless when I went to work at Thaxter’s. I knew it was a gay bar and all, but I assumed today’s gay bars weren’t that different from straight ones. I definitely didn’t expect getting hung from the fly loft like a random piece of meat. But apparently there’s a first time for everything. I should probably back up and say I was always a theater geek. You know the type:...Read On


The Soldier And The Cleaner

Breezing through life without a worry in the world and this happens...

So far, I've gone through life without a care in the world. At least that's how it's been for the first 20yrs of my life. For me, shit that others have to stress themselves over, I've blown right past with ease. It's just the way it is, the way it's always been. I'm a privileged young man with well-to-do parents, and life can be pretty sweet. But just like everything else in life, it...Read On


Enticed Pt. 14 - Frosted Chocolate

Alpha discovers a new flavor.

It took several months, but eventually, I had an audience member who was both gay and black. I’d had an idea floating around since my first flirtation with bondage and leather.   I had noticed Ezekiel at a couple of shows, the first being early December. It was easy to notice one black man in a room full of white men. He also made it to the Christmas and New Year's shows. It was after the...Read On


Taking the Married Guy's Anal Virginity

My older, married, fuck buddy was so horny he invited me to fuck him for the first time.

The Married Guy is an old fuck buddy of mine.  For those who haven't read about our previous shenanigans, nearly two years ago, the Married Guy hit on me at the pool.  He liked my AussieBum speedos.  One thing lead to another and for twelve months we fucked regularly, usually after our swim in the change rooms or back at my place. We couldn't go back to the Married Guy's place because,...Read On


Growing Up Ch 2

Series: Growing Up

Introducing Janie...

Driving into the city on a Sunday was not something normal for me. I say the city, and you think of New York City or Los Angeles, but growing up on a farm where the nearest town has a population of 350 people, then go to a place where 150 thousand people live automatically classifies that place as a city. My girlfriend had just gotten her apartment. Janie had moved out of her mother's house...Read On


The Social Club

I needed a job so I asked my best friend. He told me about the Social Club.

I walked over to my friend Bob’s house on Sunday evening, then knocked on the door.  Bob opened it and invited me in. “Hey, Gary, how’s it going?  Did you find a job yet?” Bob said. “No, not yet.  There’s not much around here,” I said. Bob and I had graduated from high school about a month ago.  It was July and hot as hell outside.  Since we turned eighteen, we’d been looking for work....Read On


A Life Imagined Ch 2

Series: A Life Imagined

How it all changed...

To say that I didn’t develop a sexual curiosity growing up would be the same as me saying, water is wet… I spent all of my early teen years and well into my high school years doing everything that I possibly could to be a man. Be man-like. I concentrated on hiding my physique from the world. Even though the incident with the eighth-grade bully pretty much introduced my feminine features to...Read On


Cocklust Ch. 14

Series: Cocklust

Scott hears an unsettling rumor.

That week, we put our other sex toys to good use.  Chad was partial to the anal wand; he made me fuck him with it a half-dozen times, in a half-dozen different ways.  Personally, I was more into masturbators myself, especially when used in conjunction with a cock ring. We both liked the dildos, which were still getting plenty of action.  We especially liked to do what we called an instant...Read On


University Encounter

At university, boys discover new sexual pleasures together.

When I went to university many years ago now I was a virgin and I’d never even had a girlfriend. I arrived at university with high hopes of getting a girl straight away. Those hopes faded in my first few weeks as I had no success with girls. My frustration was compounded by being surrounded by innumerable young micro skirted girls. It was made even worse because in my last year at school, as...Read On



Curtly and his friend give a night to remember…

I worked as a waiter at a very swanky hotel. It was the in spot for all the top functions in the region. On an evening, when we were hosting an NBA gathering at the hotel, I met a sports reporter, named Curtly Harris. Strangely, although Curtly was six-foot-plenty-tall, he did not play in the NBA. Curtly did, nevertheless have many friends who were players. The reason for our...Read On


Coming Out In Fantasy

David pushes himself to acknowledge his desires and gets more than he was expecting.

David ran to catch the door that was being held open for him by a good-looking man who looked to be in his mid-thirties.  “Thanks, bro,” he said with a smile as he stepped through the door and out of the rain. As he brushed the raindrops off of his sport jacket, he tuned into the heavy bass beat coming from the club.  He could feel the vibrations and smiled to himself; he’d finally grown a...Read On

Recommended Read

Cocklust Ch. 13

Series: Cocklust

Scott reveals his big secret.

I didn’t want to come out right then, and I didn’t like the way Amy was forcing my hand.  But I also knew that if she hadn’t picked up my phone, then someone else could’ve seen it—most notably my mom—which would’ve been even worse. Only one thing was clear.  Between my family and the Kap Eps, I just couldn’t avoid the truth anymore.  The real question was how to go about it. I stayed up...Read On


A Life Imagined

Series: A Life Imagined

A Coming Of Age Fable...

I fucking hate wearing compression shirts... Fucking things that I’ve always had to wear since I was fourteen. A byproduct created and then left behind in the aftermath of mother nature playing its cruelest joke on a pubescent boy. Let me explain... Instead of flooding my tiny body with testosterone to help my male body develop, my body was taken over by estrogen, making me a brutal victim...Read On


A New Adventure - Part 1

Jol realizes he wants Kalum, his monster hunting partner, while collecting a bounty.

I decided I wanted Kalum, the whole infuriating, powerful bulk of him, while we were collecting our third bounty.  Our assignment had been to put down a howle, a hideous, oversized bipedal bat creature that had been haunting a village out in the western Indalese wilds called Undarth. So far it had only taken livestock, but the villagers reported it was a brazen creature and they feared it...Read On


The Gay Casting Couch

Poor young man finds out he is gay while solving money issues

I am John Henley and a sophomore in college and have been struggling to come up with money to pay tuition and fees. I have no income and no one to help me with my financial crisis. I grew up in abject poverty on a small farm in the Midwest. My parents tried hard to make a living on the farm, but with little success. Near the end of my senior year in High School, both of my parents...Read On


Cats and Dogs

A couple discuss a new outfit idea for Pride London.

“Ta-da!" Matthew said as he walked into the room. Mark laughed before asking, “What the fuck do you look like?” Matthew reached behind and grabbed his tail and started to swing it as he paraded in front of his husband. “So, your orange dog suit from Pride London in 2019 got me thinking. All through the twentieth century the freedom to express ourselves as equal human beings was repressed....Read On


Cocklust Ch. 12

Series: Cocklust

Scott’s Thanksgiving does not go as planned.

By that point, my relationship with Chad seemed to have taken over my life.  I spent practically all my time thinking about him, or sneaking around with him, or worrying what might come between us, or some combination of all three. My sex dreams had taken on a whole new dimension.  I still fantasized about Chad, yet my fetish for group sex was still alive and well.  I kept picturing...Read On

Recommended Read

Playing With Guys (Part 3)

Michael speaks... He'd been gone a long time.  Sigh.  I'd worn a path in the carpet, pacing and running to the window every five minutes looking for his truck. Did I make a mistake? Maybe it was too soon for him to come out to his parents. We started dating after that first night in my apartment four months ago. Now, Nate had just graduated high school and was headed to the local college...Read On


A Friend In Need

Scott was constantly bullied in school by his classmate, that is until he made a friend in Robbie.

My story started during my middle school years. I was always shy, so instead of socializing with classmates, I concentrated on my classwork. By being antisocial, it made the others think I was too good for them. It caused a lot of teasing for me. My classmates would call me names, tease me, and even hit me. I knew I couldn't complain or tell our administration because it would only make...Read On


Enticed Pt. 13 - Holiday Gaiety

It's better to give

A couple weeks after I’d learned of the heartbreaking story of my private client Johnny committing suicide out of despair over his AIDS diagnosis, I decided to do a show just for him. Johnny had requested a private audience with me wearing normal street clothes -- jeans and a button-down. He wanted a regular, normal “date” that ended in a mutual masturbation session -- no touching, just...Read On

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