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Outdoor Sex Stories

Share your tales of living dangerously outside of the bedroom. Thrill us with the arousing risk of getting caught in a compromising situation, and the unadulterated excitement of adventurous outdoor sex.

Whether your characters are huddled up under blankets in a tent, into dogging, or bent over backwards on the bonnet of a car, let your readers immerse themselves so they can almost feel the grass between their toes, the sun on their backs, the wind in their bush ...

2 weeks ago

Rolling On Our River

I take a sail with Leslie...

I exited I-275 North in St. Petersburg, and picked up Gandy Boulevard heading to Tampa. It was early on a beautiful Florida Spring Saturday morning, and Leslie and I were heading to South Tampa to look at a sailboat that had been advertised for sale. Clas...

3 weeks ago

Parkrun Passion

Just imagine my little tits in a sports bra. Could you have resisted?

“Fuck it, Annie, I love your sexy tits in that top,” whispered Joe as we hung around waiting for the Parkrun to begin. I knew this very well, which was one of the reasons I liked to wear it. It was a short, tight-fitting bra-top designed for running, whic...

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3 weeks ago

The Bet

A bet takes a turn

"Oh you're going down, Mister!" she said while doing her best rope and ride impression. “Oh right!” he replied as they watched the final game of the American League championship. Neither of their teams made the playoffs, so they decided to have a little f...

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1 month ago

A Local Nude Beach With Kelly

Kelly got nailed by a long, young, cock on the beach.

It was July of 1994. Kelly and I were thirty-four and each had heard just passing comments at work, in the context of something funny, about a nude beach supposedly not terribly far from our house. It caught our attention but nothing specific was shared a...

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1 month ago

Sex among the ti-tree

A second meeting.

My online photography friend and I had finally met, in the flesh, so to speak, a couple of weeks ago in cafe. We had a good time talking about our photography and discussing some of the silly situations each of us had gotten into over the years. We agreed...

1 month ago

Wildflower Photography

Not all wild flowers grow in soil.

It was a wonderfully warm day for going out for a walk in the bush. I checked my photography gear: camera, macro lens, checked that the UV filter was on, spare battery, SD cards, tripod and the remote control. All was there so I was ready to go. I put the...

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1 month ago

Adult TOY

Her mouth is the local entertainment centre

I sat watching her get ready. She was wearing a matching red lingerie set, fabric cross-crossing around her body. It was showing off her curves and making promises of what was held within. Promises I knew she was good at keeping, and would fulfil with any...

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Vondarkmor 1 month ago

Gun Packing Tinder Hookup

Almost scared my tinder date to death

It all started with a Tinder swipe to the right as these stories usually do. Her name was Katherine she was nineteen and I was twenty-five. Kat for short I saw her profile on tinder and she was stunning. At 5'6'', she had short blond hair that was called...

2 months ago

The Party - (Madison's POV)

Madison and Nicholas spend all night teasing each other until they're both hot and angry!

I was finishing applying a dark pink lipstick when I looked up to see Nick watching me. His gaze sent shivers down my spine; those ice blue eyes always seemed to be looking through me. I had finished my makeup for the evening. I wore eyeshadow for the fir...

2 months ago

Girlfriend Nostalgia: Raquel

A warm remembrance of a former love's passion for, and in, the outdoors

Raquel was a funny, smart, passionate young woman five years my junior. She had huge blue eyes and a thick mane of wavy chestnut hair. Freckles sprinkled over her ski-jump nose. She had the smoky voice of a blues singer and her laugh, which she let loose...

We decided to meet at a park. We had been texting each other all morning and the nerves were building for both of us. Well, a mixture of nerves, desire, apprehension, lust and a whole lot of horniness combined. We had agreed to meet at one of the tables i...

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