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Teen Stories

Teen sex stories are those which feature teenagers, 16 years old and over, having sex and performing other sexual acts.

They may be stories of first time fumblings, senior school prom quickies, teens losing their virginity and other tales of innocence lost during teenage years.

4 days ago

Mutual Benefits Chapter Eleven

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

It was a miracle that the memories of that second date didn’t make me fail all of my finals. School should have been the first thing on my mind, but it came at a distant second place, after Morgan, and the time we got to share together at the movie theate...

The Misadventures of Lucy Mulligan

Seventeen year old Lucy Mulligan sexts her boyfriend and gets all hot and bothered in the process

Lucy slept late on Saturday morning and it wasn’t until after nine that she was awoken by knocking on her bedroom door. “Honey, are you up yet?” “No Dad,” she called out sleepily. The door opened, and his head appeared. “We’re off now sweetheart. Back tom...

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1 month ago

Catering At A Business Event Leads to Debauchery - Money Talks

Money talks. A cock is a cock, whether it’s my boyfriend’s cock or a stranger’s cock.

I'm a typical teenager. I just graduated from high school and still live at home. My name is Julie and I'm eighteen. My boyfriend, Bruce, is my high school sweetheart. We have been dating for three years and have been fucking for two years. I gave in to B...

1 month ago

Jackie, Part Two

Jackie decides there are more opportunities in California.

Jackie never fucked Uncle Harry but that didn’t end her adventures. He never again photographed her but encouraged Jackie to continue modeling. “I have a friend, Jackie, that interviews girls that are interested in modeling. I sent her your pictures. She...

1 month ago

Mutual Benefits Chapter Ten

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

It was hard to read Morgan. I know there was this whole stereotype that ‘when a woman tells you she’s not upset and it was not that big a deal, she’s very upset and it was the biggest deal’ – Kevin in particular was sure to drill that into me. But not tru...

1 month ago

The Cottage

A surprise visit from a long-time crush provokes an unexpected sexual adventure.

There was a knock at the door. My sister, Sara, shouted “Come in!” as she always did. As I turned to see who it was, I saw Monica Thomas carrying an overnight bag. My eyes immediately lit up. Monica was a stunning, busty, and beautiful blonde. She had bee...

1 month ago

Becky & Susan, The Second Half

We finally get to the intercourse and it is overwhelming with two.

I had Becky help me with the condom just so she was familiar with putting them on properly. Once it was on, I moved between Susan's legs and rubbed the tip up and down against her very damp slit. Then, I moved forward a little at a time, dipping my cock f...

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1 month ago

The Governor's Daughter

Two teens on a voyage start a forbidden relationship.

The midshipmen were skylarking in the topmasts again. Grace sighed. She was nineteen, about the same age as several of those young men. She could only dream of climbing to the tops and leaping from spar to spar. First, her demeanor must remain ladylike. S...

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2 months ago

Physical Education: Part One

A young student gets extra attention after class from his teacher…

Flowers freshly blooming, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the noise of the first birds chirping made for a beautiful early spring day. Carson had the windows down and country music blaring as he cruised home from school in his run-down pickup that he wo...

2 months ago

Teaching Charlotte a Lesson

Teacher fucks his horny student so she’ll focus better in class.

The bell rang as she sat down for class, crossed her legs, and got her notes out of her backpack. As she was leaning over to grab her notebook, it was then that she looked up to notice her teacher staring at her chest, which was now very visible. Normally...

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2 months ago

Mutual Benefits Chapter Nine

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

It took me a few minutes after Morgan rushed out to even think of doing something other than sitting there. Eventually, I had stood up, wondering if I should search for them like Morgan was doing for Taylor. And yet, another part of me realized – or at le...

2 months ago

Marooned, Chapter One

Daisy, nineteen years old, is marooned on a desert island with five men she does not know.

The Cessna 180 came down hard on the water, the waves causing it to buck and pitch. The landing might have been successful had not a pontoon brushed against an unseen outcrop of coral just below the water's surface. The airplane lurched onto its side, per...

2 months ago

Head Squad: Emergency Intervention

Two crazy hot girls rescue clueless Corey

Corey was coasting through the last semester of his senior year at Durand High, thinking he might just make it all the way to graduation without anybody noticing him. But one morning, as he was at his locker, he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Turning a...

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2 months ago

For The Love Of Cock

I can't wait to have a real one. But in the meantime, I make do.

My name is Anne. I'm eighteen, and a senior in high school. I'm a pretty good student - I get good grades for the most part, but I'm not very outgoing. I have some close friends and we talk about, well, all the stuff I bet you can imagine girls our age ta...

2 months ago

Emma: A sexually frustrated teenager - Part 1: Bored and sexually frustrated

Sixteen-year-old Emma is looking back on the sex she had just before the pandemic started. Will anything like it ever happen again?

Emma was bored. Damn bored! She was sixteen years old, in her first year of upper secondary school and this spring semester could not get any worse. It was Tuesday the fifth of May 2020 and for almost two months now she had been in isolation. That’s two m...

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