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BlinkOneSomething 13 hours ago

The Cul-De-Sac

Young newlyweds buy into a very interesting neighborhood

The wooded cul-de-sac sat hidden in a residential area about forty minutes from the city. It was in a middle-class town that urban sprawl was slowly but surely having its way with, and an attractive location for our young couple to purchase their first...

Sipoftea 2 days ago

Working Grandma Out

Melanie and her grandmother's attraction begin to surface.

Melanie walked down the steps of the stage, having just graduated with dual degrees in Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Health Administration. She was elated, energized and ready to get some food with her proud, beaming family. They stood out in a s...

salochin 2 days ago


01 Lord Crow and the Woman - Beginning

The woman had worked in Lord Crow's building for three months and this was her first appraisal; her manager and someone she didn't know doing the appraisal and a third very glamorous woman sitting quietly behind them in the corner who looked at her str...

salochin 2 days ago


02 Lord Crow and the Woman - Party

Lord Crow opened the door and offered her a hand out. She shivered but although she was naked under the hooded cloak except for stockings and heels it was a warm night - she shivered in anticipation. Lord Crow led her to and through the mansion door...

The_Technician 5 days ago

RSVP - A Halloween Story

Would you like to attend The Most Fabulous Halloween Party of All Time?

Halloween is supposed to be a spooky and scary time of the year, but this is just weird. I work on Halloween stories all through the year as the ideas come to me, and I keep them in a folder on my computer called– of course– “Halloween.” As it ge...

Christine_M 2 weeks ago

Sixteen Strokes for Christine

Christine receives a firm caning, in front of witnesses.

It was a quarter to eleven when Christine went upstairs to change. She slid into the long black dress she wore for formal occasions. It was full-length raw silk, low cut at the front and with a cunningly engineered internal structure that lifted and sq...

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Jilluvscox 2 weeks ago

A TRANS Formation - Chapter 34 - It's All Coming Together

The girls are mastering the lifestyle they've chosen to live. It's all staring to work out.

At last, Jill's finally able to relax again, knowing she's done everything she needs to do to get her business idea off the ground. Allie's relieved to see Jill taking it easy, it's been stressful for both of them. They're both in need of a break; they...

marycontrary 3 weeks ago

Bianca Bewitches

Anne is bewitched by Bianca, her fellow Pilates trainer

MEETING BIANCA It's a warm morning as I walk the two blocks from the bus stop to Pilates Palace, where I've been working as a trainer for almost a year. I like it well enough, and at least it's an all-female centre, so I don't have to deal with leer...

Chapter 10: Helotism

Rachel has been captured by the creature and Ashley, will she escape or will she want to?

AshleyI stood leaning in the door frame looking at Rachel as she stared back at me, a tentacle wrapped around her ankle. The shock, confusion, fear, and arousal flashed across her face. Clearly, her mind was trying to understand what was happeni...

DonnaCupcake 3 weeks ago

Route 18

Donna has had enough of Lloyd. and a butch bartender shows her what she needs.

I met Melanie in August of '67. I was married then, but Lloyd and I were hard on the skids. That last night we had another fight. He came home drunk, threw me down on the bed and tried to have his way with me. I beaned him with my purse and ordered him...

CumGirl 4 weeks ago

Dare I?

And if I should dare, dare you?

Dare I unfurl the banner of my desires Across stubble fields and barren moor Or drag it through dew heavy meadows To hide beneath a willow's curtain, weeping? Should I barefoot and pregnant of expectation Induce grass spears to care...

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