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Horror Stories

The seduction of horror in the literary world is as captivating now as it has ever been. Entice your audience to experience the forbidden, carnal exhilaration that a cocktail of sex and adrenaline-pumping terror can evoke.

Titillate their minds and senses with consensual masochism as they willingly submit to the pleasures of fear.

From the Gothic desires of sensuous vampires to the spine-tingling suspense of psychological torment, sate your readers unquenchable thirst for blood and bosoms.

1 month ago

Doll Parts

Always willing, forever silent—has Jordan met his ultimate girlfriend?

“Tempting,” Jordan whispered to himself, caressing the picture on the screen, “so very tempting.” Two weeks had passed since he first met her eyes looking out of his laptop. Somehow she had slipped past his ad blocker while he explored the darker recesses...

3 months ago

The Fucking Dead

He is out of time as the Zombie horde approaches.

Brock returned to the bunker, winded. “I got more ammo for the AR,” he hollered. “Good,” Brittany shouted back. “Load me up some magazines! This hunting rifle is overkill.” He loaded as fast as he could, but couldn’t keep his mind on his task. Brittany lo...

6 months ago

Dialogues - Daughters Of Darkness

Fogbound in Ostend with oodles of lesbian vampires

"No, I'm not doing it."  "But dinkums."  "I'm not doing any more."  "Sweety-pie."  "Don't you dinkums and sweety-pie me, I've said 'No' and I mean it." "What's the matter? Didn't you enjoy yourself? You did get a nice Georgie Eliot helping hand and you de...

“So the farmer’s kid comes running back home from Maisy’s Whore House, waving the duck his dad had given him to pay for his shot. His father asks him, ‘So, how’d you get on with Maisy, son?’ “And the boy starts shaking the duck by the neck and shouting, ‘...

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7 months ago

Murder Most Foul

A serial killer wants to kill my girlfriend...

"Fifteen two, fifteen four and a pair is six, and I'm out," chanted Miss McGann, "Pay up, Sam, my boy. You owe me seven and a quarter." "Gladly, you have saved me from a night of excruciating boredom, once again." She stood, picked up the chipped cup, and...

8 months ago

Lo! Baphomet! IV. Sex Cult Armageddon

The horny demon-god of lust awakens — everyone is completely fucked!

As the sun set around the world that day, no one could have known that it would be the last dusk the species Homo sapiens would ever see. Least of all me, who did not have the privilege of witnessing it, having been sucked into some unknown dimension afte...

9 months ago

Fear & Arousal

A combination of sexy and scary

CHAPTER ONE   I slam the door behind me with a large sigh. Getting home after a long day, I fall onto my bed desperate for peace. I put on some music trying to empty my mind for at least a minute or two. *DING* My phone vibrates in my pocket, sending a su...

10 months ago

Lo! Baphomet! III. Sweet Child O' Mine

Lost in a labyrinth with Nazis and the demonic Children of Baphomet — Chris is utterly fucked!

For the second time in less than a week, I woke up in a different location to where I had lost consciousness. Far less comfortable than the previous awakening, this time, I lay on bare, uneven rock. At least it's warm, I thought, and then winced, as the d...

1 year ago

Lo! Baphomet! II. Pentagram Of Pleasure

In the clutches of a demon-worshipping cult - Chris is totally fucked!

A Roman gladiator. That was how I felt, like a Roman gladiator, waiting for my turn to die. Although, of course, it was Hashim, stood beside me in this antechamber, who looked the part, with his chiselled, bronze body gleaming with the fragrant oil I had...

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