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Steampunk Stories

Steampunk is a sub-genre which incorporates technologies and designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Steampunk stories are often set in an alternative past where these retro-futuristic technologies exist within a society of Victorian values. The fashion usually incorporates traditional dress such as bustles, corsets, gowns, suits with waistcoats, and top hats.

These are often accented with 'period' accessories such as timepieces, parasols, and flying / driving goggles.

8 months ago

What Ails

Secretive and strange Dr. Allen provides relief with the Venus Saddle - and more.

The carriage bumped and jostled along the brick road. Adelia sat with her crossed hands in her lap, feeling apprehensive and more than a little angry at the reason for her journey. She remembered sitting passively, listening to her husband, even as she se...

1 year ago

Valeria's Hysteria

Can Dr. Connors find a way to treat Valeria's Hysteria without getting a cramp in his hand?

“Dr. Connors, Miss Martin is waiting for you in the next room,” Nurse Nancy said. “Again?” Dr. Connors sighed. “I just made a house call yesterday!” Dr. Dick Connors had just arrived back to the little back rooms of the pharmacy that allowed him to use th...

Steampunk'd II, Chapter 2

During the train ride, Becky submits to him... and becomes his!

As Becky looked out the window of the train car, my hand moved discretely over to her thigh. I rested it ever so lightly on her leg just above the knee.  Becky was so interested in what was passing by she didn't notice at first. That gave me the courage t...

Steampun'k II, Chapter 1

He decided to give this steampunk stuff another chance...

It had been a little over a year since that steampunk party where I met Anna. Julie, our mutual friend, had set us up to meet there, slyly telling each of us that she would meet us there and then not showing up! But it worked out for the best for us both–...

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1 year ago

The Modern Age

A new age and a new type of relationship.

As the dirigible sailed majestically over the lush countryside, I, Lord Gerald Sykes, scanned the landscape through my monocle before turning my attention to my fellow passengers. I sauntered to the bar and asked the steward for a G&T heavy on the gin. Re...

1 year ago

Unexpected Romance

Unexpected changes can bring unexpected love.

Waking up under a bridge not knowing where you are, is a pretty damn scary feeling. All I remembered was having a terrible argument with Tim which had turned into a knock-down drag-out fight. I’d thrown a beer bottle at him — then damn if he hadn’t thrown...

1 year ago

Cassandra of the Hetari

A mysterious woman seduces a common man on her journey to protect Mother Earth

I have a destiny. Not of fate or divine cause, yet one I have a duty to fulfill. It has been thus since my birth. It was the destiny of my mother and hers, and hers before, going back countless generations. It has not been forced upon me, yet it is as ine...

2 years ago

Nurse Rose

In feeding my family I could feed my own desires

“Hello, Miss.” The boy was persistent, if nothing else, he had tried to stop me three times this week. “My Master is looking for a nurse to sell something for him,” he pestered. “What precisely does he want to sell?” I enquired. “Don’t rightly know, Miss,...

2 years ago

The Abduction of Lady Jessica

A fun, filthy steampunk romp set in an alternative London.

“Frottage, clean the sybian,” ordered Lady Jessica Featherstonehaugh as she climbed off the sex machine with a squelch and stubbed out her cigar on the aged retainer’s bald head. “Did you instruct Drummond to saddle up Rusty? I am meeting Sir Percy Cholmo...

3 years ago

Automaton Lover

Automaton lover

The year was 1887 and many scientists made headway for the betterment of mankind. Eleanor Poots looked at the clock. It was getting late and it would soon be getting dark. She stood up from her work table and took a small box of candles from the drawer. S...

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