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Supernatural Stories

This is a wide story category, catering for stories with a Supernatural / Non-Human theme.

These are often associated with paranormal and occult ideas. Stories to be placed in here include those relating to Vampires, Fantasy Worlds, Ghosts, Aliens, Triffids or anything else the imagination may conjure up.

6 days ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 8: Revelations

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery…

Witch-sight can be very distracting. The golden sun slowly meandered towards the horizon, casting hues of pink, fire, and blue into the clouds as stars emerged from their hiding places, beginning their ceremonious waltz across the sky. I didn’t merely see...

1 week ago

The Great Breastia

He had a fantasy he thought could never happen, then he got thirsty.

I walked into my house and sat down. "What better way to relax than get me off, huh?" I pondered, grabbing my laptop. "My cock is already hard as a rock, and there is no better feeling than getting out of work and the moment before I see lovely ladies in...

2 weeks ago

A Familiar Caress

On Halloween night, a young woman meets a black cat who is more than he seems.

“And now, just to add the eyes of some children!” I cackled as I dropped the peeled grapes into the bubbling concoction. As the fruit hit the top of the dark, gooey liquid, the fog machine beneath the table bubbled to life at the prompt of a hidden pedal,...

2 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 6: Zenith

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. For want of the key, the doors remained locked. Try as I might, on the following day, the next, and the next, until the days became weeks, book two of Aunt Grace’s grimoire was pure gibberish. The cosmic carrot da...

3 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 5: Phoenix

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

My elated feeling of freedom lasted for less than a minute. The weight of what had transpired in the past day fell upon my soul, shattering my blissful mood, quenching the fires of desire burning within me. I had been transformed from being a real nowhere...

4 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter Four: Gemini

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

Feeling the goddess pulsating inside me, her gift of passions beyond limit consuming my soul, I decided to walk in the park before indulging in a thrice-blessed shopping spree. I told myself that the calming, serene auras of natural creatures and flora ar...

1 month ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter Three: Alchemy

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

The life-giving, warming rays of the morning sun crept through my window and wrapped me in their arms. I awoke to the heat of the sun caressing my nude body, inspiring my hands to caress my innermost folds where Sol couldn’t reach. Tweaking my already ere...

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1 month ago

The Animal Within

Not all doors are the same; some can change not just your life, but your world.

As a student at the local university, I attend classes full-time while working part-time jobs to pay for my tuition and books. So, saving money is essential for me. Because of that, I recently rented a cramped and cluttered attic bedroom in an old Victori...

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