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Masturbation Stories

We feature both female masturbation (masterbation) and male masturbation stories here.

A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time.

Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved.

Ecstasy In You

From her cold marriage bed, to the warm words of her lover...

"Wasn't that amazing, babe?" he boasts. His pride oozes from every pore, just as his cum still oozes from my unsatisfied body. Unfortunately for him, I am unimpressed. I rise. I wrap the sheet around my naked body. And I give him an uninterested, "Mhm." T...

It is so vividly etched into my mind: the recollection of when I saw you enter that room which, although being crowded and the music blasting from the speakers, made me feel alone and left out. I was about to leave the party, stagger home, crawl back to b...

1 month ago

Truth Or Dare

Girls playing games in the last bus home...

“Hi, sorry,” a female voice called from the aisle beside me, “… Sorry!” It was late, I was tired from working my shift at the bar, and the last thing I needed was some drunk disturbing me on the bus home. I kept my eyes set firmly on the pages of my book...

1 month ago

The First Minute is Free - Part 2

Jake’s big deal was a bust, but his afternoon is looking up!

“Jean, Jean, please send me back to your manager. I really need to talk to her!” Jake pleaded with Jean. “Ooo-Kaayyy Siirrr, transferring now.” Jake knew the encounter probably only took thirty seconds, but it seemed like days. There was a long pause. He...

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1 month ago

Helping Helen Cum – Part 2: Cumming Hard

As Marcus helps Helen cum, it begins to develop into something more…for both of them…

I sat, naked, in front of the keyboard, eagerly awaiting Marcus’ arrival. Earlier in the day, I had had the first orgasm I had ever experienced, even though I was in my thirties and had been married for several years. My married life had been a disappoint...

11 Votes 11
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1 month ago

The Auction: Part 1

A woman starts down the cheating path

It started when I attended a benefit banquet a couple of years ago with my husband, Michael. He's a partner in a prestigious law firm in Seattle, and it was their annual charity auction where everyone one-ups each other for the most significant donation....

40 Votes 40
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1 month ago

Helping Helen Cum – Part 1

Helen, a woman in her thirties, didn't know what an orgasm was…until she met Marcus online…

He rolled his chair up to his desk, woke his laptop in its dock, and signed into the Lush website. He did this several times a day when he wasn’t working, and it was always a source of…well, many things: joy, pain, hurt, friendship, anger…he almost felt l...

20 Votes 20
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2 months ago

The Big Squeeze

I didn't know girls get off like this.

The warmth of the sun shines on my face through the window sill, subtly telling me to open my eyes and wake up. I really don’t feel like it, for I’m in the middle of a sensual dream. I couldn’t tell what’s going on in there but it was so good I could feel...

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2 months ago

Tube Ride Home

Dave has unexpected fun on his ride home

Dave was looking along the platform edge and cursing. He’d wanted to have left the office early today but his boss had other ideas, even though they had agreed on it in advance. He still managed to pull out an “urgent task” five minutes before he had plan...

13 Votes 13
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3.8k Views 3.8k
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2 months ago

My first homoerotic encounter

Me and Carl got very close one day

My friend Carl and I have always been very close buds. We met at work and instantly hit it off. Over the first few months, we would hang out outside of work, go out drinking, and work out of his garage getting to know each other more. It wasn't until one...

8 Votes 8
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2 months ago

Tantra Massage

George Visits A Sensual Massage Tantric Therapist

George knocked, a little nervously, on the wooden door of the hotel suite. Akasha smiled as she opened the door. “Please, come in!” George stood a moment on the threshold, peering into the room beyond, before stepping inside. Candlelight flickered over th...

2 months ago

Something in Common

Friends share an unexpected evening and discover they have certain "habits" in common.

With a light flump, I sat my overnight bag down on the concrete beside my feet, took a deep breath of the still-warm evening air, and rang a doorbell I hadn't pressed in several years. I couldn't explain why I felt a bit nervous, but coming back here felt...

2 months ago

Midnight Skinny Dipping

Cumming in the midnight sea, with moonlight shining on my body.

I slipped out the window into the cold summer night air, turned on my flashlight and headed down to the beach. The soft sand was cool beneath my bare feet, and moonlight danced across the surface of the water. I walked up to the shoreline, letting the gen...

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