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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead!

They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.

1 week ago

Slow Dance

Take my hand, Love ❤

The barren desert looms before me,not for the first time. I seem to have this down pat – eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. Welcome home old friend, desolation settles down before me. I let you in, far too soon, shame on me for being your fool. Love you said, you...

1 week ago

From the night comes the day

A day and night in the life of PTSD

As the sun fades I rise from the ashesThe pain ebbs away and my heart beatsLife slowly flows through me and I'm freeBreaking away from insufferable mediocrity I'm invincible in the dark of nightThe stars speak to me and map out my pathThe world is quiet a...

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2 weeks ago


The essence of you

Your presence fills the room, yet my eyes are still to see you. My pulse quickens at the mere suggestion of your masculinity enveloping my senses. My fingertips ache to brush against your flawless skin, to know the dips and curves of your sculpted physiqu...

3 weeks ago

Touching Me

Feeling You So Close

Every time you touch me It feels like heaven I like it when you leave your Love marks all Over my body It shows the world That I am yours I can not get enough of you I want you more every day Don't ever stop touching me I want you inside of me I am beggin...

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3 weeks ago


Know acceptance and peace

Come to me… Come to me with infinite softness With your tender secrets Expose raw hunger for expression Come to me with eternal shyness Coy actions and subtle smiles Peeking out in the shadows of comfort Come to me with sharp pain Razor edges slicing and...

I walk into the restaurant and see him sitting there waiting for me. He stands and we kiss checks and both go shy. Our conversation flows and our flirting never stops. He makes me smile and giggle loads. I see his handsome smile cross his face. We have li...

I want you Your sexy body is all I can think about You make me feel things I have never felt before I hope to have you soon My body is waiting on you Will you make me cum With your words Say the words I am yours

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1 month ago


Ode to an intimate act that seems overlooked in erotica

It started as a peckA hello on her cheekHer face turned someOnto her lips it did sneak. A look in her eyesTold me it was fineTo kiss her lipsWith a taste of fine wine. Butterfly kisses to startBeing gentle at firstAnd taking it slowNot wanting the bubble...

Where does real beauty lie? Is it in the colour of someone’s eye, or the shape and fullness of their breast? Or, is it in their smile that lights up their face when they see something they love? Is it in the shape of their arse that may ripple if spanked?...

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1 month ago

A Tale of Two Lovers

Two people sprinkled with lust and love

A tale of two lovers, Preoccupied with one another. Hands and mouths touch, As Cupid watches and hovers. As soon as Cupid strikes, Breaths become shallow. Bodies begin to radiate heat, And every action feels hallow. The two intertwine, To attempt to becom...

1 month ago

11:11 (I do not want to wish for you)

Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

11:11, a time for blessings and manifesting,or perhaps just hopeless wishes of the lonely. I recall how I first wished for you, how your luminous existence seemed surreal,and how I wished to simply experience it and understand the very nature of your bein...

1 month ago

My Declaration

A statement of how I feel to my lover, my friend and my mistress.

I love my Pixie to the end of the world. I wake up in the morning, not expecting but find her close to me.I see her for the woman she is to me, tall and proud.I have since I have known known her. I have seen her grow as a person gaining confidence.I wish...

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2 months ago

Into the Abyss of Desire

A sonnet of abandonment to the demands of lust.

Come join me in the abyss of yearning, Cast off all restraint to embrace my fire, And revel in the force of its burning As you abandon yourself to desire Your flesh aflame in exquisite torment In the conflagration of naked lust. To all my dark demands giv...

I don't want you to let me dream of youwhere blood beats in perfect pitchand drawn breath releases uponyour skin as the heated wind of a gathering storm too close to home where I know you'll need so much more.You'll tell yourself it's for the best,that it...

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