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Occupation Stories

Occupation based sex stories, are those where the job of the main character or characters, is the attraction.

Stories of naughty nurses, hot firefighters, fit personal trainers, lustful lawyers, dirty doctors, probing pilots, handy massage therapists, mile high club loving flight attendants and estate agents who leave you in a real state, belong in here.

10 hours ago

The Audition

The way things were

He had her down simply as Magda (cellist). It was a pity he’d had to hear people in his suite rather than in a separate room. But the Palasthotel was heavily booked and there hadn’t been another room available, or so his secretary had told him. At least t...

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Chapter 13... The Present... I was in the hallway when Danny came running out of the suite. "Olivia, please wait..." "Piss off," I answered without turning or stopping my trek towards the elevators. Calling out my name again, Danny ran to get in front of...

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1 week ago

Andy Has Dinner With Carole And Her Friend Jane

Andy goes around to his girlfriend's house for dinner. There he meets what he considers sex on legs. Will he be tempted to maybe have a bit on the side?

Andy and Carole had been getting on well, both in and out of bed. Carole had given him an order to behave himself, with regards to other women. He was not used to taking orders, but rather giving them. In his military mind, however, you disobeyed an order...

The Present... “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO WANT?” After my yell there was silence outside our door. Amber and Brie were no doubt wondering whether to answer or flee. Perhaps I overreacted? My only excuse was that I'd reached my limit of ‘almost’ having sex!...

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When my boss told me another security officer would be assigned to work the night shift with me, I told him I didn’t need it. I had worked graveyard for the last ten months and could map out the construction site I patrolled blind. It seemed pointless. Pl...

The Table

A massage table is supposed to be a place of relaxation

March 2021 - The Table Here I am again. Almost completely naked, lying under a sheet waiting. Just waiting. This is the worst part, the waiting. My mind trips over itself talking myself in and out of what is about to happen. Or not happen. The most confus...

3 weeks ago

The Ultimate Massage Therapist 2

Maggie and Scott share stories about the amazing abilities of Eric the masseuse!

I felt a strong sense of relief, but also a jolt of anxiety when I heard Maggie's news, as she continued to kiss me passionately. It appeared to me that our marriage wasn't in jeopardy, but what the hell was I going to hear in her confession? What the fuc...

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2 months ago

Welcome To The Firm

Fate - A power believed to control what happens in the future. Sometimes fate can be an attractive woman.

After finishing my workout at the gym, I wait for my coffee at the Grind'in Coffee shop. That's when Eve and I first noticed each other. The shop is extremely busy with no place to sit and little standing space. I place my order just before Eve, and after...

8 Months Past...Dawdling in the hotel's hallway I felt as nervous as I had the first time I'd been sent to meet a client. Glancing at my watch I saw more seconds I was being billed for tick past. Mustering my nerve I tapped on the door. The woman who answ...

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3 months ago

Santa Cums Early

Can I show you how naughty I can be.

Santa, aka Justin, sat in his chair in the middle of Santa’s Wonderland, half-listening to the children while his eyes scanned the scurrying shoppers. Seeing a group of young women, he eyed them up and down, noticing that they kept giving him glances and...

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