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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter.

Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.

20 hours ago

It Is You I Serve

A love poem to my Dom

I assume my position I wait patiently I sense your presence it is you I wish to please. I surrender my nakedness your hands trace my curves you are the only one I cum for the only one I serve. Your words stroke me your gloved hands suggest more they make...

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If you're like me, this just might be My favorite time of day Wake up hard, sneak past your guard So we can start to play I'll reach between, your shaven clean Moist tender pussy lips I hear you moan, I touch that zone And grab you by the hips You raise y...

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2 weeks ago


Thinking about last night...

Gentle suction My heart's abduction As you lick my clit And tease my slit Slide in a finger Make it linger You're the only one That makes me cum Keep up the pace I'll ride your face My hips raised In silent praise Grab my ass Give it a slap Closer now, pl...

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2 weeks ago

Five Additional Erotic Haiku

A fourth collection of erotic haiku

somewhere far or neartwo lovers entangled nowlove or lust? you choose she could only think,as she looked up mid-fuck, wasceiling needs painting her boyfriend was coolwith her sucking on men’s cocksas long as he watched awkwardly caught while,when neighbou...

1 month ago

The Edge

Will she take a Lover's Leap?

His handsome face and bedroom eyes,They give my lust a cause to rise,My need for him is dire;He sees some things the others miss,I dream of him, he steals a kiss,That kiss sets me on fire.We text and chat with clever prose,Desire for him, I hope he knows,...

1 month ago


Each stanza is in haiku format

All clothing removed Body naked and exposed, Self-liberation -- Skin so soft and smooth Beneath exploring fingers, Self-adoration -- Sent of arousal And delicious ambrosia, Self-admiration -- Touch leading to more Focused manipulation, Self-stimulation --...

Make the bonds very tight Cutting into my wristsSecure me to the bedposts. Restrain my furious demon That you have invokedWith your Corset and Whip. Sitting on my chestSpreading your delight Slowly plucking the pearl. You make me watch As you build your d...

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2 months ago

You want a naked cleaner?

Francesca answers an advert for a cleaner with a difference !

You want a naked cleaner Let me do do that for you I'll clean your house in the nude My assets fully on view I'll wear my heels, the sexiest I've got My red five inch sandals To arouse, make you feel hot Stretching up high, my legs open wide I know you're...

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119 words 119 words

He taunts He teases He makes me in that special mood The utter delight of his forth cummings, makes me as wet as the heaviest rain that fell upon my city Oh how he draws me of his love, for I lust of the passion of his taste The great burning desire that...

2 months ago


She waits for Sir.

She awaits. Silence fills the room, A hood keeps her blind. Laying over a chair's arms, Wrists tied to the chair legs. Ankles tied as well. Each chair leg restraining one of her limbs, Cool air blowing on her naked skin. Her breasts hanging down, Her nipp...

2 months ago

The Good Catholic Girl

Years of religious teachings abandoned for a night of passion

She was a good Catholic girl, Sweet and virtuous was she, In secret she was adored by he, How he dreamed of taking her for a whirl. In trouble and strife they had met, Ready to tear each other apart, All he wanted now was to make her wet, And she wanted t...

All characters are over sixteen Their penises throbbed joyously in her tight nectar pocket Sliding and thrusting in her sweet smelling sex Magical and wet she felt homoerotic love Her pussy bringing them together Her naughty, beautiful magic She rode them...

2 months ago

No One Knows

Explaining hidden truths

No one knows... No one can. What does it mean "be a man?” Stereotypes and fitting in, That's what it is to become men. As a child you're told what is "right,” The urges you feel, you must fight. Boys like girls, that's the way, No son, no, you are not gay...

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83 words 83 words
2 months ago

Inaugural Love

“We have sex with someone who can satisfy us physically, but we make love to someone who can satisfy us soulfully and eternally.” ~ Mehek Bassi

You once asked me if I thoughtwe would become lost in one another – not as something to be subsumed, but as lovers in profuse synchrony. If this was losing myself, in you I would lose myself in each lifetime. Your embrace welcomed me warmlyand from the mo...

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