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My First Lesbian Experience

"This is a true account of my first lesbian experience the one that turned me bi hope you enjoy :)"
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Legendary Story
Published 10 years ago
It was when I was 17 when I realised that after I broke up with my latest boyfriend (Jamie-read My First Sexual Experience, link below) that men just didn’t have the same appeal anymore. That was when I started to watch lesbian porn. I really liked the naughty feeling I got from watching it. I felt strange, it made me really horny much more horny than when I watch straight porn. Then I had an epiphany, I was lesbian... or bi, I wasn’t so sure but I knew I wasn’t straight.

One night I was watching a straight porno and I found myself always looking at the woman’s tits and pussy. Just the sight of them turned me on. The woman made me stroke my pussy. She alone made me cum but it wasn’t enough, I needed to taste a woman.

The following days after that I started to dress skimpier than before. When I was with female friends, I would teasingly bite there neck and smack there ass, but they were having none of it. My friends were straight. I had to go further afield.

That was when I started to go to gay bars, they really were not my scene. The women there were really hardcore lesbians, I just didn’t fit in. For my first girl fuck I wanted to be on the same level and not be pushed to do something I didn’t want to.

That was when college came in to play, the next time I went to college I started to look at the girls there, hoping to find someone confident and hot enough for me and them to want to fuck. There were a lot to choose from, blonde girls, redheads, brunets, all shapes and sizes, but they just didn’t appeal to me. I am not a picky girl I just wanted my first time to be special.

That was when I saw her. Her long black hair followed her perfectly as she strutted through the door, her perfume filling the air, her big brown eyes fluttering as she bites her sexy full lips finished off with lots of red lipstick. She had the standard light blue t shirt and dark blue trouser uniform we all have to wear but she managed to make it look sexy. Her 38b boobs pressed against the tight shirt and the trousers hugged her 18 year old perky butt and long legs.

She was lightly tanned and was around 5’4, I was instantly wet at the sight of her. Secretly I rubbed my pussy under my desk, I moaned quietly as my pussy ached for my touch but I could do nothing.

“Hi honey how are you?” the girl asked taking a seat at the desk next to me, discretely I pulled my hand away from my pussy.

“I’m good thanks how are you?” I replied still a little flushed from my wandering hand.

“I’m fine, excited about starting at this college, I’m Charlotte by the way. ” Her sweet voice rang in my ears. Charlotte, that name sounded like music to me, my first girl crush.

“Nice to meet you Charlotte, I’m Christine but you can call me Cristy...” from then on I knew I had made a friend and hopefully a friend with benefits.

A couple of days later after college, we exchanged numbers and she promised we would meet up some time, sooner rather than later hopefully. One night she called me saying, “Hi Cristy what you up to?”

I was doing my coursework, “Err nothing... I’m not doing anything".
“Want to go out?” She replied, she had caught me off guard. It was 9:30pm and I was in my pink short shorts and white shirt.

“Were would we go?” I replied nervously.

“I don’t know let’s just have a walk to the park or something.”

I was desperate not to disappoint her so I replied “Err ok”.

“Great!” she yelped in excitement.

I had to quickly get ready for her she said she would be here in 30 minutes, I quickly brushed my long brown with tints of blonde hair and since it was soft it was easy to style. I quickly brushed my fringe to the side and started to pick out my clothes... I found a nice baggy silk pink top and tight torn jeans, I also found some flat black shoes and a beautiful heart shaped necklace. I adjusted my 36c bra and pulled up my pink thong, my ass and tits hung out brilliantly. I looked sexy and beautiful at the same time. I was ready.

The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” I yelled, warning my family to leave the door for me. I ran to the door and slowly opened it. “Wow!” I gasped as I looked up and down at Charlotte. She was wearing a very tight and very short white shirt that was curved at the bottom pointing to her pussy, and she wore tight grey tracksuit bottoms and had a black jacket on.

“He he you like what you see?” she twirled for me slowly, her ass poked out of the trousers revealing her red panties. She turned more showing me her white shirt with the ends of a purple bra poking out, the shirt was almost see through so I knew I was going to enjoy this.

We walked the streets for awhile talking about college and what we are going to do when we leave, the conversation inevitably turned to boys and relationships she said to me reluctantly almost, “so... have you lost your ticket yet...”.
I replied quite shocked “What are you talking about?” I knew exactly what she meant I just wanted to hear her say it.

“You know... have you lost your virginity?”
I was shy to answer at first but eventually I said, “not really... I’ve had oral sex but never actual intercourse, how about you?”

She smiled and said, “I was a real slag when I turned 16 if it moved I would fuck it! By my 17th birthday I had slept with fifteen guys and 5 girls.”

I looked at her in surprise but then we laughed together, by 12:30pm we were getting tired and decided to call it a night, we kissed each other on the cheek and she said, “I’ll see you at college tomorrow!”
I whispered to myself “I hope so...”

That night I could think of nothing but her with other women, it made me so wet I just had to finger myself but I didn’t climax. I went to sleep horny as hell and knowing that tomorrow would be the day that I officially lost my ‘ticket’.

I couldn’t sleep. I must have had three hours sleep before my alarm rang telling me I had to get ready, my routine began:

1. Breakfast (2 slices of buttered toast).

2. Brush teeth/toilet.

3. Makeup- foundation, red lipstick (and lots of it) and a small amount of black eyeliner.

4. Clothing- my favourite red bra, pink thong, for today purposely shrink light blue top in the washing machine, dark blue trousers because of all this my 36c boobs protruded out of the shirt and my naturally tanned slightly trimmed stomach showed in the middle of the uniform, my ass pointed out of the back of the trousers nicely as well.

5. Perfume.

6. I’m ready.

I walked out of my room and my brother whistled at me. I giggled and continued to walk to my mom’s black Volvo, when I sat in the car she said, “even though I don’t approve of what you’re wearing, I must say you look beautiful!”

When we arrived at the college I stepped out of the car, kissed my mum on the cheek and walked into the college. Guys drooled over my bouncing boobs and wriggling ass but I continued forward not looking at any of them, I arrived in my class and sat next to Charlotte.

She looked me up and down and gasped, “my god you look unbelievable today honey!” she closed her mouth.

“You like what you see?” I said teasingly.

“Yes babe you’re actually making me a little hot!” she said still a little overwhelmed.

“Good!” I said whilst biting my bottom lip.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” she said as she breathed heavily, I stroked her leg seductively.

 “Mmm we really shouldn’t do this,” she moaned quietly as I moved my hand closer to her pussy, she was already very wet. I then whispered in her ear, “Girls toilets 2 minutes” I raised my hand and said to the teacher, “excuse me sir can I go to the toilet please?”

The teacher replied, “yes of course Cristy.” He always let me do what I want I stood up sticking my ass out as I stood in a strip tease fashion and rolled my finger along the table in front of Charlotte as I left the classroom.

I sat on the toilet and messed up my hair a little, meanwhile Charlotte exactly 2 minutes later raised her hand and said, “Can I go to the toilet please sir?”

The teacher looked at her confused and said, “Ok I guess you can be quick though!”
She stood up quickly and almost ran to the toilet, she opened the bathroom door and saw there was three girls already in. She coughed loudly trying to catch my attention I heard her and unlocked the door quickly hoping she would hear and see it... she did.

Slowly trying not to draw attention to herself she walked to the cubicle and opened the door she stepped inside and sat on my lap, her facing me with her boobs pressed up on mine.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked.

I replied, “Babe I have been waiting for this from the day we met!”

She smiled and said, “me too.” She kissed me deeply and passionately our tongues meeting as I caressed her boobs, she moaned in to my mouth as I slowly pulled her light blue shirt off revealing her black bra that hid her 38b boobs. I squeezed her boobs as she broke the kiss and pulled my tight light blue shirt off, she looked at my big 36c boobs in amazement as she licked my cleavage. I moaned as I felt her tongue in between my boobs.

I pulled her dark blue trousers off as she sat up helping me to do it. I stroked her shaven pussy under her black panties. She was so wet and hot she moaned loudly and I covered her mouth “Shhh someone will hear us!” She pulled my trousers from underneath me and stroked my pussy above my pink thong.

I was wet and the first touch of another woman sent shivers through my spine. “That feels so good!” I whispered as I quietly moaned. I undid her bra and threw it aside her boobs bounced in front of me her hard nipples in my face, I sucked her nipples and lightly nipped her nipples in my mouth she moaned louder. “I want to suck you,” she whispered. I took off my bra and she sucked my nipples and played with my big bouncing tits she pulled my thong down revealing my tanned shaven pussy she sat on her knees and buried her face in my pussy.

“Oh my... you’re so good at this!” she sucked my clit and then stuck two fingers in to my pussy.

“Mmm so nice you’re going to make me cum!” I arched my back urging her to go deeper she finger fucked me faster and harder, she yelled, “cum for me babe, cum on my fingers and face!” I moaned loudly as my entire body shook, I had the best orgasm I have ever experienced.

She lapped up the my cum and said, “nice, you taste great!” I replied, out of breath, “You’re so good but I have to return the favour.” I stood up and made her stand up and put one of her legs on the toilet seat and her other on the floor as far away as possible, her ass facing me I rolled her black panties down her long tanned legs and chucked them aside. I sucked my 2 fingers and slowly slid them in her cunt, she moaned loudly as I finger fucked her hard and fast and licked her clit. I had always wondered what a girl would taste like and now I new she tasted sweet and felt tender and delicate I loved it.

I could tell she was close because her back was arching, so to help her along, I licked one finger on my other hand and slowly made my way up. Her ass cheeks were already separated, so I rolled my finger along her tiny pink asshole and slowly penetrated her ass she threw her head back and moaned loudly. I fingered her ass and pussy in union as her entire body shook she was cumming. I licked up her cum and she panted, “You are amazing! Are you sure you’ve never been with a woman before?”
I smiled and said, “we probably should get back to class”...

After this experience we went back to class and the teacher said nothing it was our little secret we were more than friends we were friends with benefits.


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