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Stories and poems that have made it into our recommended reading section are hand picked by our staff. They have been identified as exceptional pieces of writing, which warrant separate recognition.

Stories that are part of a series, or novels that have made it into this outstanding series section, are nominated by our staff and awarded by a select panel. These stories have been deemed superior as complete works and have garnered special recognition.

You are almost certainly guaranteed a good read, if you've selected a story from these offerings!

StarBelliedBoy 2 weeks ago

Smita's Smitten Boy-Bitch

Ben becomes the boy-bitch he was born to be.

Tell Sir to fuck him good, Miss. The implications of those words sent to his phone from Beth were still making their way through Ben’s brain as his university tutor’s husband dropped his business trousers to reveal navy briefs, bulging at the crotch....

StarBelliedBoy 2 weeks ago

Smitten By Smita

Ben’s not the Messiah — he’s a very naughty boy!

“How do you like my wife’s cunt, boy?” Patrick growled in Ben’s ear, giving his left buttock a fifth spank. His hips thrust forward, with nowhere for the shockwave to go other than into Smita since Ben’s cock was still buried in her pussy, being milk...

Jaymal 2 weeks ago

A Perfect Place To Hyde - Part Three

Teacher Jed guides his hot teen-girls down the road to depravity.

The detritus of drug-taking is scattered all around, so Jed gathers it up, wraps it in toilet tissue and dumps it into the en suite bathroom’s waste bin. He runs his tongue around his teeth, crunches a complimentary breath mint so he can suck on the...

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briacon429 3 weeks ago

Cocklust Ch. 22

Scott takes advantage of Spring Break.

They say absence makes your heart grow fonder.  Apparently the same thing is true for your dick. The longer Chad was gone, the more I found myself craving him.  I missed the smell of his skin, the warmth of his touch, and the comforting weight of his...

RuanWillow 3 weeks ago

Sucking Nipples At The Licking Sip Coffee Shop

A secret naughty coffee shop where customers verbally choose off-the-menu sexual acts.

Lana peered around the corner from the back room, her leggings pooled at her ankles like cuffs. Many tables full of patrons already. Is he here yet? The droning of machines filled the air as they spilled brown drink delights into cups. The freshly gr...

Jaymal 4 weeks ago

A Perfect Place To Hyde - Part Two

Teacher Jed homes in on a teenage bridesmaid and her sexy friend.

‘Follow me,’ Jed tells the bridesmaid’s gracefully buxom bestie, ‘and then follow my lead. Time to hit the dancefloor, hit the dancefloor.’ It’s a popular song reference (Sia’s Cheap Thrills featuring the inimitable Jamaican rap stylings of Sean Paul...

el_henke 1 month ago

(S)Punk Rock Show

...because punk rock, that's why!

Ed blindly twisted the tuning peg of his bass’ E-string, thanking the audience for their support. He adjusted his cheap Mediterranean marketplace rip-off Ray-Bans and threw the guitarist—the Diva—an approving glance. As always on stage, he reminded h...

Dear BumGirl,'Hirsute trucker'!!! It was a pizza delivery moped as you well know, and I really object to you describing me as 'hirsute'. Certainly, you and your assorted collective of 'hen do' harlots and horny housewives didn't seem to object to the...

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