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Gay Male Stories

Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality.

The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors.

The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!

satyrDaddy 1 week ago

Bunny and Daddy

Bunny can't wait to cam with Daddy

Bunny sat in front of his desktop holding his semi-stiff cock. He felt the tightening constriction of the elastic ring around his taut ballsack. A silvery metal ring encircled the base of his shaft and a thick very tight ring was snugged just under the...

briacon429 1 week ago

Cocklust Ch. 28

Scott and Chad struggle to stay on their best behavior.

That weekend was a blur of speeches, receptions, and other special events. We also got Skype calls from relatives like Rachel and Todd. Of course, Amy was always the star of the show. Mom got kind of weepy at times, and she kept taking pictures left...

Larshally 2 weeks ago

Wonderboy, Boy I Wonder - Chapter One: Rescuer

Ian Hayne finds himself cruelly extorted by organized criminals, and this leads him to a chance encounter that will leave him pining.

I grew up hungry in the poorest corner of Cretan City, a tragedy of fallen potential called Farsky. Originally intended to be the next big project, a hub of cultural significance, the largest grant funding the would-be arts district had mysteriously di...

BrookLynne 2 weeks ago

Irreversible Reaction

Mark decides to carry out an experiment. The test subject: Tag.

Tag had seen Mark quite a few times in the lab and had already made up his mind that Mark was strictly straight, no doubt about it. He’d even heard him brag about his hot girlfriend on several occasions. Besides, his radar had told him to steer clear o...

MarkSunset 3 weeks ago

Road Trip with a Sissy: Day Two

After discovering Kieron's sissy side, Jack uses it to act out his sexual fantasies

My alarm went off way too soon. Last night’s festivities had seriously cut into my sleep time and I was exhausted. Much as I wanted to sleep in, we still had a lot of miles to go today. I only had a couple quick stops I had to make before we hit the op...

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briacon429 3 weeks ago

Cocklust Ch. 26

Scott gets a chance to act out his fetish.

Our lovemaking session was just as beautiful as I’d hoped. It happened right after we left the shop. We didn’t even make it back to my place—or to his, for that matter. We just made it as far as the forest, which was the closest place we could be...

SuccubusSlayer 3 weeks ago

The Point 2 - Chapter 6

Brandon and Jackson both officially join the team.

The next day Mark was greeted by a very enthusiastic Sam. Apparently, Sam had stopped by the sporting goods store to thank the owner personally for donating the shoes to him. The two hit it off quite well and David was impressed by Sam’s personality an...

Str8NotSoMuch 3 weeks ago

My First Gay Experience

I was thirty and totally straight when I realized I like cock way more than pussy.

A little bit of background first. I was not a virgin, was not molested, and did not "know my whole life" that I was gay. I had many heterosexual relationships; I had sex with women regularly and enjoyed it when I did. I was not homophobic but I was in...

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SuccubusSlayer 3 weeks ago

The Point 2 - Chapter 5

Sam takes a huge step forward while Devonte receives his official welcoming to the team.

The following day Mark headed to the locally owned sporting goods store. He needed to buy a couple of new jockstraps, especially since Pak had recently acquired one of his. That gave him the perfect opportunity to convince the owner to help him get Sam...

briacon429 1 month ago

Cocklust Ch. 25

Scott tries to wrangle his desires.

Our sex tape was surprisingly easy to edit. We had plenty of usable footage, so we mostly just had to decide which angles we liked best. We even cheated a little: we showed some of the same moments from different points of view, which made it look li...

f1lthOfficial 1 month ago

A hot shower after soccer practice

Robin have been fantasizing about his team mate Lance for a while, now it's time to hit the showers ;)

My name is Robin. I moved from the north of Sweden to the small town off Hustonville, Kentucky. Why? To play soccer of course! It all began when I was playing FIFA on Xbox. I’ve got to be honest, I suck at it. But I like to play online and talk to new peo...

At the Gloryhole

Lunch time at the local gloryhole; I suck several cocks and take big loads into my happy mouth.

I was near the local glory hope yesterday on errands and went in hoping for some quick fun. I parked around the corner and went into the building. I walked past the sex toys and down the hall to where the booths are. Two rows of booths, twelve on each...

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