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Famous Story

The BEST vacation ever - Mother Son Incest

Hotter then hot mother gets hots for son on vacation. And the feeling is mutal

0 The plane had just landed. Palm trees and sand was everywhere. THe captain announced the arrival at the island and it was official. They were on vacation Sarah and justin had been anticipating this forever. As mother and son they went on vacation often together as Sarah was never married. The plane began taxing on the runway towards the drop off point , while Sarah and Justin just smiled...Read On

Famous Story

Mother and son help each other out

Mother and son help each other out

My mother and I have been living together for almost three years. My father left my mother and I with debt and not much else. He left us for a younger woman in his office. With no money and no means to pay off the debt that my father placed in my mothers name we moved from the high life in New York City to sunny California. My mom had a sister that lived in the desert there and she was...Read On


Working Out with Mother

Mother and son find each other.

Working Out with Mother by Reeb *NOTE: This story was stolen and reposted on another website under another "claimed" author. I reported it to the site managers but last I saw, it was still there.   It was July during the summer before his senior year of high school. Seventeen year old David was a well built young man who had dreams of playing professional football. Standing 6 feet...Read On


A Mother In Need

She Can't Belive How Wet She Is Watching Her Son Stroke His Cock For Her

Mom wasn't an especially happy lady, but she was very determined to make a good life for us. She had assumed that responsibility after dad, or should I just call him Bill, left us for another woman.I hated it when she would tell me how much I looked like him but then she would smile and the sparkle in her eyes would make me putty in her hands. Mom had asmile that wouldmelt any ones heartwho...Read On


Mother Wants You

Mother is out to seduce you, and you give in... like a good boy that you are.

I can't get you out of my head.  For many months now, all I'm thinking about is you. All I'm fantasizing about is you. I help you prepare for college, I cook you dinner, I take care of you when you get sick, but all I'm thinking about is getting your teenage boy cock into my craving pussy.  I don't know how it got to be this way. I guess one day I watched you splashing around in our...Read On

Famous Story

Putting Mother On The Spot

A son makes a very unusual request of his mom...

He arrives home, on a Friday afternoon. There is a lot on his mind. He has always been super close with his very liberal mother, and they have never had any secrets between them. He decides to ask her for some help with something that has been weighing very heavily on his mind. "Hi Mom, can we talk for a minute? I have a big problem." "Sure, honey. Lets sit down on the couch and you can...Read On


How Justin Loved His Mother

Failded first fuck gave him mother love

It was back in 1980 that it all started, The time was the day of my sixteenth birthday, my name is Justin Parks. I was a 160 pounds, little over six foot tall and in good physical condition because I had a part time job, at times, helping to move and help deliver furniture at a store. I had brown hair and blue eyes My father had left my mother and me five years before Roger then lived with...Read On


Putting Mother On The Spot (part 2)

A son makes a very unusual request of his mom...

"Ummmmm, 2nd Base?" "Ok, what do you think 2nd Base is?" "I'm pretty sure it's when the guy gets to feel the girl's boobs!" "Ok, reach over and show me how you think you are supposed to do that." He reaches out, and grabs her left breast. He squeezes it, and lets go. "There,like that?" "No, Hunny, not like that. You are supposed to gently caress a woman's breast. Slowly, at...Read On


Putting Mother on the Spot (part 2)

A son makes a very unusual request of his mom...

(continued from part 1) "Second base?" "Okay, what do you think 2nd Base is?" "I'm pretty sure it's when the guy gets to feel the girl's boobs!" "Ok, reach over and show me how you think you are supposed to do that." He reaches out and grabs her left breast. He squeezes it, and lets go. "There, like that?" "No Honey, not like that. At the age of almost 18, it's about time you...Read On


Mother And Son

It all started when a friend mentioned that she'd fucked her son recently. This got me thinking; Mike, my son, also the same age was extremely cute but as I far as I could see not great with girls so probably could do with some tuition. One day I had to go to his college for a parents evening, all very boring but had to be done. On the way back home in the car, I broached the subject with...Read On

Famous Story

My Son Becomes My Master, Chapter 1

A mother finds the man she has been searching for... in her own son!

My name is Robin Perkins. I have to tell you a story that happened to me that completely changed my life. You see, I grew up in a normal middle-class family. My father was a banker, and my mom stayed home and took care of us kids and the house. We had the "ideal" life; a nice three bedroom/two bath home, two cars, we even had the white picket fence! You couldn't ask for a more average...Read On


A Mother's Sin - Chapter 3

I cannot seem to resist the temptation of my son's penis....

After receiving news that my father had a stroke, my son and I were placed in the unusual and uncomfortable situation of sharing a hotel room on the trip to see my father. In a moment of incredible weakness, and incredibly poor judgment, I made a series of bad decisions, each one progressively worse. It culminated in me allowing my son to enter me wearing a condom he had stored in his wallet....Read On


Mother and Son and the Scent of Lust

I'm a slut with men because of potent human sex pheromones and also fuck my son and his friends.

The science regarding the existence and effects of human sex pheromones is not well established. There have been some studies that show how women’s menstrual cycles are affected by the presence of either male or female pheromones, but none seem to be conclusive. But the roles of these pheromones have been well-established in some other animal species. In theory, males and females have...Read On


Seducing Mother

A young son is consumed by his lust for his mother which leads to a plan of seduction.

Seducing Mother By Reeb I’ve been thinking sexual thoughts about my mother for the last year. I’m eighteen years old now and when I was seventeen last year, I started looking at my mother not as my mom but as a very arousing and sexy woman. It all started with me looking at her sexy panties in her underwear drawer of her dresser. As I gazed upon the sheer lace material of...Read On


Lori and Jim, A Mom and Her Son Become Lovers

Learning about a true loving relationship between mother and son

My father, Jeff, and mother, Lori, divorced over eight years ago. I am Jim, named after Lori‘s father, James. I am now sixteen, tall at 6’ 1”, a some what thin but still a good build. I was considered a nerd preferring to read books because I have no athletic skills. Jeff left mom because he had been having an affair for some time with a woman at his office and knocked her up. Mom let him...Read On


Incest Fantasy III

My Son Enters the Picture

As several months passed, I continued my affair with my daughter. I was making love to both my wife and my daughter and they both knew it. At home, we all acted as if everything was the same as before. The only exception was the whispered conversations between myself and my wife in bed. We both asked each other what we enjoyed about nude massage. I told her that I loved watching the...Read On


Mother and son grow closer through E-Mail

What one crazy idea can lead to, between a mother and son, is amazing.

I was a typical teenage male. All I ever thought about and all I ever wanted was SEX. Although, the object of my infatuation at the moment, to achieve my goal of having sex as much as possible, was my wonderful big titted, big assed mother. Every time I masturbated, all I could think of was fucking my mom. I loved her, like any son does, but I was also in love with her. I was slowly...Read On

Famous Story

Mother’s Release

Mother fucked me

My mother gave birth to me in the summer, making my parents extremely happy. My father had always wanted a son, and they had tried for several years before his wish was granted. Unfortunately, about that time my father was diagnosed with a severe illness and he was only given a couple of years. He spent them holding me and singing to me, I can still hear his voice in my ears. My mother...Read On

Famous Story

A Mother's Sin - Chapter 1

On a trip, I am forced to share a hotel room with my son....

Introduction: A Mother’s Sin – My excuse These events took place in November 2011, a little over a year ago….. My mind wanders frequently; often in ways I do not intend, or want. I do not know if I am unique or not, but on occasion, I find myself thinking about things that society deems highly inappropriate. When I allow myself to explore inappropriate fantasies, I used do so with the...Read On


A Mother’s Sin – Chapter 2

I allow my son to enter me...

Gary and I were in a hotel room and he was masturbating as I watched. I lay on my back, silently; my fingers found my clitoris. In the dark silence of the room, I began slowly rubbing small circles on my erect and sensitive nubbin. I needed a release. If I could keep from moaning, I felt that I could achieve my orgasm without Gary detecting what I was doing. After just a minute or two, I...Read On


Dreams Turn To Reality For A Mother And Son

Mother and son are both unaware of the sexual feelings that the other has for them until.....

Manel Sharma, aged forty-five, was an extremely attractive single mother to eighteen-year-old Raju. The boy's father had long since departed so mother and son were the only occupants of the three-bedroom house. Manel worked in a shop and Raju was attending college. Raju was very good looking although he was rather shy and he had had next to no sexual experience but there was one female that...Read On


A Mother's Discovery

A mother starts to have a suspicion of her son taking her underwear

It al l started out like a typical Saturday. I was able to sleep a little later than usual and, since it was so pretty outside, decided to enjoy my morning coffee out by the pool. It had been terribly hot all summer but we had a nice rain the previous evening and the morning air was not only somewhat cool, it made all of the colors in the backyard more vibrant and the smell of all of the...Read On


My Mother and Me: My Mother Lets Her Hair Down

Mandy discovers reals sexual satisfaction for the first time with her son after husbands death

It all started when my father was killed in a farming accident a couple of months before I graduated from high school in 2004. My father was very conservative in dress and behavior, a Bible thumper. He had us in church every Sunday morning and we spent the rest of the day studying the Bible. After his funeral, mother started letting her hair down. The day after we buried dad, she asked me...Read On


Confined In Montreal: Day 2 (March 23)

Series: Confined In Montreal

Mother and son get close during coronavirus outbreak.

I was concerned that things would be very weird the next morning. How were we going to recover from such an intimate and unusual experience? My concerns were quickly cast aside, at least temporarily, when I woke up with a huge boner. As soon as I regained consciousness, I felt sexual urges for my mother again. At first, I stayed in bed for a bit and thought of jerking off before stepping...Read On


Confined In Montreal: Day 1 (March 22)

Series: Confined In Montreal

Mother and son get close during coronavirus outbreak.

My name is Jean-Sébastien but most of my English-speaking friends call me John. I’m twenty-two years old, I was born and raised in Montreal and am currently studying to become an accountant. I live with my mom Valérie in a two-bedroom apartment that’s about an hour away from school. My parents separated when I was still a toddler, so life has pretty much been me and my mom. Between going...Read On

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