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The Lamia’s Downfall

"Mortal man meets the hungry, horny Lamia…"
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Author's Notes

"Feel free to leave your thoughts below…:)"

Backstory: Samarth is a half-serpent and half-man (formerly called a Lamia) who keeps to himself in his forest until an audacious human named Leroy caught his attention. As any Lamia would think upon encountering a human--it was just a meal. Nothing more. Strangely, Samarth found himself fascinated by this peculiarly enticing human and faces a tough decision. Should he just eat this gorgeous hunk of meat right away or should he play with Leroy before he devours him?


"What is that unearthly stench?" Samarth growled, his lower part coiling around his favorite tree.

His nostrils flared and his eyes dilated as he sniffed a faint scent of...human.

Delectable human flesh.

He licked his lips, his forked tongue fluttering in the air. Along with the delicious human scent came a strong smell of burnt leaves, but it was so acute that Samarth couldn't help but grimace at the unbearable odor.

Growing curious, he slithered down his perch, his golden-red scales shimmering under the dim lighting of the forest, the soft rasping of his underbelly barely audible amongst the leaves.

There was the culprit: a human and something that he held between his fingers. The ends of it gleamed red hot and smoke trailed from it as the human flicked on it, the ashes falling onto the earth.

Samarth recoiled, growing irritated. "How dare you soil this earth!" He bellowed at the clearing where the human was idling by, just begging to get gobbled up by the angry Lamia.

The human, a male, jumped slightly and peered into the area where only the lamia's head poked out.

"Dude, what are you talking about?" The male chortled, his deep voice muffled as he inhaled from the burning paper.

Samarth's nose wrinkled and his tongue flicked out to taste the air again.

The human reeked of mind-altering substances and a surprisingly juicy scent.

This could be my best meal yet, Samarth mused, mentally counting down the months that he wouldn't have to feed again. He will be sufficient for at least six months.

The human, who was roughly six feet tall, casually puffed from the rolled-up paper, inhaling deep and exhaling through his teeth slowly.

"It reeks," Samarth hissed flatly, eyeing the suspiciously calm human with a harsh glare.

"What? You never smoked weed before?" the male exclaimed, genuinely shocked, his eyes widening towards the seething Lamia.

"What in the Gods' world is that?" Samarth answered, flatly.

"Oh, jeez, you don't even know what weed is?" The human snickered, his teeth gleaming as his lips widened into a devious smirk.

The light caught on the pearly glimmers of his teeth and Samarth eyed him with disgust, internally shuddering from the human's daring disrespect.

The human's eyes caught Samarth and they both stared at each other through the considerable distance.

The male squinted his eyes and tilted his head slightly in curiosity, blue eyes so brilliant that it resembled sapphires meeting Samarth's own pale, light green eyes.

From this distance, the human's poor eyesight would not be able to see the sharp, thin pupils that the Lamia possessed, pupils resembling those of a snake or a serpent. All the human could probably see from the shadows of the forest was the Lamia's head—and it was a sight to behold.

Lamias were all born with unnatural, almost painful beauty and they were all unique in their looks. Samarth, aware of his own looks, slithered slightly forward, his serpent eyes still holding the ignorant human.

The wind blew softly at the long, chestnut brown waves of the Lamia, long, flowing strands that landed neatly over his broad, defined shoulders and muscular pecs.

The human continued holding his stare, his sapphire eyes unflickering as he continued to boldly stare at the supernatural entity.

"So are you going to not answer my question?" The male drawled, inhaling from the diminishing roll of paper.

The silence was broken, but his direct stare wasn't. It seemed like the human didn't blink at least once, just appraised him with those startlingly bright eyes.

The Lamia's tail flicked in an agitated manner against the bush, but he was slightly reluctant to reveal himself.

This human was too bold, so carefree in his environment—unaware of his impending doom.

"Anyways, my name is Leroy; what's yours?" The human with the new name continued, unfazed by the serpent's stony silence. His eyes twinkled in what looked like mirth as he waited expectantly for the Lamia's response.

The Lamia was a little bit chagrined, but he humored the interesting human anyways. "You may call me Samarth, the rarest of all Lamias," he declared imperiously, his chest puffing up in pride.

The human-Leroy-wrinkled his dark brows in a puzzled way and then he laughed, smoke billowing out of his mouth like a puffing chimney in a wintery morning.

"Sam? I'll call you Sam," he chuckled, amusedly.

"Samarth," the Lamia corrected sternly, his eyes narrowing into slits.

This human was playing a dangerous game—downgrading his given name so nonchalantly.

"Sam? Sammy," the human continued gleefully.

He had to know that it was a bad idea to rile a Lamia, especially one that was viciously territorial and not only that—hungering for human flesh.

First, I'll coil him with my body and constrict him until every part of his bones crackles, until he has lost all the oxygen from his limbs. Then, I'll wait until he loses consciousness and I'll devour him alive. The serpent smiled to himself, proud of his ingenious plan.

"Well, don't be a stranger. Come here and I'll share the blunt," Leroy called out, abruptly shattering the hungry Lamia's reverie.

An invitation to get eaten? Such a peculiar human, Samarth mused, delighted yet concerned at the same time. Samarth smirked, his sharp fangs starting to descend in anticipation. This must be the gods' tribute to me, he thought, in malicious glee. His tail flicked excitedly, and he slowly slithered out, his heavy but lithe body flexing over the fallen leaves on the earth.

His golden-amber body gleamed under the dim light, his individual scales flexing with his movements. The leaves crackled softly under his belly, and he emerged completely from the hidden area, finally exposing himself to the unsuspecting human.

At first, the human was oblivious to the lower, scaly half of the stranger but after a minute of staring at him, he burst out laughing. He laughed so hard he started to cough, his tears running down his cheeks.

The laughter was so sudden and unexpected that Samarth froze, confused. Why is this human laughing?

The human wiped his tear away, still snickering to himself. He flicked a slim finger across his forehead, brushing away his dark strands of hair. His sapphire eyes swept up and down Samarth's physique, brilliant eyes following the muscled, golden torso of the Lamia, then trailing down and staring openly at his lower part which shimmered with a gorgeous hue of reddish gold, almost a reflection of a sunset.

"Wow," Leroy breathed, his sapphire eyes fixated on Samarth's entire body. He inhaled again from his blunt, gawking unapologetically. "Man, this weed is something else. This is some good shit," he exclaimed, pleased, grinning from cheek to cheek.

"What are you waiting for? Come and smoke with me, you won't regret it,"  said the oblivious human who clearly had denial issues.

Samarth, still frozen, slowly smiled and started to glide towards him.

He will definitely regret it.


Leroy blinked slow and hard, unable to rip his stare away from this dude who literally came out from the bushes. The strong weed must have messed his mind up and now he was having hallucinations.

At least, that's what he told himself.

He heard stories, of course. People were seeing rainbow unicorns and vampires with an insatiable appetite and real-life why not a half-snake and half-man? It was normal. Strange was the new normal. Leroy shrugged it off, watching in fascination as the snakey part of the new friend he made slither towards him.

He always had an interest in reptiles, snakes in particular. He even had a beautiful albino boa and just looking at the half man and half serpent made him suddenly miss his little munchkin. Leroy had to admit—this dude was gorgeous.

The bone structure and facial attributes of his human part were stunning: long, brown locks that curled at the edges, his narrow jaw that accentuated his full lips, the eyes — a light, hazel green which revealed vertical pupils, reminding Leroy of his pet.

The upper body of Sam was impeccable, he was toned with a well-shaped chest and lean, ripped abs that rippled with his sinuous movements. The V-shape was on point too, and it only highlighted his lower part.

Leroy estimated that Sam's lower half stretched probably about twelve feet long, and his length was thick and muscular. It was a marvel and Leroy let his eyes wander over shamelessly. "Come closer," he coaxed with a smile, unaware of Sam's menacing gaze.

Samarth slithered closer, his tail rattling in an almost anxious way but he complied nevertheless.

Leroy took a quick hit and passed it towards the mythical creature. "Since it's your first time, I'll just teach you," Leroy instructed. He handed the blunt to Sam who took it in an unsure manner, his eyes narrowing at Leroy.

"Put it in, just place the tip inside, you don't have to slobber all over it," Leroy instructed, watching Sam's expressions change from wariness to irritation to confusion.

"Oh, come on, don't be shy, I'll guide you," He reassured, his bright eyes glimmering in concentration.

He nodded approvingly. "Alright, inhale—no, no—don't exhale!"

The Lamia coughed, the smoke burning his throat.

"This is atrocious!" Sam spat in disgust, spitting and coughing away the smoke. Abruptly, he passed the blunt back.

Leroy tutted and gave it right back to him. Their fingers met and a rare electrifying sensation ran between them, a tension that started to snowball when Leroy decided to take matters into his own hand.

With a determined look on his handsome face, he leaned over and promptly put the blunt back between the Lamia's parted lips.

Sam, who was slightly shocked by the stunning sensation allowed him to perform the action.

"Listen carefully, when you inhale, DO NOT exhale immediately. Inhale deeply and make sure the smoke goes down. Hold in until you feel a burning sensation; good, very good, now slowly exhale..." Leroy guided the baffled Lamia in a gentle, coaxing manner, his deep voice inexplicably raspy yet soothing.

Sam inhaled deeply, feeling the smoke gather into his lungs, and exhaled slowly, the burning sensation drilling through his chest. He fought the urge to cough violently again and succeeded, much to Leroy's joy.

Immediately, the Lamia was hit with a wave of haziness that clouded his mind, and his senses actually heightened. He could feel the breeze caressing his cool skin, the enticing warmth of the human's lean body close to him. He could smell the human's mouthwatering scent and the stench of the herb was suddenly bearable.

"Good, right?" Leroy chuckled, reaching over to pluck the tiny clip from the Lamia's mouth.

Sam's raised tail had fallen flat on the earth, still and relaxed, and he breathed in deeply, the wind rushing in and cooling his burning lungs. "I don't like the stench but the sensation is..." Samarth finally spoke huskily, searching for a word that would describe what he was feeling.

"Amazing? Crazy? Mind-boggling?" Leroy filled him in, a satisfied look flashing across his face.

Samarth relaxed even more, his body rippling with his serpentine movements. He felt dazed; out of his world. It was a strange experience he had never had before and he wasn't sure if he liked it yet. He eyed the human, his hunger pangs suddenly gone. He was no longer hungry, at least not for flesh. He was hungry for something else.

As he sized up the tall human, he noticed that Leroy was indeed much more handsome closer up. His sapphire eyes were an astonishing contrast against his pale skin, and his lips had a unique shape to them—a sweet, Cupid's bow gracing his upper lip while the bottom one jutted out, fuller than the upper lip.

Leroy stared back at Sam, his eyes sliding up and down his body in appreciation. "I know I'm high as fuck, but if you wore an outfit like this for Halloween, everyone is going to freak the fuck out," Leroy remarked with a chuckle.

"I don't understand that but I'm guessing it's a compliment," Sam replied slowly, his serpentine body coiling and uncoiling languidly.

Leroy hummed agreeably. "Hm...can I touch you?" He asked distractedly, eyeing the beautiful hues of Sam's scales.

Samarth raised an inquisitive brow but he nodded, intrigued by Leroy's childlike curiosity.

Without further ado, the human placed a warm hand near Sam's torso, his hand gliding down his lower part, dangerously close to Sam's dormant genitals.

Sam hissed through his teeth, the heat of the human's palm searing through his scales. Again, the electricity crackled between them, and Sam's arousal grew while Leroy started stroking down his scaly length.

"Such a beautiful color," Leroy mused in admiration.

The Lamia couldn't help but puff up his chest in pride.

"You're like a really strange mix, aren't you?" The human continued in awe, his warmth emanating like a mini solar lamp.

The Lamia was aroused and yet completely comfortable with the human but he wasn't sure what he should do next. His touch was gentle and soft and Sam's scales rippled from his touch. "I am real," Samarth replied in an arrogant manner.

Leroy snickered in response and glanced at Sam with an arched brow, a grin parting his lips. "I am real too," he shot back teasingly, pulling one of Sam's hand and placing it on his warm chest.

Sam stared at the human, amazed yet perplexed. The heat was soothing and inviting and Sam pressed his cool palm firmly, feeling the human's heart thump quickly under his touch.

Leroy watched him with bright eyes, his lips parting slightly, revealing a pink tongue.

Almost as if they agreed on it blindly, they both leaned in, lips crashing against each other, their teeth clashing from the sudden collision.

Leroy let out a breathless moan, his lips fusing with Sam's cold lips. The sensation of his forked tongue was unique but strangely hot and Leroy could feel himself growing hotter and hotter by the second. "I'm kissing my hallucinations now," he laughed out between the steaming kiss.

Sam growled into his mouth, his other hand reaching to grip the human's skull firmly, pulling his incredibly searing body flush against his cold torso.

The shock of the sensation made both of them gasp and continue kissing even harder, the motions of their mouth growing more frantic.

In a blur of motion, the Lamia's lower part coiled around Leroy's body, wrapping around him tightly. Leroy groaned softly, but he didn't seem to mind the fact that Sam was slowly going to squeeze him into suffocation if he lost control.

", do you mind just loosening up?" Leroy panted, his mouth parting from his.

Reluctantly, the Lamia uncoiled around him but his libido was awakened and roared in anticipation.

All Sam could think about was having Leroy speared on his cock—but he would have to change completely into a more compatible form.

As Samarth mentioned before, he was a rare breed of Lamia, capable of transforming into a human, much like a mermaid would. Some others were less fortunate, and were stuck as half-man and half-snake, bred by a female Lamia with a mortal man. Of course, he was bred by a female mortal with a male Lamia, and there he was free to switch to human whenever he likes. Especially if it gave him an easier chance at catching or luring his prey.

"A moment, if you will," Samarth murmured, slithering apart from Leroy. "Eyes closed, please," the Lamia said sternly and Leroy obeyed, curious and dazed from the drugging kiss.

A bright light flashed under his lids and when Sam instructed him to open his eyes, Leroy did slowly, his brilliant eyes widening in shock and awe.

Gone was Samarth's lower serpentine part. The scales had disappeared completely and human legs replaced them.

Leroy stared in amazement, his eyes traveling from Sam's fully erect cock to his toes. "My hallucination can transform," Leroy breathed in astonishment.

"I'm real," Sam repeated huskily, grabbing the human around his waist.

“You feel real," Leroy agreed with an incredulous laugh.

His high cheekbones were flushed with pink and his chest heaved in and out in an excited manner, his own erection creating a large juicy tent in his pants.

“I will mate with you and then I'll finally eat you," Samarth declared, his pupils narrowing into the thinnest line possible.

"Oh yes," Leroy moaned, his back arching as Sam started unzipping his jeans.

In the heat of this extraordinary moment, Sam's words didn't register—until it was too late.

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