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Editors’ Picks

Each month our Editors pick those which we believe are exceptional.

Due to the sheer volume of submissions, sometimes stories do not stay on the front page for more than a few hours, and some absolute gems get lost in the crowd. Hence we've created this “Editors’ Picks” page, where we call out what we believe are some truly extraordinary pieces of writing.

We may miss some too, but most of those that deserve higher praise will be listed here.

Everything drips incessantly. Rain presses down on the buildings and streets heavier than the expectations of those inside. The city is sluggish in the dark, the deluge ensuring only those with a need or nowhere else to go to venture out. Whoops and holle...

3 months ago

Comet Q

The shadow of his cock slithered across the rooftop like a snake.

Comet Quetzalcoatl—technically Comet C-2014/UN271, but called Comet Q because of some inane conspiracy theory connecting it to the gods of the Aztec calendar—curled across half the sky, visible even in the daytime, looking to Lena like the arched eyebrow...

4 months ago

Best Served Cold - Chapter 1, Cold as Ice

What will it take for Linda to forgive David's affair and redeem their marriage?

The lounge was crowded. It was Saturday night, and the barflies were out in swarms. We took the booth at the end of the room, hidden slightly from the crowd in a corner recess that hinted at false privacy. Exactly two drinks later he settled in next to he...

4 months ago

Sweet Epiphany

Jaylee embraces her bi side - as a mouth-watering art exhibit.

Oh – my – fucking – God. Final touches in place, Jaylee contemplated what she had become. This time around. Over the past quarter-year she’d undergone multiple transformations in Cherry’s New York loft apartment. Maid strapped into boob-clenching latex. L...

4 months ago

The Gift of Leather

The act of surrendering gives Amber a little more than she anticipated.

At the scratch of metal on metal in our apartment lock, I slid my wrist into the fourth leather restraint from the bed's corners and pulled to tighten it. No going back. Bound. Naked. Open. Hers. My breasts quivered with each taut breath as the front door...

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6 months ago

... Gatekeeper...

He was tethered by an anxiety he could not define and he longed for only one thing, release.

Glassy streets shimmer in the aftermath of a recent spate. Lifeless tarmac shining like ribbons of obsidian under a here-and-there smattering of yellow-lighted street lamps. If the cold rain hadn’t already emptied them, the late hour would have. A dark fi...

6 months ago

The Foolish Freshman

A foolish competition entry. Interpret that whichever way you like...

My Mama always said she wanted me to go to college. But when I did, she cried. So weird. I wasn’t good at figuring out people, not even Mama. I grew up on a ranch miles from anywhere and Mama homeschooled me all by herself. I knew I wasn’t the sharpest to...

6 months ago

Locke, Cock & Two Smoking Jetboots

Even spies have the mother of all off-days.

  The name's Blade. Jeff Blade. Given that intro, you might think my life is one of an archetypal spy, packed with gadgets, glitz, glamour and girls. After all, I share initials with that double-o guy and he's drowning in pussy. To a degree, you'd be righ...

6 months ago

Oil on Canvas

For Amy, she had a choice, shy and timid, or not.

Today was the day. Bleary eyes focussed on the halo of light around the curtains. He stretched out from a foetal position. Scratching a day’s growth, cotton-mouthed, anticipation pushed away the lethargy. It was platonic, and should always be platonic. Wa...

7 months ago

Mindfuck: Love and Payback

A mislaid sex tape gives Shane a rare opportunity to prank his girlfriend Sammy.

March 29th 2014 The DVD wasn’t the one Vanessa had expected. She paused in sipping her sauvignon as the title card faded up on her laptop screen, accompanied by an acoustic guitar riff. Houston Lasalle Productions Present Huh? She’d asked to borrow an ero...

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