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Mind Control Stories

Mind control sex stories, are those where mind control and even telepathy, is somehow used as part of a sexual act.

One of the most commonly used mind control techniques is hypnotizing someone, and then using suggestions to make them perform sexual acts or bring themselves to orgasm while under hypnosis. Characters are often hypnotised into behaving less restrained than they might be in real life.

A person may have a secret longing to be used as a sexual plaything, but are unlikely to realise that fantasy unless it was brought out under hypnosis. Another common theme in mind control stories, is turning the hypnotised person into a "people puppet", where the "villain" may use his psychic powers, to manipulate the limbs of his "victim", as if they were a puppet. For example, a person may not wish to be servile to another, but might be forced to kneel down in front of them (and perform various "services"), in a case of mind over matter.

2 weeks ago

Harmless Wishes Between Friends

Blake wakes up with the ability to change people with his wishes.

"What's this amazing thing you wanted to show me? Also, why aren't you dressed yet?" Katie asked as she burst through the front door of Blake's dorm room. The pair of twenty-year-olds had just started their junior year in college and had become somewha...

The Cul-De-Sac

Young newlyweds buy into a very interesting neighborhood

The wooded cul-de-sac sat hidden in a residential area about forty minutes from the city. It was in a middle-class town that urban sprawl was slowly but surely having its way with, and an attractive location for our young couple to purchase their first...

2 weeks ago

Mind Hack Pt. 02: Mystery Gift

Ally receives a toy from the MHS.

ALLYAfter uploading my first video on the Mind Hack Society servers I felt a bit dumb. What on earth was I thinking? I guess I was too horny to think straight, but still, I had never seen myself as "that kinda girl". It was time to forget about...

1 month ago

Perfect Girlfriend Juice, Ch. 03: "Perfect Secretary" (Part 1)

What happens when your imprint doesn't *want* a perfect girlfriend?

Alani burst out of her boss's office, trying to hold back tears after seeing just how angry Jack had been. She knew that it was entirely deserved - she'd double-booked him for a meeting again, only a few days after having already made the exact same mi...

1 month ago

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree, Ch. 01

A nerd receives a gift from his jock father that causes changes in himself and his platonic friend.

Josh couldn't be more unlike his father, for all of the usual, stereotypical reasons. Josh was smart, had good grades, was good with computers. He was on his high school's chess club and debate team, and hadn't played a sport since a partic...

1 month ago

Mind Hack Pt. 1: You've got mail!

I open a brainwash video by accident.

ALLY I wouldn’t be the first person to accidentally download a computer virus, but the one I opened loaded into my brain. In my defense, it was a hot day, I’d been studying for hours and it felt like my brain had melted. I’d taken a break from my...

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1 month ago


She knew it- she just knew the shots had chips.

“It’s true about the chips, you know.” Cherry whipped around. The man standing behind her in line smiled and nodded. “What did you say?” she asked him. The man’s smile receded into a straight line above his dimpled chin. “I’m sorry?”...

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2 months ago

Bimbo Potion: Revenge, Ch. 07

The explosive finale to Bimbo Potion: Revenge!

Jill left early Monday morning, eager to get back to school so she could begin using her bimbofied breasts and hips, along with the irresistible pheromones coming from her tight little pussy, to pursue a lucrative MRS degree. After she spent a few year...

2 months ago

Brand new slut and the nerd

Kelly exhibits strange new behaviours.

“What the fuck, Kelly?” Jack jumped in his seat as Kelly’s hand slid up his inner thigh to the bulge in his jeans. “Shhh,” she told him from her big, pouty lips as she unbuttoned and then unzipped him. Jack looked around the dark cinema—no one sa...

2 months ago

Perfect Girlfriend Juice, Ch. 02: The Mayor's Wife

A mayor's wife wants to become more stately, but her husband has a secret kink for bratty nymphets.

Eleanor loved being the Mayor's wife. Knowing that she was making a positive difference in her community for her husband's constituents was part of it, sure, but mostly she loved the sense of grandeur and decorum that came with being the wife...

3 months ago

RepliKate and the BunnyGirls

A sexy superhero with the power to perfectly copy clothing accidentally replicates a hypno-uniform

RepliKate impatiently waited for the patrol to walk by, activating her powers as she stepped into the hallway behind them. The classy, dark evening gown that molded itself to her smooth curves vanished suddenly, leaving her ample assets fully nude for...

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