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Involving older women or men, our mature stories posts appeal to people who enjoy an experienced hand in the bedroom.

There's nothing like sex with an older partner to get up to speed with the finer arts involved in love making.

Younger guys are sure to love the milf stories.

PJH 4 hours ago

His Grandmother's Friend

Chris makes an interesting discovery on a sex site and gives his grandmother's friend a good fucking

Chris Maybrick was a nineteen-year-old youth who had recently joined an online sex site. He had a casual girlfriend of a similar age to himself and they occasionally had sex but Chris was not finding that exciting enough. He liked the idea of fucking a...

Bigoldsofty 3 days ago

Chance Reunion

A reunion with an old school friend.

It was a chance meeting that I would never have expected. It was raining lightly. Just a little more than a drizzle. This was the first rain in a long time so the roads were slippery. I found this out when I only just avoided hitting someone's pet....

Breastman 2 weeks ago

Pat. Chapter 5. Pat wants my new work colleague.

From the moment Pat saw Ian, she knew she was going to fuck him.

Pat and I had just had fantastic sex. I want to say it was me that got her so horny she screamed her way through multiple orgasms, but it wasn't.We had been to a work social, and there Pat met Ian for the first time. He was the one who got Pat's j...

watcheruk 2 weeks ago

The Survey

A mature woman is interviewed about her sex life

I dropped cards through the letter boxes of a hundred houses in the affluent area of the city expecting, at the most, one or two responses. They look fully authentic and professional and offer mature ladies a financial reward for partaking in a survey...

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ghostwalker101 2 weeks ago

Like What You See?

Two friends caught in the moment

It had been a fairly quiet day at the store, one of the very few there had been since Covid had made people scared or selfish. John had finished all he needed to do with a couple of hours to spare on his shift, but couldn’t help but try and find somet...

PJH 3 weeks ago

Perhaps You Should Spank Me - Part 2

Brad returns to Cheryl's house for more sex and this time it is she that gets a sore arse

Cheryl O'Rourke was on a high throughout most of Tuesday. She was on a high because of the sensational sex that the forty-nine-year-old had had overnight with nineteen-year-old Brad Everett and also because Brad was returning at seven in the evening fo...

Trystin715 3 weeks ago

Cadillac Jac

Mitch dates a widow.

Mitchell Bellamy smiled that dreamy smile of his. "Do you want to watch me masturbate?" His eyes were honest blue in a tanned and leathery face. At seventy years old, he had little time for game playing. His dinner date with sixty-three-year...

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PJH 1 month ago

Perhaps You Should Spank Me

A young man makes a suggestion to a mature woman and it leads to a great fuck

Cheryl O'Rourke's heart was racing because Brad Everett was due to be arriving at her house very soon. She was not absolutely certain that Brad had been serious in what he had said and she found herself hoping both that he was serious and that he wasn'...

Breastman 1 month ago

PAT. Chapter Four. Pat and a young cock.

Pat fucks a friends son, and his mother finds out. Lucky me.

I came home from work, and as I drove down the drive, Larry was riding down on his bicycle. Larry is eighteen and the son of friends.I stopped and said, "Hi" to Larry, and asked how he was.Larry looked very nervous. He was red-faced and on...

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PJH 1 month ago

The Traffic Warden

Giving and receiving a parking ticket leads to some great fucking

Barbara Morris knew that her job did not make her popular, but if people did not park their vehicles illegally, they would not get parking tickets. At the moment, fifty-eight-year-old Barbara was affixing a ticket to the windscreen of an expensive-...

Jull1etteProse 1 month ago

Not Seventy

Mature couple reunite after twenty-five years and sixty-nine follows!

It started with an elegant dinner at their favorite hotel in their favorite town from years prior. They were tentative with each other at first but quickly fell into conversation as if twenty-five years hadn’t passed. They chatted about old times and w...

1eon 1 month ago


Rediscovering passion at 70+ with a much younger man

Cindy shopped on Wednesday afternoons since that was her day off from answering phones and scheduling appointments for Dr. Weiner, a local dentist. The routine was the same every week; gas up the Chrysler, visit her ninety-three-year-old mother at the...

PJH 1 month ago

Shirley Gets A Fucking From Steve

Mandy thinks that her co-worker Shirley needs a good fuck and she knows who can give it to her.

Things had been going well in the three weeks since Gaby Harrington, Mandy Batchelor and Steve Prentice had had their first threesome. They had had one more threesome but there had also been a lot of one-to-one sex with Steve fucking both of the mature...

irontopia 1 month ago

The Coppinger's Workman

Abbie Coppinger flirts with a workman and provides a service of her own.

Before the Job It seemed like such an easy job for my mate Edward and, to be honest, it was; it was just the type of job that wasn’t quick. It was a renovation job in his bedroom and spare room. I was to convert the spare room to a...

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