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Oral Sex Stories

Oral sex stories relate to the giving and receiving of oral pleasure. Oral sex generally refers to sexual activities involving the stimulation of the genitalia by the use of the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat.

Specifically, Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on females, whereas fellatio refers to oral sex performed on males.

A subcategory, Analingus, refers to oral stimulation of a person's anus, both male or female. Oral stimulation of other parts of the body, such as kissing lips, nibbling breasts or licking, are usually not considered oral sex. Blow job, bj, giving head, deep throat, going down, licking out, rimming, sucking off, blowing are all phrases you are likely to see in these types of stories.

20 hours ago

Picture This: Throat-Fucking And Finger Fucking

Passionate, intense, rough but also sensual oral sex between a straight couple.

I'm on our bed with my back against the headboard, I'm completely naked, and my cock is giving you a standing ovation. I'm intensely watching you as you remove your robe, revealing a new and matching lingerie set. It's lacey, black, and the panties are cr...

1 week ago

The Naive Banker

True story to start with

To set the scene, it was in the early 00s. I had been working at a bank for about fifteen years, gradually working my way up over that time to a managerial position. I had been doing the job for about twelve months when I was asked to train a new member o...

2 weeks ago

A Request

I am naked on my knees, so don’t say a word; your only job is to stand there and cum as hard as you fucking can in my mouth.

OMG, I have been ungodly horny for over a week now. I am desperate to have a cock in my mouth, so I am sending you a text. A text that is quite simple and direct. "Sir, may I suck your cock?" It was a rhetorical question, and I knew that you would accept...

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2 weeks ago

What's For Dinner

Having friends over for dinner is not the usual affair in our house.

Pam walked into the room, a glass of wine in her hand and sat on the sofa to my left. “Let me know when it’s stiff?” She said, taking a sip of red. I hadn’t realised I was doing it, but my hand was down my loose pants playing with my cock as I watched the...

3 weeks ago

Mandy's Stranger

Mandy wakes up to find a stranger in her room who only wants to please her...

Mandy was curled up on her side in her normal sleeping position. She began to wake up but something was very different. Through the haze of sleep, she thought she felt someone's hand moving under the side of her thin t-shirt up to graze the side of her br...

After Dinner

Old flames reunite in a restaurant with a twist.

I couldn’t take my eyes off you as you gracefully strode towards me. Confidence oozed from that huge grin you give, perfectly complemented by your delicate features, your talkative eyes and a sharp jawline. It was a face that I’d known my whole adult life...

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1 month ago

A Perfect Place To Hyde - Part Five

Lily and Clara's dick-wrangling skills are finally put to the test.

‘Kiss,’ he tells them. Lily and Clara look at him. With Jed’s dick so manifestly ready, it’s not quite what they were expecting. ‘Kiss each other. Show some love.’ Each girl checks out her friend, in all her naked hotness. Then they come together with lip...

1 month ago

Finding Religion - Part 1

I decide to get my life back on track, so I join a new church.

I was going through a dark part in my life when I finally decided to try and get myself back on track. I had dropped out of college, and with the money and free time I had, I was spending a large portion of my time getting blackout drunk, high, or fucking...

2 months ago


Cunnilingus with fevered desire.

Sensually sweet, oral delightsLips voyage down silken curvesMy probing tongue parts engorged lips Inhale deep the scent of your lustSavoring the taste of yearningDiscovering a hidden shy pearl Wet fingers slide in, exploring. The burning, needy center cle...

2 months ago

My Job as a Fluffer (v8.21)

An ex-fluffer talks about her time making things hard at work.

I was sitting at home one lazy Sunday afternoon, cleaning out some old photo albums. I wanted to digitize some of my old photos for relatives. As I opened one album I didn’t remember, a polaroid fell out when I picked it up, I saw a picture of me at my fi...

2 months ago

Stood Up (Part 1)

Stood up for a date was the best thing that ever happened

I was stood on the street corner looking at my phone in frustration. Twenty minutes after we were due to meet she finally sent me a text message to say she’d had a “better offer”, as cold as can be. She couldn’t even come up with something to let me down...

22 Votes 22
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2 months ago

Anonymous Cock

An encounter with a stranger

A recent spell of warm weather got me thinking back to the only time I sucked a cock without knowing, or finding out, the guy's name. It was early afternoon on a lovely early summer day when I was driving back to the office from a meeting that took place...

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