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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section.

These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories.

This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.

3 days ago

Fooled Around and Fell in Love…

He goes where no man has gone before.

She was a dream-come-true… Certainly, for me. I arrived late to my best buddy’s can’t-miss annual hedonistic Halloween party. I showed up as the Johnny Depp buccaneer from Pirates of the Caribbean, owing to several missed haircuts and a rebellious goatee....

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1 week ago

You Need Me

My fairytale come true

Like most girls growing up, I often dreamt of my Prince Charming. I wanted the perfect guy, the perfect first kiss, and the perfect family that lived happily ever after. I knew It was more of a fantasy than a reality, but for some people, dreams do come t...

1 week ago

A Special Neighbor

Kris gets locked into a relationship but finds her out with an unlikely neighbor.

I would never have thought I would be where I am in my life. Not that I do not like where my life is, just that anyone who knew me growing up would be shocked where I am. I will need to give some background information so that you could understand. My nam...

1 week ago

Bless Me Father (For I Have Sinned) Chapter 1

The emancipation of a regressed woman.

Awakening The priest had heard the door shut quietly and settled into a comfortable position, ready to hear the usual liturgy of minor transgressions that would be forgiven with his scale of “Hail Mary’s” by way of absolution. Twenty minutes later, and ha...

1 week ago

Shauna, the Mermaid

She wasn't a mermaid, was she?

George was from a very protective family. In his family, there were a few rules, like no TV and no phone calls during dinner. Those were moments for sharing about the day, at school for him and his siblings, and at work for his parents. Another rule was t...

1 month ago

Passion Ruled Me

I have always felt the touch and grace of beauty. Yet it is only to the beauty of a woman that I have fallen.

I had had it. What a week. Finally, it’s Friday, and … my birthday. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked out of the office. I got on the train at 33rd, headed for my apartment in the Village. The Yankees were playing and I hoped to catch the last few inn...

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1 month ago

Happy Birthday, Dana!

Sometimes the unexpected happens.

Dana came from a wealthy family. She went to college and got a degree in World History. With her degree, she could have taught, and she had the vocation for teaching, but she said that she preferred to leave the job to those who really needed a job. She d...

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1 month ago

If You Know Your History

She was a teacher, they wrote their own history

Life works in funny ways. Or, should I say, two ways. Let’s just say, what you sow, you reap, and considering that, the two ways factor comes to play. What you sow either comes back one day and bites your ass or, it comes back with rewards never anticipat...

8 Votes 8
Score 4.75 4.75
807 Views 807
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1 month ago

At a Distance

At a distance, love in COVID time is harduous.

Do you know what is worse than starting a new job? Doing it just after the COVID confinement started. What was supposed to be a simple in-person onboarding followed by a team introduction meeting changed to be a hasty phone call with the HR rep and a Zoom...

1 month ago

Always With Love

LeeAnn met the guy who changed her life and made her dreams come true.

LeeAnn, a twenty-two-year-old woman, had a great curvy body, long red curly hair, green eyes, and full lips. She was beautiful and everywhere she went, people turned to look at her, men and women, old and young. From 10 PM to 2 AM, Wednesday to Sunday, Le...

Sailor8559 1 month ago

Terry's bored.

When you get bored, you have to do something about it.

“I’m going out tonight.” “Oh, with who?” “No one.” “So, you’re going out alone?” “Yes.” “Where are you going?” “I don’t know.” “Ok, you’re going out alone but don’t know where you’re going. When will you be back?” “I don’t know.” “Will you be coming back...

7 Votes 7
Score 4 4
1.2k Views 1.2k
1.3k words 1.3k words
1 month ago

Flight 7869

Breaking the distance

"Zone 3 now boarding for flight 7869 to Newark." I heard the announcement over the airport intercom. Gate A34 had been my temporary home for the past three hours as I waited for that call. Many would say I was crazy for getting to the airport that early p...

9 Votes 9
Score 4.89 4.89
2.0k Views 2.0k
1.9k words 1.9k words

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