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Exhibitionism Stories

Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex.

Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example.

Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.

MandiFan1 7 hours ago

Chapter VII – Mandi’s First Assignment (Part Three – Rocking the Nightclub)

Mandi goes topless and gets wild on the dance floor as Niccolo watches.

It was almost 11:00 PM, and it was about time to let Niccolo know I was ready to head for the nightclub at our hotel. Niccolo had departed my suite at about 9:30 PM so we could both get ourselves prepared for a hot night. All this was after an afte...

rustynail2021 1 day ago

Our Sun Room

Having sex in our attached sun room

First let me describe my wife. She is 34 years young, long brown hair down to her shoulders, 36D-24-36 with a bubble butt, and a pussy that has been trimmed into a short landing strip. She is the embodiment of pure sex. And when she reaches orgasm, h...

xGinger 2 days ago

A Fantasy Come True

A writer and closet-exhibitionist finds herself in a compromising situation - compromising, but promising, and very fulfilling.

Somehow, being on the train always turns me on. Maybe it’s the vibration of the vehicle, sending delicious shivers through my pussy, or maybe it’s the many stories I’ve read about people getting naughty on public transport. Or maybe it’s the fact tha...

Racher2020 5 days ago

The Dog Park

Taking my dog to the park has never been so enjoyable

After a long custody battle, and weeks of fighting with the ex. The judge finally gave us his decision, and I won. I got to keep my boy. Tug, a three-year-old black and white Husky. Now he lives with me in my new place. It’s a condo that actually all...

kkikkiriccio 1 week ago

Kinky Kitchen Fun - Episode 4: Sale Pending

The real estate agent has the experience, but the wife knows how to make the sale!

Darlene Tellemay was in her element, introducing Blake and Shae to the home she just knew would soon be theirs. Twenty years of experience in real estate had taught her to help the prospective buyers see themselves in the house, so she knew just the...

literot 1 week ago

The Visit

When Lush friends came to stay ...

‘We’re coming to the UK,’ the message said, ‘and we MUST meet up.’ Scary – these were Lush friends whom I never expected to meet in person. What to do? Normally I would have found any number of excuses but this girl and her lovers who live together...

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krystalg 2 weeks ago

My Wild Weekend: Part Two: Public Interruptus

My weekend continues and karma decrees that we get constantly interrupted

After my torrid Friday and the events of the day, I was both hungry and as horny as I recall ever being. Feeling no effects from dad’s edible, I choked down another. We entered the restaurant and it lived up to its name. It was cozy and warm and dark...

NotHemingway 3 weeks ago

The Dare, part 2

A stranger entices her to engage in some adventures

The Dare The letter came in the mail, a small, neatly hand-addressed envelope, almost hidden amongst the junk mail and bills that makes up 95% of what I get.  There was no return address but the postmark was local.  I get so few real letters now, wha...

krystalg 3 weeks ago

Original Cindy, the Panties, and My Revenge

A gift from my boyfriend has slut-strings attached and I put it to good use.

“The fucking whore wrote her phone number on the receipt!” I was slightly furious. He just looked at me and shrugged, not fathoming the meaning. “I guess she does that to provide better customer service.” He is always so oblivious. “It’s her damn cel...

JamesLlewellyn 3 weeks ago

How I Became An Owned Slave

How a young Australian went from being a model named Sabby to becoming a slave called “naked cunt.”

I watched Matt as he took the last piece of clothing that I owned – the last anything I owned – and threw it on the fire. It took a few seconds, then it, too, caught fire, on top of all my other former possessions. Now I stood, completely naked, in t...

RuanWillow 4 weeks ago

Sucking Nipples At The Licking Sip Coffee Shop

A secret naughty coffee shop where customers verbally choose off-the-menu sexual acts.

Lana peered around the corner from the back room, her leggings pooled at her ankles like cuffs. Many tables full of patrons already. Is he here yet? The droning of machines filled the air as they spilled brown drink delights into cups. The freshly gr...

krystalg 4 weeks ago

Cool Hand Krystal: Teasing the Road Crew

A loud road crew interrupts my morning masturbation and I take it out on them

I lay down on the stage, totally nude, as the frenzied crowd cheered him on. My lips could still taste the whipped cream I’d licked off the stripper’s massive cock. As another heavily-muscled stripper straddled my face and offered his thick member to...

krystalg 1 month ago

Kryssi the Bimbo Watches Porn and Goes Shoe Shopping

My boyfriend watches porn and I reenact it by going shoe shopping

Hiya everyone, did you miss me? Like, so much has happened in the past few weeks that my head is buzzing. Before you worry, Matt and I are, like, totally OK; and people still think I’m that Bimbo Baggins character. But so many cool and fun things hav...

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