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A TRANS Formation - Chapter 46 - A Home At Last

"They've dreamt about it all summer... is it finally going happen?"
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A warm glow of love surrounds Carla as she wakes from her night of sweet dreams. With Allie sleeping beside her, thoughts of this past year warm her heart as she recalls how they got to this hallowed space.

She's been fond of Allie since they met over a year ago. A confirmed lesbian, Carla rarely talked with men unless she had to. That Saturday night at The Mixx, out of marijuana and looking to score, she talked with several men. The conversations were brief.

Dropping subtle hints she was looking to buy some weed, she quickly moved on to the next guy if they didn't catch her drift. Her subtle hints got her a positive response when she talked to Allen, who was sitting at the bar, drinking a beer by himself.

He knew where she could score a lid. He was kind enough to give her a couple joints to get her by. She liked him from the start; he was so different from the other guys she'd talked to that night. She even went outside and smoked a joint with him in his car.

She gave him her number so he could call her the next day when he had the stash. From then on, she called him every time she needed to score. Allen always knew where there was weed for sale. Each time they met, they talked a little more. In time, she learned of Allen's curiosity for all things female.

It was Carla who first taught him how to crossdress. She was at The Mixx with her new lover Rosy when she first saw Allen dressed as Allie. She chuckles to herself thinking about it. He was such a mess. He looked like a dork in a dress. He looked so bad they took him to their apartment to teach him the very basics of makeup and dressing like a girl.

As good casual friends, she kept teaching him how to dress female, he kept her supplied with pot. They started growing closer after that Saturday they met at The Mixx to pick up a couple joints. Allen had his new lover Jill with him that day.

Her first day dressed as a girl, Jill looked like shit, all strung out on acid and hungry as hell. She and Rosy took her in the ladies' room to clean her up, and as Carla fixed up her face with makeup, she was drawn to her. There was something about Jill she couldn't resist.

The more time they spent together, the closer they became. It was only natural they started playing together sexually. Neither Jill nor Rosy had ever slept with the opposite sex, until they gave each other their virginity. As they discovered the joys of heterosexual pleasure, she and Allie discovered pleasures of their own.

All summer long, she and Rosy have been training them how to be the kind of girls they wanted them to be. Jill and Allie have been good students, especially Jill. Jill's a fast learner with a bright mind. She picks things up faster than Allie, but always helps her along, never leaving Allie behind.

She didn't feel threatened when her lover Rosy fell in love with Jill. She knew she was safe, Jill isn't a real man. She feels safe with Allie, being able to love a cock without having to love a man. She thought she'd never fall in love with Allie. She's a lesbian, after all.

But now it's happened. Rosy told her she was in love before she knew it herself. The more she resisted, the stronger it became. The stronger it became, the less she was able to resist. Last night, she could resist no more. She finally accepted her fate and fell in love.

She can hardly believe how good she feels this morning. The warmth between her legs reminds her how good last night's lovemaking was. They loved for hours last night; she didn't want it to end. She feels flakes of dried cum sticking to the skin between her legs as she fingers herself, reminding her how many times she and Allie fucked. With eyes closed, she recalls every glorious second, giving herself a morning orgasm as Allie sleeps beside her.

It's getting late, but she doesn't care. She'd like to lay in bed with her lover all morning, but when the phone rings, she knows she has to get up.

She manages to stumble to the phone before it stops ringing: "Hello?"

"Good morning, big sister."

"Oh, hi Rosy. What are you doing?"

"I'm calling your ass up, that's what I'm doing. We thought you'd call by now. It's getting late."

"What time is it?"

"It's almost ten o'clock. We got shit to do today."

"Damn, I didn't know it was that late. We fucked all night. I don't even know when we got to sleep. Allie's still sleeping."

"Shit girl, what happened last night? Did you two fall in love or something?"

"Well... it turns out you were right, little sister. I was in love with Allie when you told me I was. I couldn't deny it any longer. So yes, we fell in love last night."

"Oh Carla! I'm so happy for you! No wonder you two fucked all night."

"Yeah, it was a beautiful night. But I guess I better get my ass in gear. We gotta go to the laundromat today so we'll have something clean to wear to work tonight. We've been spending so much time with our boy/girlfriends, we haven't been getting our shit done."

"You want us to come by and get you to go out for breakfast? After we eat we can go to the laundromat."

"Yeah, that'll work. Give us an hour, we still gotta shower."

She gets Allie out of bed, and as they shower together, they cover each other with kisses, the memory of last night's sex still fresh in their minds. Carla submits to Allie once more as she sucks her off, and they seal the deal as Allie dips her tongue into Carla's cum-filled mouth.

An hour later, they're all sitting in the restaurant eating breakfast. They're all in a great frame of mind, talking about being in love. What started out as a friendship between four people has evolved into two couples in love.

"What do we do now that we're all in love?" Rosy wonders.

"Just enjoy it," Allie says, "we don't have to actually do anything."

"Allie's right," Jill says, "whatever happens will happen. We don't have to actually think about it. We can just look forward to whatever's coming. Like our trip after Christmas, we can look forward to that."

"Where are we going?" Carla asks.

"We don't know yet," says Jill, "but we have a couple ideas. We're gonna talk to a travel agent when we're done here and see about it."

"A travel agent? You mean like flying somewhere?" Rosy asks.

"Yeah, we're gonna fly somewhere."

"Wow, I've never been on an airplane. We don't have any luggage to go on a trip like that."

"Neither do we," Allie says. "We're just gonna have to buy some."

"Geez," says Carla, "that's a lot of money. Are you sure you want to spend that much? I don't know how much money you and Jill have, but this trip is sounding awfully expensive."

"Don't worry about a thing, sweetheart," Allie assures, "we got plenty of money. The whore business pays us very well."

"It keeps us busy, too," says Jill, "this month is gonna be really busy. I'm not sure how much time we're gonna have to spend with you."

"Yeah, no shit," Allie says. "We got a gang bang this weekend, then we have to be in Chicago next Friday, and the mid-month Club meeting after that. Plus going out on dates during the week? Fuck, it's gonna be a madhouse."

"Well, are we about finished here?" Jill says, "We all need to get on with our day. We're going to the travel agency first thing."


After dropping off the girls, Allie and Jill head to the travel agency at the mall. Jill's wearing boy clothes today, knowing they'll have to use their boy names to get plane tickets. Not wanting to go back to the apartment to change, Allie stays in the dress she wore yesterday.

She's still in a daze from her night with Carla, holding Jill's hand as they walk thru the mall towards the travel agency.

"It feels good to be a couple again by ourselves," she tells Jill.

"Yeah, it does," says Jill. "I've been so used to going everywhere with Rosy, I almost forgot about how nice it is to be with you. You look real cute today, too. I'm proud to walk with you as my girlfriend. You wanna act like we're married when we get to the travel agency?"

"Yeah, that would be fun. I feel like your wife right now. Let's act it out."

As soon as they walk into the Leisure Travel Agency, a friendly, well-dressed woman in her late forties greets them. "Good morning, folks. I'm Janice. What can I help you with today?"

"Good morning," Jill says, "we're interested in going on a trip after Christmas. We're not sure how to go about it."

"You're at the right place. I can help you with everything you need. A trip for you and your wife?"

Allie gets a major thrill up her spine when Janice says 'you and your wife'. She's passing as a woman in public, and it feels good. She thinks about Carla and how well she's trained her. It's no mystery why she and Carla are now in love. They have everything in common.

"Actually," Jill says, "My wife and I will be going with another married couple. This is my wife, Rosy, by the way. I'm Jerry."

"Nice to meet you, Rosy," she says to Allie. "You're very attractive."

Afraid of sounding like the male she is, Allie says 'thank you' in the highest pitched voice she can.

"Where were you thinking about going?" Janice asks.

"We're thinking either New Orleans or Lake Tahoe."

"Those are both great destinations," Janice says, "but I have to warn you, most of the better venues are booked months in advance for the holidays. What kind of budget are we working with?"

"Money's not a problem. We want something really nice, we don't care what it costs."

After spending a few minutes to get an idea of what they have in mind, Janice says, "OK, Jerry, let me work on this. I'll call you when I know what's available. What's a good time to call?"

"Anytime is good. We'll be busy for the next hour or so, but we'll be home all day after that."

They're having so much fun, strolling around the mall holding hands, pretending they're married. They stop in a few stores to look at luggage, but decide not to buy until they're sure they have reservations. After stopping by the post office to pick up new lube orders, they head home happy as can be.

"That was fuckin' fun!" Jill says when they get home. "You're a hot babe, Allie. Janice had no clue you're a boy."

"I know! If I had a pussy, I would have been getting wet thinking about how hot I am. I felt hot being with you as your wife. And when you introduced me as Rosy, you sounded just like you're actually married to her."

"Come to think of it, it did feel good to say that. I had to say your name was Rosy, cuz we'll have to give her all our names to get plane tickets. I'd marry you in a second if I could."

"I'd marry you too, if only we could. I feel like your wife right now. Wanna take me to bed?"

"Oh yeah, baby. I'd love to take my wife to bed. Let me make your girl-side feel good."

"It'll have to be my girl-side. I fucked Carla so much last night, I don't think I can get hard again today."

"Rosy fucked me good last night too, but I bet your hot mouth can get me hard."

"Oh yeah... I know I can. I love the pussy we've been getting, but still crave cock. I always will."

Jill unzips Allie's dress on the way to the bedroom. She lets it fall to the floor as they kiss. After getting laid last night by their girlfriends, they're hotter than ever for each other this afternoon. They kiss like they haven't had sex in a month.

Allie's desire burns as she drops to her knees. She hungers for cock, and loves filling her mouth with her favorite cock... Jill's cock. She's probably sucked it a hundred times, but every time still feels like the first time.

"Fuck, baby," Jill says, "look how hard you got me. You act like you wanna get fucked."

"You know I do. You know how I need it."

Jill gets the lube from the drawer and bends Allie over the bed. Knowing how Allie likes a little pain sometimes, she pours lube down the crack of her ass, puts a little on her dick, and shoves it right up Allie's tight ass.

"Oh... God..." Allie flinches to the sharp pain of her hole being invaded so fast. Jill sinks it in deep and holds it as she leans on Allie's back, pulling on her hair and kissing her neck. Allie loves to be taken like this. As her sphincter relaxes around Jill's hard meat, her pain turns to pleasure.

Jill knows her ass well, pumping her nice and slow at first. As it relaxes, she fucks harder and faster, knowing Allie likes it this way. Allie crawls up on the bed with Jill right behind. She shoves it in again, thrusting her groin against Allie's ass cheeks and grabbing her hips.

"Oh God, Jill! Fuck me hard, fuck me just like that!"

Allie was right about not being able to get hard again today. Her limp dick sways back and forth as Jill satisfies her desire. With her numb cock dangling between her legs, all she can think about is her hot ass and how good Jill's making it feel.

"Oh shit, Jill... you're making me cum!" she cries.

Jill pumps faster, shoving it in as hard as she can. Pulling her head back by her hair, Jill gives Allie what she wants. With cum spewing into her ass, erotic rushes pulse through her body as they both crash onto the mattress.

"Fuck, I needed that," Allie pants.

"I could tell you needed to be fucked."

"You always know what I need."

"I know we need each other," says Jill. "No matter how much we fall in love with our girlfriends, we'll always need to make love with each other."

"No shit," says Allie. "I'll always need a real cock. I just had the best orgasm, and my cock wasn't even hard. That's the first time it's happened like that."

"Maybe we're starting to cum like girls," Jill wonders, "I've had a few orgasms on my dates lately just from being fucked."

As they lie on the bed talking, they appreciate how much great sex they're having not only with each other, but also with their girlfriends. In their eyes, Rosy and Carla are the two most beautiful women in the world.

As they talk, the phone starts ringing in the living room. "That might be the travel lady," Jill says as she runs to answer.


"Hi, is this Jerry?"

"Yes it is."

"Hi Jerry, this is Janice at Leisure Travel."

"I was hoping it was you... do you have good news for me?"

"Well, that all depends what you call good news. The airline tickets aren't a problem, but New Orleans is bad news. Every hotel in our system is booked solid. Lake Tahoe isn't much better.

"I can get you into a nice suite in Harrah's Resort at Tahoe. But only four nights. They do have a suite available at their Reno resort for your other two nights thru New Year's Eve. They're luxury suites, and very expensive. That's why they're still available, but we'll have to move fast."

"How expensive?"

"They're both two-bedroom suites with a Jacuzzi. With suites this nice, they include a free brunch buffet each morning and tickets to a dinner show. But the price is six hundred a night. Oh... and you get free limousine service to and from the Reno airport."

Jill doesn't even flinch at the price. She and Allie are rich bitches now, and they don't care.

"Who's playing the dinner shows?"

"At Tahoe, they have Laura Nyro, and at Reno on New Year's Eve, it's a comedy show with George Carlin at the El Dorado."

As soon as she heard Laura Nyro, one of her favorite female artists, she almost started to scream.

"We'll take it! How much does it all come to?"

"For four airline tickets and six nights at Harrah's, with tax and everything comes to $4950. I can reserve your rooms, but we'll need payment within forty-eight hours."

"I'll bring you cash tomorrow!"

After giving Janice their names for airline tickets, Jill hangs up and yells, "We got it, Allie! We're going to Tahoe! You're gonna love it!"

"Sweet!" Allie says. "This'll be fun. How much did it cost?"

"$4950, but we get a free breakfast buffet and two free dinner shows."

"$4950?" she laughs, "Sheeee-it... we'll make more than that Saturday night."

"You know it, baby. We're high-class whores," Jill boasts, "and high-class whores deserve high-class vacations. We've been working our asses off and we fuckin' deserve this!"


After a busy week, the girls are in their dressing room Saturday night, getting ready to be fuck dolls again for the Club. It's a lot of fun getting ready this time. They've got their cute little green elf dresses all laid out, and the bright-red blush on their cheeks gives them a false look of innocence. With their bright red nylons, panties and bras, they top it off with their sexy-cute elf hats.

The guys welcome them with endless claps and cheers the moment they come through the door. They smile with their arms around each other, soaking up all love they're feeling from their guys. It's a smaller crowd tonight because they limited attendance to thirty guys, like they agreed. When the clapping finally stops, Allie tells the guys,

"Merry Christmas everyone! We missed you all last month. Before we get this party started, Jill and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you're giving us as we begin our transition program. 

"We don't know how it's all gonna go when we get on estrogen, and there may be times we won't be able to do this. But if we do have to miss a party or two, we promise we'll make it up to you."

"And I wanna say," Jill takes over, "you all know about my scar. Thanks to the treatment I got last month, it's behind me now, and I'm gonna cover it up with a tattoo. Now, I don't know who did this, but someone in the Club offered to pay for it. If I ever find out who it is, he's gonna get a free date from me.

"Now... who's ready to party? We're hungry for some cock!"

As she's mingling with the guys, they all kiss her and tell her they love her. She glances over at the snack table where Tony usually puts their tip boxes. The tip boxes aren't there, but there's a box covered in Christmas wrap with a bow on top. As she goes from guy to guy, she spots Jim Butler, her real estate guy.

She works her way over to him to say, "Hey big guy, are you horny again already?"

"Oh yeah, doll. I'm horny for a cute little elf tonight."

"Let's get into the Christmas spirit then. Don't let the elf dress fool you. There's a hot little bitch inside this dress."

"I know. I love that little bitch. I still can't get over how good you sucked me last week."

"How'd you like to be the first to get sucked tonight?"

"Oh baby, you know I would. But before I forget, while I got you... Can I call you tomorrow? I might have something for you."

"A house?"

"Yeah, maybe. Something came up yesterday, but this isn't the place to talk about it."

"Yeah, give me a call tomorrow, I'll be home."

As they talked, she unzipped him and pulled out his cock. She drops to her knees, and as she sucks him, the guys gather around and she's off to the races, sucking cock after cock. She only stops briefly to let the guys take off her dress.

In her red lingerie, she shifts into serious whore mode and sucks with one goal in mind: just make 'em cum. Each time she gets a guy off, she lets the cum dribble down her chin to turn 'em on. It's turning her on as much as it is them. She thinks about how much she loves being a little whore as little by little, she gets cum all over her face.

Allie has just as much cum on her face when they get together on the bed. After an hour of cock sucking, they're both really into it. They get to rest a bit as they lay their heads over the edge of the bed for some deep throat action. While their throats are being fucked, the guys hold their legs up and apart so they can lick their asses.

It's all so erotic to Jill when the first guy fucks her ass while she's still got a cock down her throat. When her neck gets stiff, she gets on her hands and knees so she can suck one guy as another fucks her from behind.

She loves being fucked like this at the gang bangs. All she has to do is stay in this position and let the guys do all the work. It takes very little effort on her part, she's just letting them use her body to deposit their cum.

After ninety minutes of non-stop fucking, the last guy standing dumps his load and Allie asks if anyone wants to fuck them again. There isn't a hard cock in the room as the girls make their way back to their dressing room to the loud sounds of cheers and claps.

"Wow. That was easy," Allie says after they've closed the door.

"It sure was. We're getting good at this. We can do thirty guys with no problem."

When Tony knocks on the door, he gives Allie the red gift-wrapped box and a manilla envelope filled with cash. "This was a good night," he tells them. "We limited attendance to thirty like we discussed at our dinner meeting. All the guys said they like it better not being so crowded.

"There's $6000 in the envelope for you two, and we put this gift box on the table for Christmas tips, a little bonus for all the parties you've given the guys this year. I don't know how much is in there, but whatever the amount is, consider it a Christmas gift from us.

"We canceled the mid-month meeting this month, since it's so close to Christmas. So girls, I'll leave you to yourselves. Merry Christmas, thanks for a great year, and we'll see you in January."

The girls are ecstatic when they open the gift box and find another $2700 in tips. "Damn," says Allie, "this is the most we ever made in one night!"

"That's because we're thinking of ourselves as rich people," Jill says. "Let the money flow, baby! We got it all set up to our advantage now!"


At the breakfast buffet the next morning, the girls are talking about how good they're both feeling. Only having to do thirty guys was much easier on their bodies. With this new arrangement, they're making as much money fucking thirty guys as they did fucking forty. Their asses only sting a little as they talk about how much fun they had. And the $8700 they made makes the $4950 they're spending on their trip seem like pocket change.

Later, while they're enjoying a joint at home, Rosy calls to see how they're doing. Jill assures her they're feeling great, but she can't talk long. She's waiting for a call from her real estate guy. Rosy understands and Jill says if they can, they'd like to take them out to dinner. They've gotten so used to being together, they really miss each other when they spend more than a few days apart.

Shortly before one o'clock, Jill gets her call. "Hello?" she answers.

"Hi Jill, it's Jim."

"Hi, Jim! I was hoping it was you."

"Yeah, hey listen, we had a guy come into the office Friday wanting to sell his mother's estate. It seems his mother passed away suddenly after Thanksgiving. He lives in St. Louis and has a sister living in Denver. Neither of them has any interest in keeping the property. They're both well-off enough they don't need the money. They're just looking to sell the property as fast as possible and settle the estate so they can get on with their lives."

"Is it in the country?"

"Yes. It's fifteen acres bordering the Racoon River. Apparently, the house was built in 1948. The woman's husband passed away fifteen years ago and she's been living there by herself. The son says she hasn't done any maintenance and the property is a mess. I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to meet the son there today at three to take a look at it.

"I told him I have a buyer with cash that might be interested. I asked if it was OK to bring you out with me, and he liked that idea. They're more interested in getting it sold than they are in getting top dollar. If you and Allie don't mind fixing a place up, this might be a good deal for you."

"We'd love to look at it, where is it?"

"If you meet me at the hotel where we have our Club meetings, I'll drive you out there myself."

"I guess we'll dress as boys?"

"One of you should dress as a girl. If you look like a young married couple buying their first home, it might persuade him to sell at a lower price. So... can you meet me in an hour?"

"We'll be there! See you in an hour."

"OoooWeee!" Jill shouts. "Get your girl jeans and makeup on Allie. We're gonna look at a house! Jim wants us to look like we're married and buying our first house. You get to be my wife again."

Jill tells Allie everything Jim told her as she's putting on her makeup, wearing her fancy jeans tucked into her 'fuck me' boots. It's a sunny day, but not a warm day, and with her winter girl coat and oversized sunglasses, no one would ever guess Allie's not a girl.

They meet Jim at the hotel, and Allie sits in the back seat of Jim's Cadillac as he drives along Interstate 80. Just past the small town of Van Meter he takes an exit onto a quiet highway with very little traffic. Checking his directions, he turns down a gravel road looking for the address.

The faded numbers on an old mailbox tell him they've reached their destination. Driving down a long lane, the house isn't visible until they pass a grove of trees. Off to the left, Jill gets her first view of the house.

It definitely looks rundown sitting in a yard overgrown with dead weeds. There's a small barn-like building off to the right and past a large backyard, all they see is thick woods.

The cold air hits their face as they get out of the car. "Scott told me he'd be here by now," Jim says as they walk around. They walk back to the heavily wooded area, but it's so overgrown with thorny blackberry bushes they can't walk too far into it.

Walking around the house, it's obvious the roof should have been replaced years ago, and paint is peeling off the house in many places. "Looks like it needs a lot of work," Jill says.

"It definitely needs work," Jim says, "but if you've got the money, you can hire people to do all of it."

"We got lots of cash," Jill says. "I can see it would look real nice all fixed up. How much do they want for it?"

"He thought maybe around forty-five thousand, but with all the work needed, he might take less. If this place was in good shape, it would be worth close to sixty off the top of my head, without appraising it."

They're looking through the windows of the barn when they hear a car coming down the lane. "That must be Scott," Jim says.

A tall, professionally-looking guy in his late thirties gets out of a nice car and Jim shakes his hand.

"Hi, Jim," Scott says, "sorry I'm a bit late."

"That's OK, we were just walking around. I'd like you to meet Jerry, the buyer I told you about."

"Nice to meet you, Jerry."

"Nice to meet you too, Scott. This is my wife, Rosy."

As Allie shakes Scott's hand, she's thinking about how Jill called her Rosy again. She notices how easy it is for Jill to say Rosy's name. It's like she's married to her.

"So," Scott asks, "what do you think so far?"

"I don't know," says Jill, "It looks pretty run down."

"Yeah, I know. It used to look real nice. Our dad kept it up when he was alive, but when he passed away, mom never really recovered. She lost all interest in keeping the place up. She just lived by herself, waiting to die I guess. My sister and I live so far away, we couldn't help her much. It was hard putting her in the nursing home three months ago, but we had to do it."

"That's so sad," Jill says, "I'm so sorry for your loss."

"Well, anyways," Jim butts in, "Shall we look inside?"

Scott unlocks the door and it's as cold inside as it is outside. Waking around the inside, it's a nicely laid out floor plan. There's a large kitchen with a cute breakfast nook by a window, but all the appliances look like they're the same ones installed when the house was built. They'll all have to be replaced.

The dining room off to the side has possibilities, and the nice-sized living room has a cozy fireplace. Jill's really getting excited as they tour the house, but she's not about to let on to Scott. She only makes negative comments, noting the wallpaper is vintage 1950's and ugly as sin.

The four bedrooms are the same way. Wallpaper so old the walls all have a yellowish tint. It's clear the house was never remodeled since it was built thirty-five years ago."

"So... what do you think?" Scott asks.

"What were you wanting to sell it for?" asks Jill.

"My sister and I thought around forty-five thousand."

"Good luck getting that much," Jill says. "With all this work? I was thinking around thirty."

"The land itself is worth almost that much," Scott says.

Jim was about to step into the conversation, but Jill seems to be negotiating very well, so he stands back and lets her talk.

"Maybe," she says, "but if we buy it, we'll have to get a loan to get it livable. No telling what it's gonna cost to get it back in good shape. This'll be me and Rosy's first place. We don't have a lot of money. The furnace will probably need to be replaced like everything in the kitchen. There are financial land mines all over this place."

"That's true," Scott admits, "If I was to say let's split the difference, how would you feel about that?"

"That would be what...? thirty-seven-five? I wouldn't feel good about it. But we could do it... maybe."

"How long would it take you to get the money together?"

"It depends on how long it takes to get a bank loan, if we even wanted to pay that much. We've been saving every penny we can since we've been married, because we don't want to go in debt. We've got thirty-six thousand right now, and we could get a nice house in town for that and not have to fix anything up. If you'd take thirty-six I can write you a check right now."

"Hmmm..." Scott thinks, "I don't know if I can go that low."

"Jim...?" he asks, "how long would it take to put it on the market?"

"You're looking at a couple months at least," Jim says. "You're gonna have to spend a couple thousand to hire a crew to come in and clean the place up before we can even show it."

"I know it's worth more than that. But you're right," he says to Jill, "about all the work it needs. Since it's your first house, and my sister and I just want to get it sold... write me a check for thirty-six and we'll call it a deal."

Allie's been standing there not saying a word. She's amazed watching Jill as she talked the guy from forty-five thousand all the way down to thirty-six. As Jill writes a check for nine thousand less than Scott was asking, Jim tells Scott he'll have to keep the check until the property clears escrow.

"I'll get all the paperwork together this week," Jim says as they shake hands. "It'll take thirty days to clear escrow, barring any unseen problems."

"Damn, Jill," Jim says as he drives the girls back to Des Moines, "that was one hell of a negotiation you just did. You really got a deal."

"I hope so. I love the location, I just hope the remodeling doesn't cost too much."

"It's gonna be a lot of work at first," says Allie, "but we're not working forty hours, we've got the time."

"Listen," says Jim, "the place might look like shit right now. But I've seen enough houses to know that place is structurally sound. You put a new roof on it, get the house painted, clean up the yard... it'll look real nice. You've got fifteen acres, girls. Land only goes up in value. You live there ten years and it'll be worth at least double what you just paid."

"We'll be living there a lot longer than that," Allie says from the back seat.


They're ecstatic when Jim drops them off at their car. "Jill, baby," Allie says, "that place is almost exactly like the place I've been seeing in my meditations!"

"Mine too," says Jill, "and it's not that place... it's our place. I woulda paid forty-five for it if he didn't wanna negotiate. But he did! I'm so thrilled we got it for only thirty-six. We got tons of money now to remodel the whole place! That nine thousand we saved will put an addition in the back for our own Jacuzzi room!"

When she calls Rosy to tell her the great news, they decide to celebrate and go out to dinner. At the restaurant, Rosy's feeling a bit of sadness coming over her as they talk about the new house.

"I think it's great you're moving to the country," she says, "but it probably means we're not going to see each other as much."

"I dunno about that," says Jill, "it's only twenty miles. Look, baby, twenty miles is nothing for me to come see you. My love for you is stronger than twenty miles."

"Easy to say that now," says an unsure Rosy, "we'll see how easy it is six months from now."

"We'll still get together just as much, you'll see," says Jill. "Let's not think about that right now. We got more good news."

"What good news is that?" Carla asks.

"We got tickets for our trip!" Allie says.

"Where are we going?"

"We told you, it's gonna be a surprise."

"Awe, c'mon," says Rosy, "at least give us a hint."

"OK," says Jill, "there's gonna be snow there."

"Well, that eliminates Florida," Carla laughs.

"Alaska?" Rosy plays along.

"You silly girls," Jill says, "you'll know where we're going soon enough, Christmas will be here before we know it, and I have a feeling it's gonna be the best Christmas of our lives."

"You know you're both acting like little bitches by not telling us, don't you?" Carla jokingly says to them.

"Maybe we are," says Allie, "maybe we like acting like little bitches sometimes. After all, we are learning to be like girls, dontcha know?"

"Fuuuuck yoooo," Carla laughs as Rosy and Jill bust out laughing, "maybe we taught you too much too soon."

"We created two little monsters," Rosy jokes along with Carla.

"Maybe, but I love our little monsters, don't you?"

"Yeah... I wouldn't trade 'em for the world."

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