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Office Sex Stories

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.

10 hours ago

Getting An Confession From Isabella

When Isabella comes looking for Lana, she makes a weird admission to Elexis.

"Okay, I'll fit you in, but hold please," I said, before covering the speaking part of the phone and looking at Lana. "It's Mr. Wilson; how does Friday at 4:00 work for you?" "I'm down on my knees under your desk eating you out, and you asked if I want to...

3 days ago

His office (part 1)

What happens when business and pleasure mix

His wife stared at him as he struggled to keep his eyes open. The clicking of his keyboard and the tick of the clock was the only noise that could be heard. She sighed and stood up. Walking with purpose she pushed his seat away from his computer and strad...

5 days ago

Watching My Floozy Boss

Even for a job she hates, a young woman begs for mercy.

"Just keep walking with your girlfriend, Lana," I mumbled, staring at my desk. "Are you still working hard, Elexis? Do I need to tell the client to expect the work late?" she asked as I saw them stop in front of my desk, holding hands. I bit down on my bo...

6 days ago

Snack Break

Office work

As Monday midday approaches, you have your desk full with mind numbing work in your office. Part of you is joyful about the new role and part of you hates the additional BS paperwork. As lunch time approaches, I walk in with a lunch basket for an in-offic...

3 weeks ago

A very personal assistant

Lucy enjoys working overtime

“That will be all for now, Lucy. See that those contracts go out in the post and ring round to confirm the attendance at tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll be working late tonight so I’d appreciate you putting in a bit of overtime.” Lucy nodded and I watched her re...

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3 weeks ago

The Office Whore - Part 53

How does a couple like Chad and Reina reconnect after having a baby?

Chad stood in disbelief as Reina’s water broke three weeks before her due date. “I knew this whole dungeon thing was a bad idea. Karenna insisted you needed more. Now, look what I’ve caused!” “Would you relax, please?” Reina asked firmly. “This isn’t abno...

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1 month ago

Wine Stained Blouse

Two coworkers finally break the unspoken tension.

Right out of college, I had got a job at this startup tech company. After a couple of years on the sales team there, I had really made a name for myself. With a lot of hard hours, and a little bit of luck, I was able to rise to the top on my team. I was a...

1 month ago

Sexual Tension with my MILF Boss

The time my former boss and I had some naughty fun on a work trip

I randomly received a text from a previous boss the other day, and invariably this is where my mind wandered to pretty quickly. A few years after I graduated college I ended up working at a medical education firm. It was a pretty typical job, required som...

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1 month ago


My office has a great view.

I first spotted Lacy working late one night on a dispute over land rights. My client had built a $200 million high-rise luxury condo project exactly two feet over the legal setback. Dumbasses. Now they were going to pay me so much in legal fees, I might b...

1 month ago

Kinky Kitchen Fun - Episode 8: You're In Early

In the office before anyone else one morning, two lusty colleagues start the day off right!

Marco had just logged into his workspace and ticketing system after starting up his computer Thursday morning when he heard the front door chime. “Shit.” No problem that his utterance was out loud. He was the first one in the office that morning, so no on...

3 months ago

Doctor's Orders

A horny nurse and doctor imagine getting caught fucking and assplaying in the dictatation room.

"Imagine that we're on the same shift and run into each other at work. We're both in our scrubs and find an empty dictation room in the hospital. I have you bent over the table fucking you in the ass when someone walks in because we never locked the door....

3 months ago

What If We Get caught?

The tension at work has been high for weeks. Jessica sends me a text, begging for my cum.

"I need to taste your cum! You better not leave before you drain your balls in my mouth!" My eyes widen and I instinctively bite my bottom lip as I read the latest text sent by Jessica. My thumbs scramble to write her back quickly. "Holy fuck, you are goi...

Anonymous 3 months ago

My Gorgeous Indian Coworker

Coworkers became passionate sex partners.

I am Amit, originally from India, and living in the US for more than a decade. This story took place when I lived in Chicago and I was working as an IT contractor for a local company. Being in IT, I always come across many fellow Indian coworkers. I mostl...

3 months ago

First Impressions

Rachel was nervous enough going into the job interview, and then she met the secretary.

The ad seemed simple enough. “Help wanted. Full-time work in a professional atmosphere. Duties include but are not limited to…” All that corporate jazz. I wasn’t in love with the work-life, but my mom sure wanted me out of the house and working again, so...

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