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RicoMare 7 hours ago

Him And Her

A married couple breaks out of their evening routine.

Him We sit in bed each night after our long day, each of us doing our own thing. I'm browsing Reddit on my phone, and you're reading the latest romance novel on your Kindle. Our bedroom is cool and we lie on top of our fitted sheet, with the covers s...

kornslayer1 9 hours ago

Rosalyn And Lena's Confrontation

Even with a bombshell out there, they have one to deal with on their own.

POV: Lena"Well, I know we're just eating dinner like any other night with our wonderfully supportive daughters," Kat mentioned, getting down on her knees in front of Savannah. "I love you, Savannah, and I'm quite fond of Lena over there. You and your...

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ckbres 12 hours ago

Thrill #3

I was stunned by what we had done

I sat there stunned. Carol had just fucked Tom while I watched.  Tom's cum was seeping out of her cunt.  Her tits were covered with love bites.  She glowed with the aftershocks of orgasmic sex.  She smiled with sexual satisfaction...

Citronella 12 hours ago

A Walk in the Park

A simple walk through the woods turns into a frisky event with a new friend.

Leaves and long grasses brushed against my legs as I walked down the forest path. It was a tranquil place, the only sounds being birdsong and my footsteps. A private place as well, for I had yet to encounter another soul on my walk. In the quiet, my...

Jilluvscox 13 hours ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 33 - We're in Business!

Jill does what it takes to get Allie on board with her business plans

Jill wakes up with a splitting headache, wondering why she feels so shitty. She sees Allie's not in bed and cries out for her.  "I see you finally woke up," Allie says, as she walks into the bedroom.  "How are you feeling, sweetheart?" she...

Fantasypenman 13 hours ago

Husband Loses His Anal Virginity

Sexy wife guides her hung friend to take her husbands anal virginity

I’m looking directly ahead, my arms outstretched in front of me. I’m naked, vulnerable. You’ve tied my wrists together and then attached them with two ropes to the solid wooden legs of the coffee table I’m bent over. I’m on bended knee. I’d gasped as...

HoseJockey55 14 hours ago

A Warm Bubble Bath

Describing a bubble experience with me.

Please join me in a warm bubble bath. We would start by having a glass of wine while the bath is filling up. We would then go to the bedroom and slowly undress each other. I would just have you stand there while I slowly undress you and I would be...

I wrote a poem about asphyxiation. She said “it took her breath away”. She came to me, we kissed, and well, slowly over the next few days and weeks, she revealed all her other desires one by one. First the clamps, the paddle, her need to be pushed...

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Kevtheledge63 15 hours ago

The Hall Pass Part 3

Nick goes home after getting advice from Joan and Keith. Carla tells Nick, Taylah’s story.

Joan stood up as pee continued to drip from her lips and anus, Keith handed her a towel, and she shoved it between her legs and soaked up the piss, cum, and pussy juices. Joan looked at me and again smiled that intensely beautiful smile; she really w...

angieseroticpen 17 hours ago

The Gynaecologists Chair - Part II

Curiosity takes Sharon to the chair

Sharon arrived at 10:15a.m. for her appointment. She was greeted by Juliette wearing a Senior Staff Nurse’s uniform. “Oooooh, look at you!” she exclaimed. Juliette frowned. “Come on Sharon, let’s keep it serious.” She apologised. “Yes, we should...

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My bloody upstairs shower leaked again, the lounge ceiling got soaked and needed repair. My neighbour is a builder. I asked him for a quote. Unbelievable what builders charge these days. I asked him if he could do it for any less. He said he would do...

For this special occasion, Elizabeth selected a black four-piece set that included a matching bra, thong, and garter belt with wraparound leg straps for a trendy look. The set featured cut-out details across the bra cups and thong, plus an engraved r...

DarkSide 19 hours ago

My Best Friend

Double dating – a horror story.

I introduced my date to Mr. Penis, my best friend and confidant. The conversation went well until she introduced Mr. Penis to her friend Puss in boots. I had never seen Mr. Penis react in that way before; he started to shake and twitch and his nos...

DonnaCupcake 1 day ago

My Future Ex-Girlfriend

I got the app. Celia got the app and advertised for a future ex. I thought I might be that girl.

I met Celia on Finder. My divorce was final, and just as I was ready to go out and spread some celebratory wild oats, Covid 19 came to America. So I freed myself exactly when I couldn't celebrate my freedom. So I read. I wrote. I chatted. I invested...

SinsualPoet 1 day ago

Spiraling Infernos

A piece of sensual poetry

the brush of our palms sizzleigniting a spark of timeless soulsskin hungers for flesh,the caress of fingertipsetch scorching sigilsof ageless passionover the quivering corner of your mouthand slowly down the creamof your cheek and neckinside your eye...

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