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Bisexual Stories

Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex.

Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.

speedodave 3 days ago

My Devil's Threesome in Reno

I thought I was in for my first ever two girl threesome when I was interrupted by a couple.

Last week someone asked me if I had ever had a two-girl threesome.  The person I was having this conversation with is 100% straight and doesn’t know that I’m bi.  If they did, I would have proudly told them that my kind of threesome involve...

We kiss as our nervous hands fumble to undress each other. Now both wearing just panties, we step back to admire each other’s sexiness. We're both wearing lace panties which are unable to hide our obvious arousal. I feel a little precum ooze from my...

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StarBelliedBoy 2 weeks ago

Smita's Smitten Boy-Bitch

Ben becomes the boy-bitch he was born to be.

Tell Sir to fuck him good, Miss. The implications of those words sent to his phone from Beth were still making their way through Ben’s brain as his university tutor’s husband dropped his business trousers to reveal navy briefs, bulging at the crotch....

ChumbaPoxwally 2 weeks ago

I Swear They Cum So Hard--Part 2

Veronique finally gets her chance to cum like man.

I spent a week helping a manufacturing company cut their machine changeover time from 127 minutes down to 7 minutes. Not a bad improvement considering I spent most of that time trying not to think about the cute young woman I met at the airport. She...

oneCalvin 1 month ago

Divorced Senior Obsessed With BBC - Part 2

Life has changed for divorced senior obsessed with BBC.

I wanted to talk with Zach, have a good long talk, to better understand the greater context of what had just happened - but I wanted to keep that beautiful cockhead in my mouth even more. He seemed so at ease, so relaxed, so at peace with the moment,...

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BiguymattUK 1 month ago

Couple Enjoy Their First Bi Threesome With An Old Friend

A long-time fantasy finally comes true for a bi couple with a sexy black guy

My wife Dominique and I had been together for about six years and married for three years when we decided we wanted to start to spice up our sex life. It wasn’t that our life in bed was dull, we still had plenty of fun but had both enjoyed bisexual e...

oneCalvin 1 month ago

Divorced Senior Obsessed With BBC - Part 1.

Life is about to change for divorced senior obsessed with BBC

I was out shopping for produce at the natural foods market on a late Friday afternoon. I spotted a young Black Navy man also shopping, still in his coveralls that screamed Navy. I always speak to anyone in uniform and thank them for their service, an...

Tuppie 1 month ago

The New Couple

Getting initiated into bisexual bliss…

In the village where I lived, life moved at a snail’s pace. The place suited me and was what I had planned for my early retirement. The one drawback was that my sex life was not flourishing, because sadly, there were not any straight men who appeared...

satyrDaddy 2 months ago

Put A Ring On It

Jody, the houseboy, is owned by his employer

Jody had been hired as Mr. Wyler's houseboy and valet for a month when one morning Mr. Wyler told him he was giving Jody a new responsibility. “You've shown a good sense of responsibility so far, Jody,” he said. “Thank you, Sir.” “I have a new set of...

cruisingwoodward 2 months ago

The Return of Mark and Sandy

Taking our relationship to a new level.

My friendship with Mark and Sandy had taken on a whole new meaning after our first experience out in the middle of Lake Michigan. We had a few more similar encounters that summer, but it wasn’t an every weekend thing. It was usually me fucking Sandy...

NemoBond 2 months ago

The Happy Sailor

A sailor overcomes his fears and worries and makes love to a shipmate.

I remember when I first joined the Royal Navy, being gay or bisexual was most definitely frowned upon, unlike today where due to an increased awareness of human rights it is no longer the dismissible offence it once was. I had never thought of myself...

never2late4me 2 months ago

Bi-rookie No More

I was looking for a first experience, they were wanting someone eager to learn.

Clank clank was the sound of my spoon as it tapped the inside of the coffee cup I'd been nursing for the last twenty minutes.  There always seems to be more pressure on the last to arrive, especially when meeting someone you've never seen before, so...

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