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Monster Sex

This is a relatively new but very popular niche in the world of adult literature. This category deals with erotic fiction featuring sexual encounters between humans and 'monsters'. From the traditionally Japanese sub-genre fetish of tentacle sex, to more contemporary styles involving dinosaurs, mermen, Bigfoot, werewolves, and so on, let your imagination fly and share your weirdest most quirky monster stories.


Chapter 9: Symbiosis

Series: Tentacled Mirror

Jessica is visited and learns a horrifying truth.

Jessica My alarm woke me up from a deep and peaceful sleep.  Interrupting my dream about swimming through clouds that were water.  I turned off my alarm and saw that my husband was not in bed.  He must have woken up early and couldn't fall back asleep.  On days like that he would just get into work early. I get out of bed and stretch my back and arms by reaching to the sky and curving...Read On



Hormones can be killer

"Gee, you sure picked an awfully spooky night to explore the woods, Philip," Dolly said sounding a bit like Daphne from Scooby-doo, as she looked around nervously. She hadn't been dating Philip long, just a couple of months. He was one of those typical jock types, the kind she usually loathed but something about him seemed different. "It'll be fun," Philip said squeezing her hand tightly as...Read On

Recommended Read

Alien Desire

Loyal crew members turn into sexual monsters on a Saturn moon mission

TITAN MOON ADVANCE COLONY MISSION REPORT On May 24, 2074, all communication from the Titan Moon Advance Colony team ceased. The following are excerpts from crew journals, mission logs, audio and video transcripts.  Analysts estimate the probability of the crew still being alive at less than 25%.  The cause of the crew’s decline is unknown. An expedited rescue mission has been scheduled.  ...Read On


Chapter 8: Wicklerian-Eisnerian

Series: Tentacled Mirror

Ashley's Master gives her an important task, to find another.

Ashley The light shining in from my window finally pulled me from my slumber as I groggily rolled over to avoid the harsh light.  I glanced at my clock through barely open eyes and saw that it was already 8:23 am.  I was so late for work it wasn't even funny, but for some reason, I wasn't too concerned.  I reached for where my phone should be charging on my nightstand but it was not there. ...Read On


It Lurks in the Cinema

Series: Midnight Screaming

The first entry in the Midnight Screaming trilogy.

1.   The news spread across Blaenau that It Lurks in the Cinema was finally being shown at the Holo-Plex Cinema. Parent groups demanded it be banned for its excessive gore and sexuality. People online said it was an extremely good homage to eighties horror. The eighteen-year-old Tyra Bird was dying to watch it. Tyra was five feet tall, had cobalt eyes, shoulder-length caramel hair...Read On


WWT: Zenith 10

“Oh Rachel, how do we tell you?" The dark-haired girl glided into the dungeon, suspended aloft by the swelling pink and purple tentacles that spread in and out from her body like wings. The fleshy and phallic appendages had ripped open the door easily enough. Ruby saw with her own eyes the petite blonde chained naked to the floor, the hybrid's mind now controlling the cocks fucking every hole....Read On


WWT: Finding Rachel 9

Ruby awakens, finding a changed country run by the aliens.

My heels tapped under the desk, fidgeting uncomfortably, my pussy squirming with desire as I waited for the creature to begin our morning routine.  God, I’d even stayed awake thinking about it, needing to touch myself just to settle into sleep.  I could barely look at the girl, pale and jittering, like a lost baby-faced lamb as she filled out the forms with trembling hands. The...Read On


WWT: Rachel in Chains 8

Rachel finds herself at the mercy of the real monster.

The tentacle pushed up inside of me, twirling around, bringing me right unto the cusp of climax before bringing me back down, slowing and easing, all so that the pain could start again. The dull throb of denial ached, my clit sore, my cunt battered and pleading for it to stop and then for release, again and again since I’d awakened.  It had been days… Already I hated how much I wanted...Read On


WWT: Rachel and the Defilers 7

The alien agenda explained

Scream. Hate. Cum. We are these entities, slipping, grinding, groveling, each dominated by the other, down and down until the lowest worships at the feet of everything that might be called existence. We drain, suck, and savor, punishing and pushing each other into greatness, into the one. Dagoth the Defiler. Incarnate and eternal.  The strongest perched atop a pyramid extending across...Read On

Recommended Read

The Emu, the Kraken, and the Fool for Love.

The opaque waters were calm, so still that they reflected the Milky Way back upon itself. Millions and millions of stars conspiring to shape the twinkling Emu that sparkled on the surface of this remote desert billabong. The creator spirit soared overhead, her image rendered small enough to catch my downcast eyes. Through the night air, just heard, came the haunting notes of a...Read On


WWT: The Korean Spa

Are the tentacles in the spa even real?

“Are you okay Olivia?” Nicole said. “I told you not to do shrooms before we went.” “I’m fine…” But it came out in a haze. The steam was getting to me, the hot water rising up through every pore, as though the mushrooms were cooking inside of my mind. Beneath the water in the whirlpool, I thought I sensed something. It curled around my leg, jolting me up and away from its hard and glassy...Read On


WWT: The Vineyard

The sphere slid inside of me, gyrating and whirring, pounding against my pussy as Kent spoke, oblivious to what had happened.  “So first there’s a tasting…” I couldn’t concentrate. That purple imitation, just a little larger than a real grape, had traveled down my thumb, following down my skin as though attached magnetically.  It tickled, ridged, yet glass-like, astonishing me with how...Read On


WWT: Nude Beach

“Are you going to ever show us those?” Meredith said, looking down at my breasts.  All of my girlfriends, Meredith, Sarah, and Kinsey were waiting expectantly for me to take off my sundress. They were already naked, laying out towels on the large standing rocks before Lake Travis.   Only Kinsey really knew what I’d gone through. I’ve always had large tits, the kind that seemed perfectly...Read On

Recommended Read

WWT: Chastity

The creature controls her climax.

The thing was inside of her head. And around her legs. It never spoke. The physic commands were nothing like the movies, where an ominous voice whispers suggestively in the back of her head. Images and ideas came through the alien-like unsummoned, unwanted thoughts. It came from the same source as the sudden urge to throw yourself into traffic or onto your best friend’s husband. But it...Read On


The Job - Chp 4: Losing Control

Stan starts to lose control of himself while he takes the most expensive shower of his life!

A scalding rope of cum ejaculated forcefully from Stan’s tool. Stan’s hands convulsed as they grasped the length of his heavy jutting shaft. The growing beast inside him took more hold of him with every shock of pleasure, driving him to higher and higher heights of ecstasy and need. The lust, the desire, flooded his mind. It pushed away all concern for his changing body or how he had come...Read On


Being Bred By Bigfoot

A weekend hiking with friends turns out much different than planned.

Cathy could feel her stress level start to decrease as she drove out of town in her dad’s F150 pickup heading into the mountains.  Her freshman year of college had sucked in about every way possible with the exception of she had passed all of her classes, and gotten the number of credit hours she needed for both semesters. She was heading for a girl's weekend with Sherry and Janice.  They...Read On


Chapter 7:Antumbra

Series: Tentacled Mirror

Jessica's day starts off unusual but continues to become stranger.

Jessica My alarm's piercing mechanical ring pulled me from my sleep with a startle. I sat up in bed, hitting the alarm clock to silence the intruder into my dreams and sleep. I could feel my husband, Thomas, roll slightly muttering 'Jessica' before likely falling right back asleep. I never understood how he could just sleep through my alarms, but he always seemed to manage. I sat for...Read On

Recommended Read

Monsters Are All Around Us

Debbie becomes a monster.

Debbie dried dishes while singing, Onward Christian Soldiers, acapella with her mother. This filled her mother with pride and elicited a rare smile on a face which typically depicted lips that were pursed as if she had just been sucking on a lemon. Debbie's mother had been ever so proud when Debbie had signed the pledge committing herself to abstinence and chastity. Even more so when she...Read On


The Reserve: Part 6.2

Series: The Reserve

How long can a runner's luck last?

I remember waking up feeling refreshed. I’m not sure what exactly caught my attention, but shortly after stirring I knew something wasn’t quite right. I listened intently through a groggy stupor. It was the birds, or rather, the lack thereof. They had stopped chirping abruptly. Something was nearby. I thought I could hear a conversation in the distance. “-ere through here.” “You better...Read On


Playing with Dolls

Masturbation and Imagination go together like a horse and carriage.

Do you play with dolls? I do. You want to see an example? Here, look, read, listen. Just visualize silly me in my upstairs bedroom playing with myself. And don’t worry, everything is legal, I’m sixteen years old playing with my dolls and my imagination and my body, heh-heh. Here I go, talking to my dolls, my girls. How many times do I have to tell you, call me officer, not guard. Now, wash...Read On


The Reserve: Part 6.1

Series: The Reserve

An unwelcome visitor comes to the reserve

By all accounts it seemed like a normal day, if not a lazy one. I was up on the balcony with Enko and Helasia enjoying good times and conversation. The park was doing well, Helasia was off, and even Enko had found some time to take a break. Thinking back, it was a damn near perfect afternoon. At some point, Helasia wandered to the back side of the balcony facing away from the reserve...Read On


The Job - Chp 3: Giving In

How much of his humanity will a father sacrifice to protect his family in a future dystopia?

“No murr...noaurr...” Stan slurred between breaths as his thick tongue slurped the bottom of the canister greedily. He couldn't stop himself from trying to get every morsel still clinging to the inner rim. His stomach churned, he felt so full but, at the same time, still unsated. Every movement made his muscles burn. It felt like his body was converting the food to energy as fast as he could...Read On


My Chimp - The Monster Inside

Everyone has a chimp...

If like me, you are an avid reader of popular self-help literature, you may know there are three people living inside your mind. The first is you. The sensible adult. The responsible you who is navigating their way through life in the best way they can. Applying societal rules and norms, endeavouring to fulfil the potential that life has to offer. The second is your computer. As you...Read On


Tentacle Monster Calamari Party (Part 2 of 2)

After almost getting seduced by the tentacle monster from the bathroom dimension, Lorna has a party.

June was rolling the sushi while Lorna made another small batch of fried calamari. The luscious tentacles could easily be sliced or diced or shaved, and readily blended into a myriad of sushi styles. Cooking it, though, was trickier than cooking ‘normal’ squid, which was tricky enough by itself. Lorna knew her way around seafood though and soon found the right combinations of marinades and...Read On


The Job - Chp 2: The Changes

How much of his humanity will a father sacrifice to protect his family in a future dystopia?

They held each other for a long time, their bodies subtly swaying with the constant low rumble of the machines flying overhead. He felt her body's heat against his, her familiar form felt strange against his chest. Finally, Stan broke their embrace as he tried to lighten the mood. “Could use a towel, though,” Stan chuckled as he gestured to his elongated soapy face. His own laughter sounded...Read On


Tentacle Monster Calamari (Part 1 of 2)

There’s nothing like a little snack after a day full of fucking.

Lorna collapsed against her apartment door after she locked up. She kicked her first shoe across the room but misjudged her second, vaulting that one towards the high ceiling. She froze in place until it crashed in front of her. Then she bounced her clutch off of the nearby table and it too thumped onto the floor. She pushed herself upright and stripped off her little black dress for the...Read On


The Reserve: Part 5

Series: The Reserve

A succubus shoots her shot with a runner

Enko is always coming up with new and interesting things at the reserve. From big events like the runner races to small things like tunic rentals. The runner races are simple. A group of runners has to cross a field before a predator catches them. We offer various difficulty levels by adjusting the initial gap between the running group and the hunting party, it’s quite popular...Read On



It had been a good game. My team had beaten the Oilers by 2 and I’d consumed enough beer to have questionable morals, not to mention possibly poor judgement. The evening had started at a local tavern, one with a trio of big-screen televisions, and ended up with me perched on the edge of a hot tub, about to slip in between two hotties – Luke and Tyler, although I was a little foggy on which...Read On


I miss her so much

Weeks ago, I decided to go for a massage even though I still have this fear due to the ongoing pandemic. Although in my place, Cebu city, massage spas have already resumed operation. I remember when Covid hit our country last year of March, I told myself, “Mike, this is a sign that you would stop lusting around with those massage therapists. This could also be the sign that you will...Read On


The Reserve: Part 4

Series: The Reserve

A strange arachne gets the jump on a runner.

I burst through the woods heading west, I could see the cornfield in front of me. A few hundred more feet and I could almost certainly lose them in the field, maybe drop into the caves and work my way south before heading back towards home base. I had dropped the food sack I was carrying a while ago, I wondered if I could find it again. We were at the tail end of peak and I figured I stood...Read On

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