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Cross Dressing Stories

Our crossdressing (cross-dressing) stories feature tales of either gender (usually male) dressing up in the clothes of the opposite sex, for reasons of sexual gratification.

Crossdressers are akin to the transvestic fetishism, which is a sexual fetish for the clothing of the opposite gender.

The crossdresser can be of any sexual orientation.

8 hours ago

Making Dreams Come True

A cute young transvestite lusts to become a show gurl.

I feel very fortunate in the manner in which I have been able to experience my life as a crossdresser. As a five foot five and one hundred and twenty-eight-pound male I have been interested in femininity and in wearing female clothing for as long as my me...

6 days ago

Maids for Each Other - Part 2

Following fantastic sex with my cross-dressing hubby I encourage him to go further

When term came round and the children were off at boarding school my gorgeous hubby and I felt much freer to indulge ourselves sexually. Since allowing and actually encouraging him to dress as a woman for bed he had become much more free and open, and, da...

1 week ago

I Become My Coworker’s Secretary Part 1

How I wanted to become my coworker's sissy secretary, and he would have let me too.

Sometimes in life timing just doesn’t work out and this is one of those times. This story could have happened, but it’s a fantasy because we both had already left the company. But in this story, I’m going to pretend that we still worked together and that...

2 weeks ago

Maids For Each Other - Part 1

Hubby finds being a maid has its rewards when his wife loves the new arrangement

My husband had gone a few years without asking to dress up as a woman at bedtime. In the meantime, I have read and heard a bit about crossdressing from friends and colleagues and I think I understand it better now. Our love life had virtually ceased and w...

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Eventually, Candice and Karl untangled themselves and rose from the floor. Karl left the room to allow his buddy some privacy to strip off his costume and don his street clothes. "I better be getting home," he said to Karl in his regular voice as he heade...

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2 weeks ago

My Crossed Life - Chapter 9: College Life Cums to an End

Jenni Receives a Very Large & Unexpected Graduation Gift

As far as motel rooms go, this looked like a very nice one. The mattress appeared to be new, the décor was very modern, and all the light bulbs worked, at least the ones that were turned on. I was making these observations while a truck driver named Jerry...

2 weeks ago

The Early Steps of an Odd Couple - Part 2

A bullied boy and girl further discover their hidden inner female and male personas

Louisa lived with her mother Judy, only four streets away from where I was raised by my Mum Cathy, and we attended the same school. However, due to the strict separation maintained between girls and boys at the time, we did not meet until we were eighteen...

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4 weeks ago

Moment Of Truth - Part 2

The Story Continues.

Lex finally got up from his bed and removed the clothing that he had borrowed, but didn't return them to his sister's room. He hid them in the back of his closet, except for the panties and pantyhose. They were full of his spunk and they needed to be clea...

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4 weeks ago

Learning To Sissygasm

A story of self-exploration

I'd always loved wearing ladies' clothing. Whether it was the thrill of stretching a pair of stockings over my smoothly-shaven legs or fastening a brassiere around my back and feeling it clasp tightly to my body. I just loved everything about it and relis...

1 month ago

My Crossed Life - Chapter 8: Jenni's Latest Trick

Jenni's road of self-discovery takes her downtown to fulfill a street corner fantasy.

I met with Tabby on two other occasions after meeting her that night at the professor's. It was evident that after our third encounter that neither of us really knew where to take this relationship and mutually decided it was best to end our little fling....

1 month ago

Becoming Daddy's Girl

A pretty young crossdresser discovers much more about herself.

Feeling pretty and looking alluring is what I have so come to love. Being feline and attractive is my basic and number one goal as a transvestite. I spend many weekend nights enjoying my life as an eye-catching and elegantly transformed - feminine gal. I...

1 month ago

Resisting The Urge To Dress

A crossdresser's story of temptation

"That's the last time!" I said to myself, kicking off the high heel stilettos, unclipping the stockings, and stripping off my luxury lace french basque. I rushed into the bathroom to clean up, staring at myself in the mirror. 'Look at you! You pathetic si...

21 Votes 21
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