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Straight Sex Stories

Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders.

All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.

glenn72 2 days ago

The Circus Was in Town

When the circus is in town you never know what you'll find...

It was the mid-seventies and I was enjoying a drink in the local pub. The drinking age in this state was eighteen and I was new to being able to enjoy a public drink. As I was sitting at the bar, I noticed a woman walk in and sit at a nearby stool. S...

Titillating Treats

Carter failed his first try on his dessert assignment, but they sure had fun cleaning it up!

As a little girl, I dreamed of my prince charming astride his noble steed, whisking me away from dragons and evil queens. Never did I imagine that my potentate would also be potent in the kitchen. Two years later, my deft dauphin, Carter, is in his...

I walk into the bedroom to find you laying naked on the bed as per my instructions. Blindfolded and your legs wide open. One hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing at your pussy. I stand at the doorway and watch. Feeling my arousal grow....

xhardx13 1 week ago

The Girl from Porto-Vecchio

She was young and gorgeous but was her beauty a masquerade?

Niko saw her for the first time sitting on a beach at the southeastern side of Corsica along the coast of Porto-Vecchio. She was not alone. The girl had an entourage of half a dozen admirers begging for her attention. It was easy to see why. She was...

never2late4me 1 week ago

The Summit - Part III

They begin their lives together, along with a sister (Part III and Final)

My fingers work in and out of Sue's aroused sex as my tongue teases her rosebud. Sue wants to try anal tonight, and we're taking time for extended foreplay, including showering together beforehand. Years ago, the first anal experience for Sue was har...

LILLY76 1 week ago

Dinner out

...or this was the plan?

It has been a long week at work. A new job to be done, and due dates have made the week busy. It’s Friday evening, our night.  Dinner out.  We normally dress together to match and also to tease each other a bit, not to fall in that boring c...

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RicoMare 2 weeks ago

Him And Her

A married couple breaks out of their evening routine.

Him We sit in bed each night after our long day, each of us doing our own thing. I'm browsing Reddit on my phone, and you're reading the latest romance novel on your Kindle. Our bedroom is cool and we lie on top of our fitted sheet, with the covers s...

Beachgirl1959 1 week ago

Carrots at the Carnival

Carrots found a special place in her heart…after she was told to use one in her cunt!

Carrots. Carrots! Remembering I needed carrots, I leave the cashier’s register, dash back to the produce section and quickly find the sign boasting ‘Today’s Special’ - freshly picked carrots. Reaching over them for a bag of smaller, bite-size carrots...

LilCoffeeluvr111 3 weeks ago

Labor Day Looky Loos!

Labor Day lovin' turns into community chatter by Tuesday afternoon. Don't miss it!

“Sssss” “Sssss” “Sssss” Jacob dropped the raw hamburgers and brats onto the hot grill as I walked out the back door. Immediately, the sound of the grease sizzling and the smell of the fat cooking made my mouth water. The potatoes had already been inc...

krystalg 3 weeks ago

My Wild Weekend: Part One: Krystal Interruptus

My weekend begins with me interrupting sex with two different couples, including my mother

It seemed to be my weekend for interrupting people in the throes of passion. I sat alone in the cab of the truck and fingered myself closer and closer to orgasm. One hand was down my shorts strumming my clit, the other alternated between groping my o...

NemoBond 3 weeks ago

Adventures In Victorian London

What else can a Lord and Lady do on a cold rainy night in Victorian London.

It was October 1888, and on this particular night, London was drearily cold and foggy, it was most definitely not a night to be outside but rather, at home in front of a good well-built fire. Lord and Lady Forbes had decided to do exactly that; stay...

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