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Uniform Stories

Uniform stories are for those who get turned on by women or men dressed up in their uniform.

Typically, these stories might involve people in law enforcement, firefighting, military, the medical profession, sports, but could also feature the likes of sexy maids, hot waitresses, cute cheerleaders and feisty flight attendants.

Share your fantasies, or true stories about uniformed lovers.

Vondarkmor 1 month ago

The Merc and the Spook

This was a bad idea....

Due to the sensitive nature of this story, some things may have to be redacted. During my time I have served with some amazing individuals from all services including Navy Seals, Marine Raiders/ Recon, and even a few PJs. And they have all been humbling e...

5 months ago

The Taunting Pair

It was payback time for my two sexy sirens.

It was late on a Friday night when I headed for the men's room before leaving for the day.  Opening the door, I took in a sight which I'll not soon forget.  There before me were two stewardesses at the sink, kissing.  The dirty blonde, in more ways than o...

6 months ago

Yvette In Uniform

One young man has a crush on his step-sister, but for a weird reason.

I came up to my window and lifted the blind a tad. "Oh, there you are, step-sis, in that blue and white cheerleading uniform. I'm sure you're walking at a normal speed, but you seem to be ambling very slowly. I know I shouldn't be attracted to you, but in...

7 months ago

April Fool's Diary - Miss Crossface

My Adventures as a Consensualised Adult

  10 May 2021 Last night was the worstest night's sleep ever. No sooner had I burrowed my head down into the pillows and squirmed happily to make myself a cosy nest beneath the bedding than the remote control, vibrating, princess plug started buzzing in m...

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7 months ago

Revenge and Blackmail

There are times when being blackmailed is a good thing...

A couple of years ago I was away attending to commitments. One of those commitments was attending a symposium out of state. In case you don't know, a symposium is an excuse to drink massive amounts of alcohol while exchanging life experiences that gradual...

8 months ago

Badge Bunnies I Have Known, Episode Seven

Benefits of being a uniformed law enforcement officer not described in the Recruitment Brochure.

As a  uniformed Law Enforcement Officer, I sincerely and honestly try to give the taxpayers a full day or night's work every shift. However, I must confess, that the little head occasionally overrides the big head and has its way. Usually, this occurs on...

8 months ago

Badge Bunnies I Have Known - Episode Three

Wonderful sexual experiences with a super Badge Bunny

This is story number three of my Badge Bunny episodes.  Bethany enjoyed having sex with law enforcement officers.  Several of her family members were law enforcement officers.   I met Bethany on a call regarding a loud and unruly party of sixteen to twent...

11 months ago

Lockdown has been very difficult for everyone to cope with. With sexy antics with other willing people out of the question, Jaq likes to keep the fun going between the two of us. I had been out for my daily exercise, a brisk walk around the local area. I...

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