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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Plans Change Ch01

A love story between a son and mother.

I once heard, "If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans," and found out how true that was. You see, my name is Chris, and this is my tale of how that happened to me. It all began back when I was naïve and young. Right out of high school at the ripe old age of eighteen, I married my high school sweetheart, Jessica. We were on top of the world, and Jessica was the love of...Read On


Family Date Night 2

Things heat up for the Family Date Night...

When their children went upstairs, Steve and Cindy went to their bedroom and stripped each other.  They began kissing while running their hands over one another’s naked bodies.  Then, dropping to her knees, Cindy took her husband’s cock into her mouth.  She cast her eyes up at his as she began bobbing her head.  Steve tangled his fingers in his wife’s hair, guiding her sucking mouth on his...Read On


Amy, Prom, and the End of Life as We Know It

Amy’s carefully planned campaign to go to prom and give her virginity doesn’t go as anticipated

Okay, so you want to hear about my strange prom and the decision I made to give my prom date my virginity.  The first thing you should know is that I had been planning the event for years, long before I really knew what prom was supposed to be like.  By the time I was old enough to go to prom I was more than ready to give a guy my cherry.    So, I had everything all planned in my...Read On


Home Schooled-Night school

He can't turn away

"Don't!" my husband said in a stage whisper.  "You can't go in there like that!" "Shush!" I whispered back.  "I checked him an hour ago and gave him his meds.  He's out cold." Our college-aged son Jason, was sick with a bad cold.  I just needed to check on him before hubby and I could relax for the night.  Earlier I had been fully dressed when my son was awake.  Now I was wearing only a...Read On


Standalone 2 of 2: More Than Masturbating With My Brother

After having sexual contact with my brother on holiday, our fun continued at home

While on holiday with our parents, I needed to masturbate badly, but there was no privacy. I ended up asking my little brother if I could do it while he was in the room. This had evolved into other sexual contact up to and including oral – but not penetration. Once we were home, I expected us to put this strange period behind us and go back to being like any other sister and brother. Yet...Read On


Family Date Night

The Porters don't let COVAD interrupt their date night, they invite their children.

The Porters were a typical upper-middle-class family.  Steve Porter was a successful attorney and a partner in his father’s firm.  Steve’s wife, Cindy, worked as a receptionist in the same office.  The two met at a party while Cindy was in high school, and Steve was in his first year of college.  She was smitten with the tall, handsome man, and soon they were dating. It wasn’t long after...Read On


The Perfect Woman

Not your everyday biography...

I’ll start with some statistics: I’m eighteen years older than Randy; stand five foot four; weigh one hundred eighty pounds, and I have a 44EE rack. Yes, I’m considered a BBW, but my man loves my hefty thighs and my large nipples which are almost permanently hard. Randy loves sucking and teasing my extremely sensitive nubs and I don’t mind that at all because I get really worked up and I’ve...Read On


The Fake Daughter - Part Two

Belle shows her true colors.

‘Going to my mother's, Belle is home, she is sick,’ Natalie texted. ‘Just fuck off,’ Greg thought. He drove home and saw the gift Belle left him. It was a watch. He took it out and turned it over and read the inscription. “To my only dad, I love you.” He smiled and walked up to her room. “Make love to me Greg, before we go to dinner,” Belle greeted him, lying naked on her bed, her...Read On


Rite of Passage - A Magical Switch

Separate freak accidents change the lives of two people.

This is the story of two different people. Bill was a man in his early twenties; Tracy was a girl about to turn eighteen. Although they lived in the same county, they had never met. Both of them were unhappy with their lives, wishing things could somehow be different. They longed for something to let them escape their current situations. Bill plodded through his daily routine. Get up, go...Read On


One Bedroom, One Shower

Bridgette and her dad move into a one bedroom apartment after his divorce.

Bridgette held me tight as she sobbed. Her mother had left a few hours before, a final birthday present for our daughter as she turned sixteen.  I couldn’t say I was sad to see her go, but I was sad for Bridgette. As I held her, I stroked her dark, brunette hair and made gentle shushing noises, rocking her as I had so many times as she grew up.  After a long few minutes, she pulled away and...Read On


The Fake Daughter

Greg Stays for his daughter, even after finding out she isn't his.

Gregory White looked at the images, it was an unmistakable confirmation. His laptop had died, and he borrowed his wife’s. He snooped and found all the evidence in her sync folder, uploaded from her phone. She was cheating on him. Logan was two years older than them and had been at school with them. Natalie had gotten pregnant as a teen, days after Greg lost his virginity to her. He was...Read On


My Aunt And I

Series: Bathing Mom and My Aunt

This is about how my aunt taught me about sex with an older woman.

After walking in on my mother taking a bubble bath and seeing her sexy tits and nipples with bubbles on them, I began to see my mother in a different light.  I always thought that she was hot but, she was my mom and if anything, I saw her in her bra and panties until now. It was not long after seeing her in the tub, my Aunt Julie came to live with us, and she moved into my room.  I began...Read On


The Deal - Part Five

Series: Just One Night

Matthew needs to talk with Kyle about something important.

The hot sun shines in through the window and warms up the room. Weather where a cold drink is best. "So... you're telling me you fucked your own mother? You really expect me to believe that!" Kyle chuckles at Matt after he reveals what he's done. "All I'm saying is true," Matt replies calmly. "Look I know you might probably feel a certain way about me and the guys having a bit too much...Read On


Looking at College

Toby and I go to look at UCLA, but the story happens at the hotel

I woke up horny, which wasn’t all that uncommon. I reached for my vibrator and realized I was in a hotel room, not my bedroom. OK, I was almost really awake. I was in a queen-sized bed and the time was close to 6:30 am. Toby, my son, was asleep in the other queen bed. He was snoring very gently. I threw the covers aside and quietly pulled up my negligee. I was naked beneath it. My hand...Read On


Movie Night At A Friend's House

Watching porn with friends ends up with group sex...

I came home from work one afternoon only to find my sexy wife drying herself off after a warm bath.  She also said that she just finished shaving her legs and from what I could see, she had also shaved her pussy nice and smooth.  She then told me to shower as we were going to be going over to Mary and John’s house for the evening.  I asked her if it was for a relaxing time or did she plan...Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH06

Series: Getting Mom Interested

A Son and his girlfriend expand their horizons by figuring out how to get his father involved.

Mom said nothing when I asked, "So you think maybe someday Dad might want to see me fucking you also?" But I could tell she was mulling it over, and after a few moments, she finally said, "He just might, Tommy. He just might." We left the living room and took showers to wash the sweat from our bodies. Afterward, as I dried myself off in my room, Mom came in and said, "Tonight, you're...Read On


Home Schooled

My son keeps watching us

My husband and I have a very active sex life.  I'm blessed to be able to say that.  Even in our late forties, all it takes is a look, a touch, a brush against each other in the hall and we are at it like rabbits.  Our oldest is off at college and she doesn't come home too often.  Our son is a freshman at the local community college and still lives at home with us.  He was always a bit of a...Read On


Father Of The Bride

A daughter on her wedding day reasures her father that he is still her man.

Father of the Bride 1: Their last night of bless There was a knock on the door. John jumped to his feet, hoping and praying that it would somehow be her. He dare not hope for something that could never be. She was gone.  She couldn't get him out of her mind. The last time she saw him and the way he made her feel when he touched her. The last time they kissed, he undressed her, laid her down...Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH05

Series: Getting Mom Interested

A son and his girlfriend expand their horizons by figuring out how to get his father involved.

A week has passed since my little vixen, Becky, had me thinking about her fucking my Dad while Mom and I watched. While my Dad also had an out-of-town trip planned, and it was fast approaching. Still, I wasn't sure how we would pull this off since I wasn't sure how Mom would react to the idea of her husband fucking another woman. However, I also didn't see why she would be too upset with...Read On


Daddy's girl

Giving back a gift, taking all the pleasure.

He was sitting down on the edge of the bed. His face serious and his frown worried me.    “Are you sure about this?”   I hugged myself, the feeling of being vulnerable itching inside me.    “Yes... I want this.”   He sighed and then looked me over again. I squirmed a bit, avoiding his gaze. Even while wearing my favorite dress, I could see he was imagining what was under it. It seemed it...Read On


The Fishing Club - Chapter 3

Series: The Fishing Club

The girls join the fishing club.

During the next two weeks, I worked during the day and then saw Amy in the evening.  Most nights, Jill came with me.  We would go out to eat, return to Hank and Amy’s house, and hang around. Amy and I spent a couple of hours in her bed every time I visited.  Our lovemaking was athletic some nights and soft and slow on other nights. Amy and I walked into her bedroom on Wednesday, a day...Read On


A Mysterious Date

A separated mother's new hobby leads her to a life-changing night.

Christine was a thirty-eight-year-old mother going through a rough patch in her life. Over the past few months, she had separated from her husband and seen her son leave out of state for college. She was alone and didn’t know what was next for her. One side of her missed the life she used to have and the other side was excited at the possibilities of a fresh start. Her life as a married...Read On


The Second Friday As A Threesome

Sally spends another Friday night with Gina and Ryan and all three get sore arses.

Gina Meadows arrived home from work on Friday, "What time will Sally be here?" asked her son Ryan. "Fucking hell, you are eager aren't you?" laughed Gina. "Just asking but yeah, it was fun last week," replied Ryan. "She should be here in about an hour and, oh, she wants to cane you," said Gina. Seventeen-year-old Ryan seems to have been more or less permanently aroused since his mother...Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH04

Series: Getting Mom Interested

Son catches Mom watching him and his girlfriend and wants more.

My God, did I just really call out my Aunt's name . I pondered as I spied how both of them were staring at me now. Honestly, I can't even tell you why I thought of her since it's been years since I've seen her and my Uncle. But now I realized there was no way I could find a way out of this when I heard Becky asked, "Who the hell is that?" "She's my dad's sister." There was silence in the...Read On


Lisa's Seduction

Lisa is drawn into our sex games.

“Ummm, I love your tits." I couldn't believe I was sat in my work colleague Joe's lounge naked with him and his teenage daughter Sara whilst on the TV screen my own stepdaughter Lisa was having her breasts sucked by Sara. She had always seemed so innocent, but she was clearly enjoying Sara’s attention. Sara told us that Lisa hadn’t been as much of a challenge as you might of thought. It...Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH03

Series: Getting Mom Interested

Son catches Mom watching him and his girlfriend and wants more.

I can't believe how much my life has changed in such a short time. And all this has happened because my girlfriend and I decided to watch some porn. But, getting fucked by three women has a downside. I've fucked so much lately my balls ache, but how can I stop? Cathy, Becky's Mom, sucks cock like a pro, and I'm dying for the day I finally get a chance to take that sweet ass of hers. My Mom,...Read On


The Following Week

Sally spends more time with Gina and Ryan.

Sally Lawrence, aged in her mid fifties, had had a wonderful Friday night and most of Saturday. Since the Friday evening, she had rekindled and possibly ignited her lesbian affair with old school friend Gina Meadows, been fucked by Gina's seventeen-year-old son Ryan, and received six strokes of the cane across her large arse. She was now back at home on Saturday evening and looking at her...Read On


A Mother's Curiosity

A sexually frustrated and curious mother looks to her son for answers.

The Caraballo family consisted of Wayne, Lillian, and their son James. They lived in a ranch in the Midwestern part of the United States, away from the chaos and judgments of modern society. If you saw where and how they lived, you would think they were living in the 1970s. Lillian, 34, grew up poor and met Wayne when she left home at eighteen looking for work. She found stability with him...Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH02

Series: Getting Mom Interested

Son catches Mom watching him and his girlfriend and wants more.

My mind drifted back over all the stuff my girlfriend and I had done over the past weekends, and I found myself almost giddy realizing Friday was fast approaching, and I couldn't wait to see what wonderful sexual things we were going to try next. Only what I wasn't aware of was how everything was about to change when Becky called on Thursday with some terrible news. Her parents had split up....Read On


Getting Mom Interested CH01

Series: Getting Mom Interested

Son catches Mom watching him and his girlfriend and wants more.

It was my freshman year in college when my life changed with my Mother, and I was twenty years old at the time. What I meant by a change is that's when I first discovered I actually craved for my Mother in a sexual way. I know, right. I was amazed at first myself to have these unthinkable ideas swimming around in my brain about my Mother, but in my defense, it was really her fault it happened...Read On

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