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This section is devoted to one thing, hot anal sex stories.

Our stories feature first timers - anal sex virgins, as well as those more proficient in the art, including DP (double penetration) stories and other group sex acts.

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1 week ago

Not Very Likely 2: Anal The Hard Way

He may finally get to fuck her ass, but only if he'll do it her way.

He was sitting on the hope chest at the foot of their bed. She was standing in the doorway to the master bathroom. He was buck naked. She was wearing a blue and white checkered baby doll with yellow frills around the edges. No panties. She was also holdin...

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The sun has barely risen this wintry Sunday morning, and fog swirls across the path and canal outside the front door of Claire’s Cunt Kitchen. “Brad, shut the blinds, will you?” calls Claire from deep within the bowels of her kitchen. “And turn the screen...

2 weeks ago

Claire’s Cunt Kitchen (An “Alison” Christmas Special) – part one

It is 2051. Claire and Bradley have graduated from the Royal Academy of Fucking, and are now running a bijou café in Cuntden Market.

This two-part “Christmas special” follows on from the conclusion of Alison Goes to London – but it can also stand alone. It is 2051, and under the “Enlightenment”, Europe is ruled by Pleasure, and love is eschewed. Claire and Bradley have graduated from t...

1 month ago

Girlfriend Nostalgia: Tory

A fond remembrance of my introduction to good anal sex

Tory was a friend of my sister’s whom I would see on college breaks. Ours was not a particularly deep emotional connection, though in retrospect, I felt much closer to her than I realized. She was perhaps five-two with bright blue eyes and shoulder length...

1 month ago

Cassie's Tight Little Arse — Part IV of Taken.

When Cassie wakes up the morning after her evening in the dungeon, she finds Josh has a new lesson waiting for her.

Waking in my old bed, I turn to face Ian, send my fingers to find his cock. But there is an absence. And the sheets are neat, crisply laundered cotton, not the usually tired flannelette of our tardy lives. And why am I naked and so sore? A burning rage in...

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1 month ago

When Danielle Plays

While her husband was away, my sexy neighbour wanted to play.

"Oooh God, I'm going to cum. Don't stop… pleeease, keep going." Despite the sound of my heavy breathing and sweat running down my face, hearing our beautiful neighbour's pleas as I pumped my cock along her smooth anal passage while she wantonly held her b...

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2 months ago

Template of Rules

When you don't know what you want - anything is a possibility

It’s a murky Thursday evening and the rain is illuminated by distant flashes of lightning as it smatters against the darkness of the wall of windows enclosing the fourth-floor offices. Nadine has planned to leave at least three times, but each time, there...

40 Votes 40
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8.9k words 8.9k words
2 months ago

Husband Loses His Anal Virginity

Sexy wife guides her hung friend to take her husbands anal virginity

I’m looking directly ahead, my arms outstretched in front of me. I’m naked, vulnerable. You’ve tied my wrists together and then attached them with two ropes to the solid wooden legs of the coffee table I’m bent over. I’m on bended knee. I’d gasped as you’...

3 months ago

First Date With Lauren

A first date that goes further than both parties plan.

It had been a tiring day and long trip up to Liverpool, but Lauren said she was going to meet me at a bar on Strand Street in the city centre.  We had talked about it on and off for a while, and we had agreed on our date and time, but it was now past 8 PM...

3 months ago

Coming Quietly

Detective Phillips got more than he bargained for when he went to arrest a suspect

I was a little bit on edge as I entered the block of flats.  I had done my intelligence checks which showed my suspect lived alone but there was always the prospect of her having company.  I knew she had recently split from a violent boyfriend, and I did...

"Hey Siri, call Jill." The phone rang three times after which a groggy female voice came to the phone.  "Can you come upstairs? I'm sure he left the door unlocked,"  I blurted out before Jill had time to protest. "Not again," she said. "I'm afraid so," I...

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