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Humor Stories

In our adult humor (“humour” for the British) section, you’ll find funny, sexy, saucy stories, meant to raise a smile.

To merge the libidinous with the laughable is perhaps the most difficult style of erotica to write, yet many lush stories writers rise to the challenge.

3 weeks ago

First Time Swinger Fail

Took my wife to a swingers club, how embarrassing.

First thing to understand is that my wife is just like most. I get horny and want to expand our sexual experiences while she doesn't understand. Fifteen years of marriage and I spent the last five trying to get her to go visit a swing club. I did all the...

2 months ago

4 Steve Wonders What He Is

Steve tries to come to grips with his recent experiences

I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. Sarah was so different. She was incredible. I wondered if she suspected something. The computer screen was covered in colored lines showing the interconnections of circuit components. DO7 on the microcontroller t...

3 months ago

A Bedtime Story, of Sorts

Lindey and I did the impossible.

I have this bed that I must describe for you. It's not a simple metal frame with an attached head and footboard that I see often. It's also not a mattress and box spring on the floor like my college days. No this is a Bed, with a capital 'B'. First, it's...

3 months ago

Meet Kryssi The Bimbo

At her boyfriend's poker party she puts the lotion on her skin...

Hiya everyone. I’m Kryssi, but my real name is Krystal. Everyone calls me Kryssi. Before I even talk about how lucky I am to be with my boyfriend, can I, like, clear the air a bit first? Everyone always makes these totally false assumptions about me, so I...

5 months ago

What's Behind The Curtain?

Most psychics fear being exposed... however, in Madame Esmerelda's tent there is only exposure.

Justin looked around nervously at the wonderous costumes and people behind them who walked from event to event at Dingaling City's annual pride parade. This was Justin's first time, having been raised in a conservative environment that would blush at such...

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5 months ago

Farm Boy Wants To Procreate

Farm boy sees farm animals procreating and decides he too wants to procreate.

John stood in the sperm bank thinking of making babies, as that got him hot. Soon it came, the burst of sperm into the cup. As he walked past the newborn nursery window in the lesbian midwifery clinic, he was envious of the medical students who were procr...

5 months ago

Morning Glory: The Morning After at Rumps

I love using her this way, and she loves being used, even if she won't admit it…

As I stepped through the door at Rumps, I stopped and stared. I was virtually alone with her. I found myself appreciating the highlights coming off her tawny skin. She had been firmly fixed in place so she couldn’t budge, and there were marks from her ear...

6 months ago

Nutty Buddies

Two Children of Eden experience Ascension in the Holy Father’s secret snack closet. Praise be!

The white van bumped and shifted around the twists and turns of the dirt road through the forest. The young man at the wheel knew it was just a short half mile off the main road, but having to drive more slowly always made it seem longer. And despite how...

6 months ago

Emperor Thrinklebopple Takes An Empress, and They Have Sex

Emperor Thrinklebopple of USA takes an Empress and they have sex. You gonna eat that burger?

The Tale of Emperor Wallace Thrinklebopple The weather was warm and the sky was clear as an unmarked white van drove into the town square. A figure emerged from the driver's side; he was dressed in an opulent uniform consisting of a blue blazer and slacks...

7 months ago

Sweet As Candy

Twin brothers, Peter and Paul, secretly double-team Joy, a grateful bit-o-honey.

Paul Marrs walked through the door to the apartment he shared with his identical twin brother, Peter. “Hey, Bro,” he called out as he put down his briefcase and went to the fridge for a cold beer. Peter yelled back, “Hey, man. You broke out early today.”...

7 months ago

Cross Burning For Dummies

Lester’s yelps and curses made it clear he was having uneven results in his battle with Belle.

To “Hardcore” Hardaway’s way of thinking, the three snot-nosed young farts standing just inside the door to his cluttered work shed didn’t look good for much, most of all a Klan job. At first, they’d tried to act cocky, like this wasn’t no big deal. But n...

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