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Trans Stories

Trans is a broad category encompassing tranvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, ftm, mtf, ts.

There may be some overlap with the crossdressing section - please use that category if your story is specifically to do with cross dressing.

1 week ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 45 - Carla's Submission

Carla's stubborn streak won't let her admit it... until it's too strong to deny.

The girls wake up in a better frame of mind than when they went to bed. The humiliation they suffered from their families over Thanksgiving is behind them. It was a hard dose of reality for sure, but as they wake up with a cup of coffee, the reality of th...

2 weeks ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 44 - The Reality Of It All

The girls get a hard dose of reality at Thanksgiving

It's almost one a.m. when Jill gets home from her date and finds Allie sleeping on the couch with the TV on. Allie's date ended hours ago, and she fell asleep trying to wait up for Jill. She's barely conscious as Jill gently wakes her and takes her to bed...

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2 weeks ago

Love in the Time of Covid

A trans girl comes out of lockdown in more ways than one

After lockdown eased, I needed to be fucked so urgently I could barely think. At first I was nervous, but then I reminded myself that not only had I been double-jabbed, I also hadn’t been anywhere. After several cups of tea to get my courage up and a rear...

3 weeks ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 42 - An Offer They Can't Refuse

After she skillfully sets it all up, Jill's plan comes to fruition.

The girls really enjoy sleeping in Tuesday morning. Now that they've quit their jobs, they no longer have to set the alarm. After a relaxing breakfast, Jill gets her diary and starts writing down everything that's happened to her since last Friday. Allie...

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1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 41 - Free From Work

Quitting their day jobs gives the girls a new sense of freedom and power

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Jill's annoying bladder wakes her up saying, "I'm full again." It seems like she's always going pee these days. It's a pain in the ass, but there's nothing to do about it except go to the bathroom. It's just starting to...

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1 month ago

Tim and Abbie 74: About Peter, Sarah, and Tracy

The threesome face what would be ahead

It is over dinner one evening in November that Sarah has an outburst. A little over a month before her and Peter’s wedding. Everything seems normal as the three, Sarah, Peter, and Tracy, are eating plates of ravioli. Then, suddenly, Sarah throws down her...

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1 month ago


First timer

I was sitting there looking out the window, seeing, but not looking. My mind was racing, not being able to target any particular thought. I saw puffy cotton ball clouds and a radiant blue sea as the voice comes on and says “We’ll be landing in Manila in 3...

1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 40 - A New Jill Emerges

Getting back home from Chicago, Jill feels new energy in everything she touches.

It's taken Jill a few hours and a few joints to finally settle down from the emotional high she's been on since she left Chicago. She hasn't felt the same since she woke up from her hypnotic trance with Maggie in the wee hours of this morning. She doesn't...

1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 39 - Journey to Hell and Back

Jill confronts the demon that's tortured her all her life, and she'll never be the same

Jill's been confused all week about how she feels about her trip to Chicago today. She's happy about Allie being accepted into the transition program, and at the same time, she's let down and disappointed she was not. Maggie won't approve her until she un...

1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 38 - Jill Has a Plan

Following her intuition, Jill sets things up to make her greatest desire yet become reality.

The girls have been sleeping all afternoon, recovering from their stress-filled day in Chicago yesterday. The doorbell rings several times before Allie wakes up. 'Oh, shit,' she thinks. 'That must be Carla and Rosy. I can't believe we slept this long.' Le...

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1 month ago

Second Date with a T-Girl

They were approaching their second date and the anticipation was scorching hot.

Kay couldn’t believe she had sent that message to Daniel. She had agreed to a second date and all because her tiny brain at the end of that thing in her panties got aroused at the thought of an anal-virgin, part-time crossdresser. The fateful Friday night...

1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 37 - Doctor Day

Jill is faced with a familiar setback and makes it work to her advantage

Allie's alarm goes off at two a.m. and Jill has to shake her to wake her up. Today might be the biggest day of their lives, they can't be late. It's Friday, the day they go to Northrop University in Chicago to interview for their female transition program...

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1 month ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 36 - A New Path ~ The Next Journey

Jill gets a phone call about something they've been wondering about, and their lives will never be the same.

Going into the fall of 1974, Jill and Allie are well established in the lifestyle they've chosen. They've become so accustomed to living as girls, they sometimes forget they're even boys, except when they're having sex with Carla and Rosy. Their four-way...

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