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Snack Break

"Office work"
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Author's Notes

"1st try"

As Monday midday approaches, you have your desk full with mind numbing work in your office. Part of you is joyful about the new role and part of you hates the additional BS paperwork. As lunch time approaches, I walk in with a lunch basket for an in-office lunch. I close the glass door behind me and walk around the desk to give you a nice, wet, passionate kiss and then set your lunch on your desk.
You look at the sandwich, cup of fruit, drinks and then the cup of ice and wonder why I brought along a cup of ice. As you are about to ask, I get down on my knees behind your desk and slightly turn your chair so that I get easy access to those amazing legs of yours without being seen by anyone outside. I kiss your knees slowly ... left one first as I caress your calves. Amazing definition, I must say.
I pull you a little closer to me so that you scoot down further in the chair. Then I push your skirt up to expose those amazing thighs of yours. I start to kiss your right thigh, while stroking your left with my finger tips. As you sigh, I ask you to take one ice cube from the cup on your desk and give it to me.
I then take the dripping wet ice cube and gently glide it up and down the inside of your left thigh while i continue kissing your right. As you shiver and shake your leg, I look up and ask, "Are you okay young lady? Should I switch legs now?" Seeing your smile, I take that acceptance and I switch the ice cube to my right hand so that I can slide it up and down the freshly kissed right thigh as I start to kiss the cold left thigh. My warm tongue loves the feel of your cold thigh; and apparently by the depth of your sigh you like the warmth of my tongue on your cold skin.
I then proceed to slide the ice cube over those amazing white cotton panties of yours. Simple up and down in a straight line over your clit thus making the already wet and warm pussy just a tad bit wetter but colder. I kiss the insides of thigh just outside the edge of your panties, running my tongue around the panty line. God, your pussy simply smells amazing. I look up and ask, "Permission to start eating?" You can only smile!
I slide the panty over to one side, and then take the ice cube and slide it directly on your wet and throbbing clit. As I move the ice cube up and down, I play with your clit using my left thumb while blowing my warm breath on it. I want to taste it but somehow manage to enforce control. I feel your need for me to suck your pussy and you grab my short hair with both your hands while wrapping your right leg over my shoulder and back. Did I tell you how amazing your pussy smells?
I finally get to start licking your clit and can tasty the salty and sweet juices. What an amazing lunch. I take your clit in my mouth and gently suck and bite it. In doing so, I sense your pussy opening up and I slide one and then two fingers into the warm wetness. You wrap yourself around my fingers, squeezing them as they go in and out. I then take the ice cube and gently guide that into your warm pussy with my index and middle finger as I continue to lick you.
The feel of the cold ice cube and my warm mouth in and on your pussy help you climax, releasing warm cum on my fingers and completely melting the ice cube. I clean you up by licking every last bit of tasty cum. I then stand up and ask, "Now, what can I serve you first? Sandwich or fruit?"

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