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Money Stories

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions, and sex for money is the theme of this category.

Stories are likely to feature characters and scenarios containing the likes of escorts, gigolos, hookers, strippers, happy ending massages, cashed up sugar daddies, cam models, gay for pay, millionaires, and indecent proposals.

4 months ago

I'm A Gloryhole Girl!, Chapter 2

Kim's first night at the gloryhole was everything she'd been told - and more!

Later that night about 7:30, I found myself parked at the back of the red barn. I had dressed as inconspicuously as I could, hoping to not be noticed going into the place. I didn't know what I should bring, but I figured I would find out for the next time...

4 months ago

I'm A Gloryhole Girl!, Chapter 1

Waitressing was slow and Kim had bills to pay. But Amy knew how to make some fast cash!

"Dammit, I hate fucking waiting tables!" I said as I plopped down on a chair for an all too brief break during my shift at the diner. We weren't especially busy and that was the rub – whether we had one customer or one hundred, my boss and the owner of th...

5 months ago

Charlie And The Factory, Chapter 11

Mia sees a few performances at the Factory before she performs.

“Ok, so, tell me, what made you take this job?" I said. “I have kids to feed. I lost my old job not too long ago... Not that it was a good one.” “People romanticize stripping. It is sexy but it’s dangerous,” I said. “That being said, let me give you a few...

5 months ago

Fucking With The Mind (Part One)

She knows what you want... knows what you need...

She sat in the blue velvet chair of the swanky apartment complex lobby, comparing every man who came through the door against the picture she had committed to memory. It was important that she saw him before he saw her.  She always chose legs or cleavage...

5 months ago

Alexandra and the Pensioners

Size matters but not as much as knowing where the money is.

Like I told my friend Hank, I moved to Florida after teaching for two years in North Carolina. Hank and I had been close friends. I guess it would be more accurate to say we were lovers for a year before he enrolled at a culinary school in Paris. Soon aft...

6 months ago

The Massage Parlor

My first sexual experience at a massage parlor.

I keenly remember the desperate yearnings of my teenage years. Hormones were flowing through my veins like a flooded creek after a spring storm, but I languished miserably in a sexual desert. Just looking at girls filled me with an insatiable desire which...

7 months ago

Dear Cum - Miss Jiggly Tits

Everyone has problems. I do my best to help

Following the incomparable commercial and critical success of 'Dear Cum - The Fools' I have been inundated with letters requesting that I publish the complete April Fool letter. Who would have thought that the adventures of a virgin, perky, pokie, bouncy,...

8 months ago

Wendy Pays Her Debt

My step sister pays up

"C'mon Dave! You’re not actually going to make me do this? Are you?” Wendy said to me. “I mean. You’re my brother.” I quickly retorted, “Step! Brother.” “But still,” she continued. “Can’t you make an exception this time?” “Nope!” I told her. “Now pay up.”...

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The knock came as I took my first sip from my third glass. Sighing, I stood and walked to the door; the sight through the peephole evoked a different sigh. “Massage,” she said when I opened the door. “I didn’t order a massage,” I said. “A special gift fro...

11 months ago

Charlie And The Factory, Chapter 10

A woman from Shawn Taylor's past asks for a job.

I was sitting at the bar when Lillian was about to tell me her story of when she got caught by Milo masturbating... “Ok, tell me, tell me, Lillian...” I looked at Lillian intently in her eyes as she was going to tell her story. She took a deep breath. “So...

11 months ago

The Whore and The Gentleman

A high-class escort meets her man for the evening...

Saturday, 7:45 pm, At The Bar The Joe Walsh song “All Night Long” came over the loudspeaker. That is a different song than the Lionel Richie one of the same title. I smiled, knowing most everyone in here didn’t even know who Joe Walsh was, or that he join...

1 year ago

The Escape

You never know what's in a cam girl's resume or a cabbie's imagination!

It was a rainy Sunday morning. Kabir had been waiting for a fare outside 432 Cherry Lane for a long time, long enough for his fantasies to get wild and woolly. Would he be able to take his next customer home to his basement and fuck her? What would she lo...

1 year ago

My Wife, A Stripper, Enough Said!

Everyone assumes strippers are only interested in money, then my wife walked into the club.

I think I made a grave error. I guess I should explain. Well before marriage, I used to enjoy the occasional trip to strip clubs. I never went often and hardly ever when dating someone. But there was something so tantalizing about having a pretty girl dan...

1 year ago

The Girl Across The Street Is Taught A Lesson - Part 2

Monica has lunch with Mr. Powers and is surprised by who joins them.

I woke to a pleasant sunny morning and after climbing out of bed; I went commando slipping on a pair of gray athletic shorts and a black T-shirt. Finished changing the sheets and cleaning up, I went to the gourmet kitchen. I opened a cabinet, took out two...

1 year ago

Private Shows Are Extra

What would you do for a little extra cash?

It was during my second year at university that I started earning some extra money by doing a bit of part-time stripping in one of the pubs near my student house. It was Katie, one of the girls in the house next door, who suggested it. She’d done the same...

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