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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee.


The Request

An adventuring party's catgirl necromancer gets a bedtime spanking from the team's paladin.

Quiet nights are a rarity in this particular town, and one Amelie Belfrey is enjoying hers with her favourite method of some green tea and a good book, curled up by the fireplace as she listens to the wind howling outside. It’s a nice and domestic moment, so she’s not especially surprised that it’s interrupted by the party’s resident necromancer. Having decided to spend the night at...Read On


Nina and Her Babysitter

Mrs K goes away and leaves Carla in charge of Nina

Nina had to admit to rather more than a bit of a surprise when she got home from work to Mrs K‘s for dinner, and found Carla was there. Carla was Jenifer’s niece, one of Mrs K’s friends. Nina never minded socialising with anyone who had disciplined her in the past and Carla had only just recently done so even though just twenty-one-years old, so pretty much half her own age.  Carla was in...Read On


An Experience Never Forgotten

Series: Debbie gets the cane

Being sex made, enjoying punishment is not a bad thing.

My name is Debbie Webb, nee Smart. I'm five-foot-seven with large blue eyes, long slender legs, and naturally blond hair. I have been married to Mike, my schoolboy sweetheart, for three years and have lived together for five. I have fashionably styled hair cut into a page boy bob. My admirers of both sexes tell me I have stunning looks with a figure so hot it could melt ice. I've worked...Read On


An Offer I Couldn't Refuse & Didn't Want to.

I spent a day pants off getting spanked and humilitated at a biker BBQ.

In 1972 when I was twenty-five, I lived next door to a guy named Kenny who was single and in his forties. Kenny had two passions in his life, his motorcycle and the love of astronomy. I didn’t know much about motorcycles but astronomy was my hobby. Kenny was somewhat of a paradox in that he was clean-cut but enjoyed dressing like an “outlaw biker” when he rode his Harley. He had a degree...Read On


Jaq Requires Spanking Fun

Jaq wants spanking on her terms...

Jaq has always enjoyed spanking games, this time she wanted it to be a little different. Jaq never fails to amaze me with her sexy demands, this time it sounded like a great plan. Jaq wanted to be spanked by other guys while I watched on to see things did not get too painful. After some discussion, I agreed to arrange her little request. We have a few trusted guys that we call on at times...Read On


April Fool's Diary - Headmaster Crotchety

Series: April Fool's Diary

My Adventures as a Consensualised Adult

11 May 2021 10 May 2021 In all my years as a sullen, mood-swingy, hormonal, pubescent I had never had to visit the Headmaster's Office so I didn't know whether to be excited or anxious. But I'm a perky, pokie, positive, post-pubescent in search of adventures and not someone who looks gift horses in their mouths. Besides I'm a consumer adult now, so I sashayed my way along the...Read On


Sent for a Spanking

A wife sends her husband for a spanking.

My wife and I had been arguing. Suddenly my wife stood up, looked me in the eye and said. “You need to be spanked and spanked very hard indeed.” That stopped the argument stone dead as I looked at her. Early in our marriage, we had experimented with spanking. But now, after fifteen years of marriage, that time was long gone. When I occasionally looked at porn on the internet, I did tend...Read On


Miss Geraldine Culverhouse

A woman encounters her former headmistress after more than thirty years and some things are relived

Judith Saunders was a fifty-two-year-old divorcee and she was sitting in her hairdressers reading a magazine, having arrived early for her appointment. She was sitting in the area near reception and did not look up from the magazine when the outer door opened and another customer arrived but after the new arrival spoke, Judith's attention was attracted. "Good morning, madam, can I help...Read On

Comp Entry


My bff changes my life forever.

12 Years Ago, High School I took a deep breath before I went into my house. My dad was the first one to see me. “Hey kiddo! You’re home early, you all good?” I shrugged and nodded to Dad, then took a couple more steps into the living room and saw Mom on the couch, checking her Instagram for the latest Yorkie updates; she was obsessed with Yorkshire Terriers. Without even looking up,...Read On


A belting and a face fucking for a new friend

Belting a naughty girl before filling her mouth with cum

I had been battling an erection for almost forty minutes as my plane made its final approach to land.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the night to come. Weeks earlier I had connected with a friend online and it so happened that I was scheduled to be in her city for work.  Emails were exchanged and plans made to connect when I arrived.  At first, it was just to be drinks, then she revealed...Read On


The Good Neighbour

Jeff needs to ask his unsuspecting neighbour to spank him

Jeff walked up the pathway to the neighbour’s house knowing he was going to ask for something that he had never asked her before. However, he was desperate and saw no real alternative. Jeff was twenty-eight-years old and was married to twenty-seven-year-old Julie. Julie was the one who wore the trousers and, even before they were married, imposed her control by insisting on spanking...Read On


Simon Canes And Fucks His Mother-In-Law

Mandy arranges for her son-in-law to visit and give her a caning and a fucking

Mandy Bloomfield, a sixty-four-year-old divorcee, had just visited her daughter Cindy Harrison and her husband Simon. It had not been a normal visit made by a mother to her family but it had been one of the 'special' visits that Mandy made two or three times a year. These 'special' visits involved Mandy giving Simon a caning, at his wife's request, for bad behaviour since a previous such...Read On


Come Here, Get Spanked

Series: It Can't Be Right

Nicola and Dave take a trip to France...

When I got in that evening, I knew something was wrong, Olivia gave me a look of concern and Nicola seemed on edge. Dinner was well into preparation which suggested Nicola had been home longer than I would normally have expected. Then when we were done and everything was cleared away, Olivia, gave us both a hug and excused herself to do her homework. As a family we were affectionate and...Read On


Simon Gets A Visit From His Mother-In-Law

Simon's wife asks her mother to give him much needed discipline with unexpected results.

"I have asked my mother to visit this weekend," announced Cindy Harrison to her husband Simon. Although a lot of men would be disgruntled to hear that their mother-in-law will be visiting, it was not so much hearing that she was coming that caused Simon to gasp, it was the actual phrase. If Cindy had said, "Mum is coming this weekend," or, "My mum is coming for a visit," or similar it...Read On


Foolish – The Tables Are Turned

It’s Emma’s turn to suffer from thinking she would be able to cane her headmistress again

Emma Peyton was feeling really pleased with herself as she stood in front of the headmistress’s secretary’s desk who was noting on the punishment log that she was due to receive twelve strokes of the cane. Six previously had been the maximum that she had earned, but Emma had pressed several buttons and ended up with a twelve. What no one knew, except Miss Hargreaves, was that every time...Read On


Kristina’s New Boss Lady

Kristina is out of practice and her poor quality cleaning leads to punishment

As Kristina stepped down from the bus and walked along the street, she was just thrilled that she had managed to get back home to the big city after such a long stay away during COVID lockdown. She really appreciated the fact that her relatives had let her stay with them on their farm in the countryside because there was lots of open space there and wonderful views compared to the...Read On


The Price Of No Car Insurance

Bess didn’t have car insurance when she hit another car

Alice and Grace were both seventeen years old and prefects at the local sixth form college. Alice had driven them to the supermarket carpark so they could pick up some things as they were going to be staying at Alice’s for the next week whilst Alice’s parents were going to be away. As Alice and Grace walked back towards the car, still in their college uniforms of short-sleeved green and...Read On


Abby's Secret

19 year old author asks her stepmother for a spanking...

It's always difficult, becoming the stepmother to a teenager, and Bridget is finding her own situation no different. Making a good first impression is always key, but whatever she tries, the mature blonde just can't seem to get through to Abby. No matter what conversational tactic is attempted, the moody goth always seems to walk off in a huff, even if it starts off civil, and quite...Read On


The Spanking Service II

Two women get an overdue punishment

My laptop went 'ping' telling me I had a new e-mail. The message was from Pippa; she was requesting a meeting for herself and her old school friend. They wanted me to play the role of their headmaster. The e-mail was very detailed, but briefly, Pippa Banks and her friend Fiona Lord had been best friends at school and remained so even after twenty-plus years. Whilst at school they had...Read On


Landlady In Service Still - Chapter 2

Mrs Lewis is forgetful and is again disciplined by her tenant.

Things had changed for nineteen-year-old Lucy over the last few weeks since forty-one-year-old Mrs Lewis was focusing more and more on making sure she was happy, even though she was the tenant and Mrs Lewis was the owner of the house. What became clear was that Mrs Lewis felt very comfortable in her home, but saw herself similar to an intern in that she had only just been given the house...Read On


Step-brother's Shower, Part 3

The next morning I stayed in my room to catch up on homework that I needed to finish before heading back to State.  I heard the girls get up just before 11 AM.  I knew that they had stayed up late talking.  I was not sure how they, especially Annie, would be feeling about me.  In fact, I was a little nervous about the whole thing, so I thought it best to stay out of their way.  It sounded...Read On


Sins Of The Mother

Revenge is sometimes best served cold

Carolyn Harrington-Brown had just come off the 18th hole and was looking forward to a gin and tonic or two in the clubhouse along with the rest of the ladies day golfers when her phone rang. “Hello, Mrs Harrington-Brown, this is St Agnes’ School. It’s about Evelyn. The Headmistress has requested you come in. Would you be able to make it this evening? How does 5 PM suit?”  Reluctantly...Read On


Lucy Hogarth Meets Hilary Matthews Again

Lucy is feeling the need for another severe caning and she gets a call from Hilary

Two months had passed since Hilary Matthews had given Lucy Hogarth the severe caning that had enabled Hilary to release most of her long-held dislike for the bent over Mrs Hogarth. Lucy had contacted Hilary and asked her to deliver the caning that also, for the moment, quenched Lucy's thirst for a sound thrashing. In the weeks that followed, Lucy had continued to have lesbian sex with...Read On


Becky Forgot Again!

You would think Becky wouldn’t forget again, but she has another lesson to learn!

Becky pulled up to the house, anxious to see Michael’s car in the driveway; she knew she’d pay for forgetting the meeting she set up. As she entered the house she could feel the tension and her heart fluttered.  “I cannot believe that after last week you forgot something again!” Becky gulped, a little nervous but more excited for the pleasure to come after.   “I got busy bouncing around...Read On


Matthew Spanks His Mother-In-Law's Arse

Having given his MIL the ass worship that she wanted, Matthew now spanks her

It had been two days since Matthew Sinclair had taken his mother-in-law, Elizabeth St John, to great sexual heights by doing all sorts of things to her large backside at her request and both parties were wanting more. Elizabeth had said that she wanted a spanking and a fucking next time and Matthew fully intended to give her both of those things. It was important, of course, that Matthew's...Read On


A Formal Spanking

A formal spanking through the eyes of the disciplinarian

It's been a long time coming, and you know it.  The anticipation is killing you, partly because you’ve never been spanked and partly because you know that it will hurt...a lot. You and I made an arrangement for me to help with some things that you wanted to work on, guidelines to be followed, actions to be adhered to strictly.  But now you find yourself waiting nervously at the kitchen...Read On


Landlady In Service

Mrs Lewis was a well-to-do lady who was submissive and loved to serve others.

Nineteen-year-old Lucy knew that she was lucky to find the room to rent during her second year at University. Mrs Lewis was forty-one-years-old and had a lovely four-bedroom detached house in a well-to-do area, and very convenient for public transport to the University. She had her own bedroom and as Mrs Lewis was a divorcee and had the ensuite bedroom, Lucy was very happy to have sole use...Read On


The Spanking Service

My dream job.

I need a spanking. It has been way too long since my last one and I am in urgent need of a good bottom warming. I had just clicked on an e-mail from a client and was reading her e-mail. Well not really a client, with clients you normally get paid. So why do I receive e-mails like this most days? I provide a service for women who want to discuss and live out their spanking fantasies. With...Read On


Becky Won’t Forget Again

Becky won’t forget to tell Michael after this punishment...

As Michael pulled up to the house, Becky's heart sank. She knew she was in deep trouble for the speeding ticket, but even worse - not telling her husband.  Becky and Michael had been married for twenty years. Becky was a small petite blonde hair blue eyed woman and Michael was a handsome brown hair green-eyed man - she was a MILF to many and he was attractive to many.  "Care to...Read On


Lucy Hogarth Invites Hilary Matthews To Visit

Lucy Hogarth wants a real thrashing and she discovers just who would be pleased to deliver it

Lucy Hogarth and Mary Littleton were now having lesbian sex at every opportunity and Mary had given Lucy another caning but Lucy found the caning strangely underwhelming because she now felt that she needed more than Mary could give her regarding corporal punishment. What Lucy wanted now was a real thrashing which she knew would be incredibly painful but she also knew that it would...Read On

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