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Medical Stories

Medical fetish stories involve medical themed sexual fantasies. They might involve medical equipment, practices, environments, or even doctor / nurse / patient role playing.

A medical fetish can take many forms. You might be aroused by doctors, nurses, or other members of the medical community, or even their uniforms. Some people who are into this fetish often have a specific interest in the medical instruments and devices used. They may get turned on at the thought of engaging in actual examination style role play.

Do you long for the feel of a latex gloves poking and prodding your most intimate places? The firm bedside manner of the night nurse as she checks your vitals? Drool at the thought of dressing up in a hospital gown and putting your feet into stirrups? Like the feeling of being wide open and stretched by a speculum or anal dilator? Or maybe your desires are darker and you long to be admitted into the psychiatric ward as a sex addict, strapped into a straightjacket and placed in a padded room at the mercy of the staff, all in the name of science? Get your kink on with our medical fetish stories!

1 week ago

The Flu Shot

In an attempt to get a simple flu shot, I get so much more.

I was past due for the regular flu shot due with my Doctor's office staff to blame. I know it's been busy since the whole Covid thing, but at least answer the damn phone. I'd had my annual physical scheduled with them in about a week. They were supposed t...

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2 months ago

The Gynaecologist's Chair - Part III

More medicine for Sharon from Dr Mark

Juliette lay there in silence for what seemed to her, an eternity, but in reality, it was only ten minutes or so. She wondered if Mark was still lying on top of Sharon, still erect and deeply embedded inside her. She couldn’t understand it. She should hav...

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2 months ago

Jana's Appointment With Dr. Marx

A visit to the doctor always help.

The car pulled up in front of the lobby doors to a small clinic. The name on the door said it was the ‘Marx Gynecological and Pregnancy Care Clinic.’ She knew her appointment was with Doctor Marx. She slid out of the Uber that had brought her to the clini...

2 months ago

The Gynaecologists Chair - Part II

Curiosity takes Sharon to the chair

Sharon arrived at 10:15a.m. for her appointment. She was greeted by Juliette wearing a Senior Staff Nurse’s uniform. “Oooooh, look at you!” she exclaimed. Juliette frowned. “Come on Sharon, let’s keep it serious.” She apologised. “Yes, we should play it o...

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2 months ago

The Gynaecologists Chair

Curiosity..... just might take you on a visit to the gynaecologists chair

Juliette knew that she would go snooping. Sharon was nosy, she liked to know other people’s business. Not that she was a gossip, because she could be trusted with secrets, it was just that she liked to pry, as if knowing everybody else’s secrets gave her...

3 months ago

The Last Goodbye

My heart melted, I love him so much.

The smell of coffee for some people is an aphrodisiac and when you're a trauma surgeon and an ICU nurse coffee is life. When we bleed it's not red, but rather it’s brown. It's Friday morning and I picked up an extra shift in the ER for a coworker today, s...

4 months ago

Jaq And The Gyno Chair

We get to know a doctor at our swingers' club

We had chatted to Mike and Helen many times at one of our clubs, but never before had we played with the two of them. Mike and Helen are a beautiful black couple, similar ages to Jaq and myself. We had chatted on previous occasions but had never really go...

4 months ago

Prostate exam triggers a teenage ass-gasm

A cute female doctor gets more than she anticipated during an exam

A clinic visit turned unexpectedly sexual.   Urology is a surgical specialty dealing with disorders of the urogenital system. Most doctors who choose this field do so because they like operating, but that's not all there is to it. We also treat conditions...

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6 months ago

Dear Cum - Dr Flappyduck

Everyone has problems. I do my best to help.

WARNING: This 'Dear Cum' contains non-sexualised references and descriptions of vaginas. We appreciate this is unsettling and unnatural. Be assured that this is just a brief forray into the world of Medical Science. Vaginas are, of course, nectar oozing f...

9 months ago

You're So Bold

Sometimes you have to liven things up a bit on the Night Shift

The beginnings of another night shift. I pulled the navy blue scrubs denoting me as Ward Sister over my head and attached my name-badge and watch. I was still getting used to the fact I was in charge of the ward. I couldn’t quite believe they’d promoted m...

1 year ago

Virtual Reality — Reality

His virtual reality system takes him on an unexpected trip...

Like so many people in this year of 2023, we had all hoped the worst was behind us. The vaccine programs were only partially effective and the virus kept mutating putting more and more people at risk. The changes in society were almost unbelievable. I kno...

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