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2 months ago

Cuckolding The Alternative To A Monogamous Marriage

What was meant to be a simple walk after dinner and maybe some public sex turned it a whole lot more

I remember our first time like it was yesterday, even though it was three years ago now. I think back to how it all started and believe we may have started backwards. Not going the usual route of fantasy and flirting but straight into the fucking, but sti...

2 months ago

The Hall Pass Part 2

I learn the truth about Taylah and find myself torn between walking away or marriage to a slut

I sat back down on the settee and asked myself why? Why did I give Taylah a hall pass? Then I ran it over and over in my head. I realised that I knew deep down I had nothing to worry about because she would never use it. As far as I knew, I was the second...

4 months ago

Neglect your wife and suffer the consequences

Husband neglects his wife for work and she entertains the new pool guy for the afternoon

Neglect your wife and suffer the consequences or reap the rewards depending on how kinky you are. James pulled out of the drive, swinging the car around onto the street. He looked back at his home just as the roller door was about to contact the paving. I...

6 months ago

Wife's First Gangbang

My long standing fantasy is attending a bachelor party - no one knows the beautiful slut is my wife

We had just delivered a new video website to a local pro-am porn actress and her producer/director husband. To celebrate the opening of their new site, the couple threw a big party and invited my wife, myself, and our housemate to the affair.  So we all w...

10 months ago

The Car Show Pt 3

Derrick and Zaleah get further into cuckolding

For the remainder of the month, Zaleah let her pubic hair grow. When I asked her why, she said that Eddie liked for a full, bushy patch to be present above the vagina, and the rest to be shaved bare. She was going the day before to get a Brazilian wax don...

11 months ago

The Car Show Pt 2

Derrick and Zaleah are one step closer to cuckolding!

Over the course of the next week, we went over the references. Of the 85% of the people who called us back, 97% of the women gave a favorable review. And 76% of the men gave us a favorable opinion. I even talked to the man whom he had tossed out of the ro...

11 months ago

The Car Show Pt 1

Derrick and Zaleah begin their road to cuckolding; is it more than they can handle?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a fantasy of watching my wife with someone else. Although, it can be quite tricky business bringing another human being into your relationship. Zaleah and I, (yes, she’s white) have always considered ourselve...

1 year ago

A Much Needed Night Out of the House

An innocent night out that turned into much more

Jan greeted us at the door wearing a tight blue dress with a plunging neckline that showed off some fantastic cleavage. Wow, Jan had been hiding some impressive boobs underneath the more conservative attire she typically wore to work. My husband, John, de...

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1 year ago


Virgin wife cheated and kicked out, returns a slut and rekindles marriage.

Freshly out of the military and 21 I knew I had to get a good job and was looking in earnest. My finances were OK but not finite so I was in conservation mode and because I was my social life was all but non-existent. Luckily there was a cheap movie theat...

1 year ago

Cuckold Email

How I became a happily married cuckold

Chapter one: The bar I am driving my pickup on the way home from downtown Albuquerque. My beautiful wife of over fifteen years sits beside me with her arms crossed, her body stiff, jaw set like granite. The way she is dressed, so hot and sexy, would get t...

2 years ago

Tina Doesn't Date Nude

My slut wife dates strangers and whores herself out.

My gorgeous wife, Tina sometimes refers to herself as a sex addict and sometimes a slut, depending on her mood.She's the horniest woman I've known and advertises for men and 'groups of men' in the local Swingers Digest. I'm deeply in love with her and enj...

2 years ago

May 2017 - Meeting 2 - Sharing Sally With My Friend Paul

We both watched, amazed as she performed a strip tease by the side of the bed.

I was keen to make sure that the success of sharing Sally with Brian was not just a one-off and I was desperate to start getting her used to being shared more often. Sally and I had chatted at length about the evening with Brian. She was now clear about w...

2 years ago

Carolyn's Taxi Cab Adventure

Hard working cabbies get blowjobs for a tip

In my experience, I've found that most cab drivers are poor, hard-working guys. So I told my husband Mark that I wanted to brighten the lives of a few cabbies by giving them blowjobs. We discussed how best to do it, and decided that we couldn't call the c...

2 years ago

Stranded: Part Two

Bella and her husband are stranded in Texas when a guy helps them out in more ways than one.

They let me walk upstairs without any resistance, and I kept thinking about what I would say to her. I didn’t want to confront her with all these guys that I didn’t know. I felt small and weak, and there was nothing I could do to stop these boys from havi...

2 years ago

Stranded: Part One

Bella and her husband are stranded in Texas when a guy helps them out in more ways than one.

We thought that a road trip to New Orleans would be the thing we needed since we both loved Cajun food, jazz music and getting completely blitzed on alcohol. Our jobs had completely taken over our lives, and we felt that we needed a few days off to stave...

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