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Microfiction Stories

The aim of microfiction (also commonly known as “micro-fiction”) is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Doing extremely short writing challenges can force you to focus on the most important points of your plot, what is going to come across the best in the least amount of words, what it is you want to convey, and cultivating and condensing the juiciest parts of a story. Our microfiction stories are limited to a maximum of 100 words. We recommend including an accompanying image which may have inspired or represent them.

We are interested in high quality submissions which tell a story, not just random erotic thoughts. Authors should note that our story verifiers have strict instructions to reject the latter. This category is for stand-alone stories only. It is not for stories submitted as part of a series.

The wettened finger glides down her neck and along her collarbone, pausing between her breasts. I wet it again before it makes little circles around her hardening nipples, gently stimulating the rosy buds slowly, patiently. Wet once more, it meanders acro...

9 hours ago

Family Affair

A family gathering gets messy.

Paula stood in front of the mirror, aghast. "My makeup is ruined!" "I'm sorry." "It's all over the place. I can't believe my sister puts up with this!" "She doesn't," I softly responded. "I don't blame her," she said, clearly agitated as she hastily pulle...

The second date with the sister went with a swing. They were more alike than he thought. They arrived at his house for an after-dinner fuck and before he knew it they were naked; her clothes just seemed to evaporate. The fuck was wild, fast and deep. Then...

2 days ago

Working too hard

Getting a bonus requires a lot of extra work

You’ve put in months of business trips with nights away from home, working late at the office, never home before nine pm. “It’ll be worth it,” you tell your wife. “Getting the bonus and maybe a promotion.” You finally get it and knock off early for once i...

“She’s lovely you should ask her out,” she panted between moans. He pounded his cock effortlessly into her body as it lay prostrate over his work desk. “Fuck! I don’t know, she’s so different to you!” He replied in between heavy breaths. “Ask her out you...

I pull up close, pressing my chest against her back, my waist to hers and my thighs tucked under her bottom. I welcome the warmth. My arm drapes over her side and my hand gently cups her breast as I inhale deeply, absorbing the intoxicating fragrance on t...

Stacey's Mum

Mikey gets his reward for a good deed

I only came round to help my girlfriend Stacey move some boxes while her dad's out of town. Now Stacey's gone but I'm still here. You look up into my eyes and ask, "Want to go again?" I nod as you climb on top. I groan as you lower yourself onto me. The h...

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6 days ago

Together At Last

A long-held passion is consummated

"Let's do this. Now. I've wanted you since we first met, years ago," said Carol, reaching out to touch him. It no longer felt wrong. "I've always wanted you, too," he whispered. He undressed her slowly. She lay back and opened her legs, showing him her mo...

15 Votes 15
Score 4.93 4.93
1.6k Views 1.6k
99 words 99 words

My fingers slide into her as the killer approaches a blissfully unaware couple, music swelling. Her legs part, allowing me further into this molten tight core. Her eyes never leave the screen as I slowly pump, thumb against the swollen nub of her clit, th...

15 Votes 15
Score 4.8 4.8
756 Views 756
100 words 100 words
6 days ago

New secretary

If only his wife knew why he'd given her friend a job

“Darling,” my wife simpers. “My friend Jenny is in a spot of financial trouble. She could really do with a job.” I gaze into her big brown eyes, staring up at me as she drops to her knees. “Could you find her something to do at your work? Please?” ‘You me...

1 week ago

The Perfect End To A Perfect DAy

We enjoy the sunset in more ways than one.

A red sky in the evening. The warmth of the setting sun on our naked skin. The boat at anchor settled peacefully in a secluded cove. The water is still as if it were glass. Lying on the deck with a glass of champagne in one hand. My companion beside me. I...

1 week ago

The Church

The things we do in the name of the Lord.

The musty church smell lingered, competing with the sweet smell seeping into his nostrils from her bent over bottom at the altar. Every stroke dragged out more juice that quickly evaporated from their hot, frantic coupling. “How many times in here?” She s...

1 week ago

An Exhibitionist At Long Last

The fantasising is over. She wants the reality

At last, my wife's opportunity to explore her exhibitionist leanings. The beach; quiet. Just us and the young hunk sitting behind us. Sunglasses. "Is he looking?" she wonders. Nonchalantly removing her bikini top, she casually strokes her tits. His member...

The sharp teeth of the brambles snag her petal-soft skin, tattooing criss-crossed smiles. Spiteful nettles lick her wounds as she tries to escape. My gnarled fingers grasp at her hair, but miss. I need to get closer before I make my lunge. Finally, I trap...

12 Votes 12
Score 4.92 4.92
413 Views 413
103 words 103 words

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