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2 days ago

Working too hard

Getting a bonus requires a lot of extra work

You’ve put in months of business trips with nights away from home, working late at the office, never home before nine pm. “It’ll be worth it,” you tell your wife. “Getting the bonus and maybe a promotion.” You finally get it and knock off early for once i...

3 days ago

My Long-Distance College Girlfriend's First Hookup

My not-so-innocent girlfriend cheats for the first time

My girlfriend Kate and I had been dating for about eleven months. We met when in November when I was in my fourth year of college and she was in her first year. The two of us had signed up to volunteer at a local seniors' home. We instantly clicked and st...

Stacey's Mum

Mikey gets his reward for a good deed

I only came round to help my girlfriend Stacey move some boxes while her dad's out of town. Now Stacey's gone but I'm still here. You look up into my eyes and ask, "Want to go again?" I nod as you climb on top. I groan as you lower yourself onto me. The h...

4 days ago

The Slut Behind Him

Melissa Hammond loved late-night buses, for obvious reasons.

Melissa Hammond loved late-night buses. They were her sexual weakness if you can call it that, with few passengers all desperate to get home from a night of revelry, she drank in the aroma of exhaled alcohol. It was such a different experience for her bec...

6 days ago

New secretary

If only his wife knew why he'd given her friend a job

“Darling,” my wife simpers. “My friend Jenny is in a spot of financial trouble. She could really do with a job.” I gaze into her big brown eyes, staring up at me as she drops to her knees. “Could you find her something to do at your work? Please?” ‘You me...

6 days ago

The Naive Banker

True story to start with

To set the scene, it was in the early 00s. I had been working at a bank for about fifteen years, gradually working my way up over that time to a managerial position. I had been doing the job for about twelve months when I was asked to train a new member o...

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1 week ago

A Special Neighbor

Kris gets locked into a relationship but finds her out with an unlikely neighbor.

I would never have thought I would be where I am in my life. Not that I do not like where my life is, just that anyone who knew me growing up would be shocked where I am. I will need to give some background information so that you could understand. My nam...

1 week ago

The Naturist - Old Endings, New Beginnings

An old life ends, and a new life begins

Have you ever gotten to that point in life where you just had to ask yourself, how the hell did I get from there to here? Divorce, twenty-two years of my life, and that day as I signed my final divorce papers, I just couldn’t understand how I ended up at...

2 weeks ago

Utterly, Completely Taken (A Part Two)

V decides to go back for a second try with the man who knew how to satisfy every urge she had.

It had been six days since that night. Six days of pretending her world was still normal. Almost a week pretending that life was fine and that she didn't crave another man. Pretending that her fiancé’s attempts at pleasuring her were actually working. She...

2 weeks ago

The Corporate Ladder - Part 3

The climb continues.

Bret presses the last number and closes his eyes. An eternity passes before on the third ring, Bill answers, saying, “What now? I named you the director of operations to alleviate the necessity of micro-managing everything, so what’s the problem.” A nervo...

3 weeks ago

My Cuckold Husband And My Lover.

My husband finds his pleasure with another man and leaves me to enjoy mine with a friend of both of us.

I had gone to a party with my husband Ernie. Earlier we had disagreed, and I had virtually ignored him for the evening. This was happening more often lately. As I was upset, I consumed a few cocktails at the party that affected me. Ernie spent most of the...

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