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Interracial erotic stories feature sexual relationships between different ethnicities or races.

Although some stories fit the "porn" stereotype of a black male / white female, Interracial sex stories can refer to mixed race sex between any differing races or nationalities whatsoever, whether they be African, Asian, Black, Caucasian, Indian or others.


Neighbor's Anal Training Pays Off

Series: New Neighbors

All the anal training they've done wasn't for nothing.

It had been a couple of weeks since Darryl and I had started to train my ass to be able to take his big black cock, and we had made great progress. By now I wore thick-based plugs almost 24/7, keeping my hole open and stretched as much as possible. I was able to take quite large toys in my ass with barely any preparations, just some lube, and my ass took them eagerly. Darryl loved my...Read On


Future wife’s first interracial

My young future wife gets barebacked by a brown cock

I’d like to share my true interracial experience, which didn’t affect me directly but my wife when she was a student around twenty-five years ago in the mid-90s, two years before we met. While she was twenty and studying at university, she spent a year working at a placement with a large multi-national company near London.  She hadn’t been there long when she was invited to a Halloween...Read On


Housewives of Valley County Ch. 04b

The story continues...

“Mrs. Wells.” Patricia, naked, and in a somewhat of a hurry, gave chancellor’s Glover’s secretary a pleasant nod on her way past. “Professor Walsh.” Louise returned the courteous gesture. Again, when she noticed all that delicious cum on the professor’s face, she felt her bare nipples aching to be touched. For a quick moment, Louise closed her eyes and imagined the sensual feeling of...Read On


After the Work out

This and after working out and meeting another woman.

This story takes place after a workout at the local health club.  I enjoy swimming and then quick stop at the whirlpool after swimming.  Kay enjoys walking on the track and using some of the machines and then joins me in the whirlpool.  This afternoon when we got into the whirlpool there were three other people already in the whirlpool, two men and an extremely hot looking woman with...Read On


My Perfect Life Part Five

Amy and Phillip get closer, Kevin urges them on.

I couldn't eat at the restaurant, suddenly my appetite had vanished. I didn't want food in my mouth, I wanted Phillip's monster cock! I ordered a chicken salad but only pecked at it. My mind was preoccupied with illicit thoughts about this incredible black man sitting next to me. The angel on my right shoulder kept telling me to eat and forget what was happening between us but, the devil on...Read On


Housewives of Valley County - Ch. 04a

The story continues...

Across town, a mile away from where she had dropped off her daughter and her boyfriend, Amarika pulled into Valley County College. On the campus, since it was Jabari day, the black students and faculty, similarly as Amarika were all displaying their proud heritage by dressing in African-styled garbs. The other students and faculty were, of course, showing their appreciation and admiration...Read On


Darryl comes knocking at my back door

Series: New Neighbors

There's one hole my black neighbor hasn't fucked - yet

In the last week, Darryl and I had fucked almost every day, and every time felt like the best sex I had ever had. Even though we mostly met up to fuck, we had also spent a lot of time talking afterward; we got along really well. Even though my pussy was sore all the time from being stretched and pounded by his massive black cock, I could never say no when he called or texted me. I needed...Read On


Second Meeting With My Neighbor

Series: New Neighbors

After fucking my neighbor for the first time, we couldn't stay away from each other

It had been two days since my neighbor Darryl and I had sex for the first time. I had given him my number before he had left my apartment. I was relaxing on my couch after a busy day at work, watching Netflix when my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t have saved on my phone, and even though I usually don’t answer unknown numbers, something made me do it this time. “This is Lisa,” I said....Read On


Meeting Lucy

She might be what I need...

My name is Mike.  I’m forty-eight, divorced, and work troubleshooting for supply chains in international businesses.  I usually get called in before a company goes broke, or get court-ordered after a company files for bankruptcy.  Some judges that deal with this kind of thing have heard me talking about losses off trucks and trucks going out at full capacity and being a waste of logistics. ...Read On


New Neighbors

Series: New Neighbors

Getting to know your new neighbors can be a lot of fun...

I had gotten so lucky. I had landed my dream job in an amazing city. I had gotten a beautiful apartment and the money I was bringing home every month was more than I had ever made before in my previous jobs. The only thing missing was a partner, but I wasn't too worried about that, things were going so well that I was sure I'd find someone soon. The building I lived in was really nice. New,...Read On


My Perfect Life Part Four

Phillip takes Amy to a new high

I showered and dressed before I went downstairs. I wore a short, blue jean skirt, pink cotton vest with a sexy white thong. Kevin asked me not to wear a bra, I didn't need much persuasion. I was conscious of my nipples already pushing the thin fabric of my vest out as I walked to the kitchen. My husband was chatting with our guest at the dining table. "Wow, don't you look sexy this...Read On


416 - Part 9

Series: 416

A private island becomes a sexual haven. Or is that heaven?

Diana and I woke to the sound of birds chirping outside our window. I got out of bed and opened the shutters to discover what seemed to be the whole avian population of the Bahamas chowing down on the mangoes hanging from a tree next to our window. I stretched and stood gazing at a sea that seemed to stretch out to infinity before my eyes. A smile came across my face as I thought back...Read On


Wendy's POV: How it All Started

An insight into how Wendy first met Darrell.

I am not a bad person, but I can’t help wanting what I want. I first saw Darrell when our school was facing our arch-rivals from St. Paul’s High School. I never saw him before that Friday night. When he was on the basketball court, it was so surreal. He was in control the entire time and seeing him lead our team and the fans cheer for him really caught my attention. I’m not really into...Read On


My Boyfriend's Birthday

I wanted to get him something special this year

Hi everyone, it's Kathy again. It was my boyfriend Dave's birthday in two weeks and I still couldn’t think of the perfect gift to get him! It was driving me crazy! I happen to mention that to one of his good friends Kevin and he told me something Dave had said a while back. He told me it was kind of a secret so he wouldn’t tell me until I practically beat it out of him! He told me Dave...Read On


My Perfect Life Part Three

The devil is winning as Amy goes further.

"One more minute?" he pleaded. "One more minute!" I replied. He lay on his back and said, "You can have this last minute to do anything that you'd like to me." This is where my "Perfect life" took another turn. I pushed him onto his back and kneeled next to him. I returned the kiss that he had just given me. I loved tasting his saliva; I loved licking his tongue. His hand was on my cheek...Read On

Recommended Read

The First Rule Of A Fight Club Watch Party

If this is your first time watching Fight Club, you HAVE to fuck.

“We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world,” I said, grinning knowingly. “We are?” The wrinkles of confusion above Danny’s elegant nose, marring his usually confident face, instantly took the wind from my sails. “You know – Fight Club .” “Oh, the movie, right? Never seen it.” He ran his hand over his close-cropped hair, a habit of his that never failed to draw my attention to...Read On


The Fucking You Got Is the Fucking you Get

It is always better to think with the head on your shoulders and not the one between your legs.

Ariel had a reputation around high school.  Actually, more than one reputation.  Outwardly, she was the girl next door.  Prim, proper, always respectful.  The perfect young woman.  Tall, leggy, curvy with long auburn tresses that she often wore up in a loose bun and dark brown eyes that would melt your soul and whet your desire. An ideal specimen of femininity in a post-feminine world....Read On


Older, But Different Black Man Meat

A mom gives her daughter some adult advice and the young woman takes it.

"Mom, that fucker threw in the towel," I whined, coming into the living room. "What happened?" she asked as I sat down with her. "Fred broke up with you?" "Yes, as soon as Miranda came back into his life, I could just tell he was gonna go back after her," I cried, hiding my face in my hands for a moment. "I'm sorry, hun," my mom consoled me, hugging me. "That's too bad, Miranda might be...Read On


Amala And Patrick - Hotel Weekend

Amala and Patrick have a hotel weekend of sex and spanking

Having been thrown together again by chance after fifteen years, Amala Gupta and Patrick Lawton fully intended to stay in touch and to meet if and when possible. Their homes and jobs were about eighty miles apart and they were both very busy workwise, but they were sure that they would be able to get together again at some point.   Over the days that followed their time together, they...Read On


Series: The Garden Series

Working in the garden becomes even more rewarding.

I'm an avid vegetable gardener, spending all the warm months outdoors in the garden or the greenhouse.  Owning a corner lot in the neighborhood left me with a tiny backyard but a large side yard.  With this odd configuration, my garden and greenhouse were visible to every passerby.  The picket fence surrounding my yard kept others at bay as I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude of my garden time....Read On


Amala And Patrick - Fifteen Years Later

After fifteen years of not seeing each other Amala and Patrick meet again

The fallout from the discovery of the blossoming affair between then forty-seven-year-old Amala Gupta and her son's seventeen-year-old friend Patrick Lawton was far-reaching. Firstly Patrick was devastated at the enforced break up and his feelings lasted throughout the school summer holiday and into his important final year at school, affecting his schoolwork. It also cost him his...Read On


My Perfect Life Part Two

Phillip continues to woo me!

Sex that night with my husband was powerful, again, I didn't want foreplay, I needed a hard stiff cock inside me. My husband asked if Phillip had kissed me at the door? I confirmed that he had indeed kissed me a dozen times. "I told you, you'd like him," Kevin joked, "I noticed that he was holding your ass earlier." I apologized for that but, Kevin told me, "Amy, I don't care if he...Read On


Amala And Patrick -Their Luck Runs Out

Amala and Patrick have beautiful sex but on the return to town things fall apart

Amala had not seen her seventeen-year-old lover, Patrick, for a couple of days but she was longing to once again have his penis inserted in her, something that Patrick was also longing to happen. She phoned his mobile. "Do you fancy another trip out into the country?" Amala asked. Their previous trip out into the country had involved a fuck in a clearing in the woods so not...Read On


Amala And Patrick Find A Way

Despite the obstacles Amala and Patrick get together some more

Patrick Lawton was downcast because there seemed to be nothing but obstacles between him and being with the woman that he loved, Amala Gupta. The main obstacle was that forty-seven-year-old Amala was the mother of seventeen-year-old Patrick's best friend but as Sunil had been away from home for a few days the age-difference lovers had had some time together. Patrick had only very recently...Read On


Sally And The Rastafarian

Series: Sally's Sex History

Sally takes a Jamaican lover

Sally, now several weeks into therapy, was discussing her sexual history with Dr. Albers. Her early and subsequent actions followed a pattern of rebellion, self abasement, exhibitionism and carelessness. Seeing a possible catalyst in her family dynamics they began there. Her parents, a lawyer and a high school teacher, were loving and nurturing parents yet she found her upbringing...Read On


Three-Course Feast

My part-time girl and I go exotic

The conversation with Sadie was more straightforward than I had imagined. We had met three times after finding each other on an adult dating site and had come to like each other in more ways than one. Finding chances to meet was not easy, because although we both lived in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, I spent a lot of time on business in the neighbouring island, Tobago. For her part, Sadie...Read On


Continuing With Her Son's Best Friend

Amala and Patrick continue their relationship but with mounting external difficulties

Patrick Lawton was both elated and deflated when he returned home after his night with forty-seven-year-old Amala Gupta. The elation was because he had lost his virginity and he was 'in love' but the deflation was because he now wanted to be with Amala all of the time. Amala too was feeling mixed emotions because she had really enjoyed having sex with the handsome seventeen-year-old...Read On


Muslim Wife Exposed To The Perils Of Corporate Life - P1

Muslim girl exposed to the harsh choices to survive in the corporate world.

To begin with, Naima is twenty-five years old and got married to her husband Adeeb about two months ago. Recently, Naima returned back from the UK to India after completing her Master's and was eagerly searching for jobs. Since getting hitched, she hasn't been able to spend much time with her husband (Adeeb), as he left for Canada two days after the wedding and wouldn't be back for the...Read On


May Came Late That Year

My first Chinese woman, her first Englishman

One of the recurring pleasures in my life is finding dormant women, by which I mean those who are attractive enough and may have had a bit of sexual action in the past but have allowed it to slip into the background. They are the mother or grandmother, the teacher, the librarian, the bus driver, the university lecturer. They are defined by their occupation, and the fact that they are...Read On


The Nigerian Tease - Night Two

Chika and Charles have a second night of hotel room sex.

As her involvement in the conference did not start until mid-morning, Chika Etomi had a nice long soak in her hotel room bath as she thought about her presentation to the delegates. But she also thought beyond that to what promised to be another good fucking by Charles Butler. Sixty-four-year-old Charles had the much younger Chika on his mind but he also had to take seriously the first part...Read On

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